10 Advanced Seo Techniques To Double Your Search Traffic

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Effective search engine optimization is essential for every business. When you use the SEO best practices or techniques, you dramatically improve your online visibility, making it easier for new customers to find you. Whatever the size or scale of your business, it’s always worth the time it takes to brush up on high level SEO strategy. Basic SEO techniques will give you a firm foundation to work from, but you can double your website’s traffic by utilizing more advanced search engine optimization strategies. These ten techniques and steps will transform that essential digital presence and position your web pages significantly higher on search engine results pages.

1: An SEO Audit

The first step is to carry out a robust SEO audit on your website. This will help to highlight any potential issues and is one of the fastest ways to see your SEO traffic improve. Check that your pages all have SEO meta titles and that each page has been fully optimized with your SEO keywords. Have a look at your URL structure and ensure that it too is optimized. Even minor changes to your formatting (using H1 and H2 tags, short sentences, using a call to action) can mean the best SEO results.

2: Know Your Audience

The content on your web pages needs to be aimed at your target audience. Content SEO best practices or techniques can immediately improve your online visibility because you’re creating content that your chosen audience wants to see. Use Google Analytics to identify your most popular pages and check your social media to see which pieces of content are being shared the most. Of course, simply taking on board any comments (and engaging with them) is one of the best ways to learn what your audience wants and help guide your content creation. When it comes to the top 10 SEO tactics, targeted content is vital.

3: Landing Pages

A well-designed landing page will work wonders on your SEO. One of the critical measures of SEO is how long a user spends on your site, and your landing page needs to be designed with that in mind. There are many different SEO strategies for landing pages. Still, the key is to avoid navigation options to keep people from wandering elsewhere, utilizing calls to action, and creating great, readable, valuable content.

4: More Content, More Often

One way to get the best SEO results and improvements is to create SEO optimized posts on your site more often. Aim for two-to-four fresh posts a week, and you will find that your leads and conversions will rise. Of course, just posting a quick article or blog post that provides no value is not going to improve your SEO in any way, so make sure that you know how to create great content that is designed for marketing your brand. Poor quality posts will damage your SEO.

5: Content Clusters

A relatively new but very effective search engine optimization tactic is to use the cluster methodology of content creation. This can improve your SEO and make it easier to plan your content well in advance. Simply identify a central keyword theme, and then create articles that follow on from that theme but with a much narrower focus. That means anyone needing valuable information has different levels that they can explore, spending more time on your pages. Remember to link your clustered content back to your pillar page.

cluster and pillar content

6: Featured Snippets

Where relevant, always aim for your content to become a featured snippet on Google. If you want to see the best SEO results, being a featured snippet is invaluable. Look at the snippets that are currently in place for your keywords and identify how they have done so. Ensure you have an answer to a question in a short paragraph, or if using lists, then ensure you are using the right HTML. As always, the SEO best practices or techniques will involve making use of the right title tags.

7: Using your FAQs

Too many websites do not consider the value of the FAQ pages. FAQ structured data markup is essential and one of the most valuable of the top 10 SEO tactics. Using Yoast makes it easy to perform this change to your FAQ pages, and Google’s PAA box is a useful tool for finding out the most common questions related to your keywords. Keep your answers to no more than 50 words, but more than one sentence, and add more questions if you need to add more detail.

8: Repurposing Content

Identify your best-performing pages and then create variations on that content. You could turn a piece of pillar content into a video explainer or an infographic that is easier to read, or even a slide presentation. You can share that fresh content and watch your SEO traffic improve.

9: Guest Posting

One of the best SEO strategies is guest posting, simply because backlinks are more valuable than ever. It’s pointless to wait for backlinks to happen; you need to make them happen. Contact those sites that are relevant, authoritative, and have high readership levels. Ensure that you approach those sites professionally and create the connections that will get you the SEO proven results you need.

10: Understand RankBrain

Google ranks your site based on a complex and ever-changing number of algorithms. One of those is RankBrain, which analyses search results based on keywords to identify what the user is searching for. RankBrain is essentially telling Google spiders exactly what your content is about, which comes down to your formatting and keywords. Always look for synonyms of your keywords and use them. However, always avoid stuffing those keywords.

These top 10 SEO tactics will have a dramatic and immediate impact on your website traffic. Easily accessible, you also have access to the latest SEO technology for better site optimization that should be utilized as much as possible. Take your time to boost your advanced search engine optimization strategies, and your business will only improve.

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