13 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Reach Organically


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Do you want to know how to boost your Facebook reach without spending a fortune on advertising and PPC? Well look no further: we have the answers in this article with 13 clear tips on how to increase organic traffic on Facebook and boost your sales and conversions.

Facebook is a vital tool in your marketing arsenal and it really shouldn’t be overlooked, but for a small or medium-sized business, sometimes it can feel like you’re running on a treadmill doing a lot of work but not getting anywhere fast.

The key to understanding how to reach more of your audience on your Facebook page is to work with it, not against it. You need to understand the type of content Facebook likes and wants to show to more people, and the kind of content that won’t do well. It can be a delicate balance between keeping people on the platform and sending them to your own landing pages, but once you’ve understood the secrets of the Facebook code, you’ll know exactly what kind of content to create.

What is Organic Reach on Facebook

One of the biggest questions we get is, ‘what is the difference between reach and impressions?’. It’s a good question because it can seem really confusing at first!

Impressions are the total number of times your advert has been seen and reach is the number of different people who have seen your advert. When we call it ‘organic’ reach, this simply means a post with no paid advertising behind it.

The numbers for both will be similar, but impressions count the total number of views — including views from the same account — whereas reach only counts the individual accounts. This means that if your post was seen by 10 individual accounts it would have a reach of 10 but if 1 of those accounts saw your post 6 times and the rest once, you’d have 15 impressions (9 individual single views and 6 views from one account).

facebook statistic

Boosting Your Facebook Organic Post Reach

Are you still confused about how to boost your Facebook page? It’s time to take the guesswork out of building your Facebook organic reach by using our 13 tips below.

1.    Brand your page properly

Branding your page properly falls under the banner of trustworthiness. Your audience wants to know that they can trust you and that your posts come from you. Decide on your colors, fonts, logos, ‘voice’, and the type of imagery you want to use and stick to it.


The more you deviate from your brand, the more you’ll dilute your message. Take a look at a big page like Coca Cola: you’ll always see their distinctive branding across all their posts.

2.    Research and get to know your audience

Knowing your audience is vitally important. If you don’t know who they are, how can you expect to communicate with them effectively?

In the marketing world, we build ‘audience personas’, a visual representation of our target audience, their likes and dislikes, things they care passionately about, etc. That helps us to create content they will like and engage with.

3.    Publish posts Facebook wants to see

As well as knowing what your audience likes, you need to know what Facebook likes.

Facebook knows they make more money the longer users stay on their site, so it’s worth creating engagement focused content more than content that sends a user to another landing page away from Facebook.


4.    Get good at writing copy

Do you know your metaphors from your similes?

Great organic reach comes from persuasive ad copy, as well as telling your audience what to do with the post. But be mindful to stick to just one call to action per post. “Comment below!” and “Click to learn more” are great calls to action to use.

5.    Invest in great design

Think of this as an extension to your branding; keep your design sharp and ensure that all your posts follow your own brand guidelines.

facebook organic reach

6.    Invest in video and animation

Did you know that video is estimated to convert up to 50% more users? Did you also know that 86% of Facebook users watch videos with no sound?

Get good at creating video and/or animation or invest in a professional to help you out.

7.    Have a clear goal for each post

Being persuasive is a lot easier with one clear goal. Is it for likes? Comments? Shares? Ask your audience and then measure your results on that parameter.

8.    Get into a posting schedule

Most businesses post to Facebook once every weekday, usually no more than twice a day — but sometimes it’s less than once a day. Get into a routine, make a Facebook content posting strategy, and stick to it.

9.    Reply authentically

Social media is all about appearing authentic. No one likes those copy and paste responses to every comment. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality and give your audience a personal reply where it’s appropriate.

10. Build an e-mail list

Building an email list is great for SEO anyway, but you can also use it to boost your Facebook post reach, too. Why not add a “Top Post of The Month” to your email list to send your subscribers to your Facebook page? This tip is also a great way of increasing your likes if you were wondering how to grow your Facebook page or how to increase reach.

11. Share your posts in groups and elsewhere

Find groups for your niche and share your page where you can. Don’t be spammy, offer help and advice, and tag your page or share a post that’s appropriate. Remember the 80/20 rule: 20% sales, 80% brand warmth.

12. Test out Facebook groups

Your niche hasn’t got a Facebook group? Why not start one? Invite a select set of members and keep the group private to really build the intrigue!

13. Create great content

Create great content”; sounds so easy, right? This line is used all the time whenever you read SEO blogs. The truth is, if your content is engaging, interesting, or useful, you have a much bigger chance of building your audience.

Your users want to have their time on Facebook used effectively, so go ahead and create great content that they will love and you will have succeeded in learning how to get more views on Facebook and how to reach more people on Facebook.

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