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We live in an era where a celebrity’s popularity (or even infamy) can be easily measured. How? By analysing their social media followings. Celebrities are more accessible than ever before, with platforms such as Instagram and Twitter providing an intimate look into their daily lives. The bygone time of celebrities being mythical beings is over. Now, we can find out everything from their birthday to who they are dating by merely logging online.

In the race for followers, however, who is winning?

Highest Follower Count on Twitter

It’s no surprise, perhaps, that Twitter is the reigning champion of social media platforms, but which celebrity is crowned the top spot?

The answer is: Barack Obama. Currently he has over 115 million followers. That’s nearly half of the overall United States population (which is currently 327.2 million)!

Following Obama, however, is Justin Bieber. He’s a close second, hitting 111 million followers.

In third, fourth, fifth, and sixth place sit the music legends Katy Perry (108 million), Rihanna (95 million), Taylor Swift (85 million), and last but not least, footballing sensation Cristiano Ronaldo (83 million).

Highest Searched Celebrity Results on Google

The 45th president of the United States takes the number one spot on Google search results. So far, in 2020, Donald Trump has hit a staggering 992 million searches! Second to Trump is Jack Ma, a Chinese businessman, who has 907 million search results. In third is Taylor Swift, who beats Kim Kardashian by over a million search results. Boris Johnson, our very own Prime Minister, joins the list, with over 200 million search results on Google.

Most Instagram Followers

Cristiano Ronaldo may be sixth on the list for most Twitter followers, but Instagram is undeniably his platform. He sits proudly at the top of this list, with over 211 million followers. He beat both Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian to the number one place, as well as rival Lionel Messi, who has just under 150 million followers. Instagram may be seen as an influencers’ playground, but it’s a channel where footballers are also winning the follower game.

Most Retweeted Tweets

Retweeting is a key way to show support and spread a popular tweet. It’s often one of the ways everyday members of the platform go “viral.” In 2019, however, South Korea band BTS enjoyed the most retweets. The tweet in question? It was a 19-second video, posted on 9th June. Currently, it has over 1 million retweets and over 2.3 million likes.

If you’re unaware of this next most popular tweet, where have you been?! In 2014, chat show legend Ellen DeGeneres shared the most famous selfie of all time. Featuring a host of A-listers at the Oscars, it’s lasted the test of time (and the test of millions of other selfies!) to remain in the top 2nd spot.

Most Liked Instagram Post

Finally, social media queen Kylie Jenner has her number one spot! Her picture of newborn daughter, Stormi, has 18,646,153 likes, making it the most liked celebrity picture on the platform.

A close second is XXXTentacion’s only Instagram image, reaching 18,598,888 likes. Third is Friends star, Jennifer Aniston. Not only is her picture the 3rd most liked celebrity picture, but she broke the record for the fastest account to reach 1 million followers. Her first picture? A selfie with her Friends co-stars, prompting fresh demands for a reunion!

How is the News Affecting Searches?

The world is currently in an unprecedented situation, with COVID-19 overtaking every news platform. It’s natural, then, that we’ve seen an incredible increase in search volume for the term ‘Coronavirus’ as people across the globe seek to learn more about their “new normal.” ‘Coronavirus’ is currently the biggest trend in Google’s search history, with the keyword hitting a staggering 6,810,000,000 results. Unsurprisingly, Italy is leading the way with their Google searches for the term, with Spain, France, and Ireland all following suit. The United Kingdom sits 6th on the list for search results.

What Are Celebrities Doing on Social Media During This Time?

In comparison to pandemics of the past, we have the unique opportunity to stay in touch with friends, family, and workplaces via the online world, providing a lifeline to many during this difficult time. Celebrities are also playing their part, further increasing their reach on social media by providing entertainment and exercise, especially in the case of Joe Wicks and John Legend.

Joe Wicks, ‘The Body Coach,’ has been live streaming PE classes on YouTube every morning, helping children and adults alike to stay fit and connected. It’s a vital way for children especially to keep a routine while the schools are suspended. Incredibly, these sessions are hitting up to 4 million views daily!

John Legend, on the other hand, has been providing entertainment by live streaming concerts from his home. He’s not alone in doing so, either. Chris Martin from Coldplay held his own, as did P!nk. This free entertainment is often accessed via Instagram Live, allowing fans across the world to join in and watch their favourites sing from the comfort of their own home.

Most Searched Keywords on Google

In the United States, the top search on Google is currently Facebook. This may be due to family members wishing to stay connected across the miles. YouTube is a close second, with Amazon third. These stats go to show just how powerful social media is, and how crucial it is in this uncertain and challenging time.

Who Will Win on Google Clicks?

In the world of business, there are not many clicks that are overtaking Donald Trump. In fact, he surpasses other businessmen by an astounding 61%! The next highest businessman after Trump is Elon Musk, which reaches 10.99% of clicks.

Pop star Taylor Swift is currently winning in the music industry, overtaking Drake, Justin Bieber, and even Kanye West to take over 43% of clicks.

In the sporting arena, Tom Brady, American footballer, hits 31.61% of clicks. Footballer Neymar Jr beats rival Cristiano Ronaldo with 27.31% in comparison to Ronaldo’s 18.05%.

Who else would win the most clicks on Google for celebrities than Kim Kardashian, at 29.77%? Youngest sister Kylie follows (18.72%), with Ryan Reynolds a close third (17.08%).

The Overall Winner Is…

There’s a clear winner of the majority of click throughs and searches on Google – Donald Trump, President of the United States. He beats not only Taylor Swift and Kayne West, but incredibly, social media queens the Kardashian Jenner sisters, too!

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