Complete Google Algorithm Update History

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50 Blog Post Ideas That Your Audience are Sure to Engage With

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Blog Outsourcing 101: Why You Should Hire a Ghostwriter

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Local SEO Keyword Research

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How to Identify Your Competitors

Reading Time: 4 minutes Just as identifying competitors is an important part of any business plan, it plays a big part in creating a successful SEO strategy. […]


How Google Makes Money

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Local SEO Strategy for Multiple Locations

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Google Site Search, Google Custom Search and their Alternatives

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the spring of 2017, Google announced plans to shut down its highly rated Google Site Search tool, which was a paid-for tool […]

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Getting to Know Google’s Medic Update

Reading Time: 6 minutes In August 2018, Google updated its broad core algorithm. Barry Schwartz, one of the most esteemed SEO experts, dubbed it the ‘Medic Update,’ […]

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Understanding Google’s Local 3 Pack

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you search a query that causes Google to recommend some local businesses, it lists three snippet results. This differs from the previous […]