4 Ways Resource Link Building Works

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One of the best SEO campaigns for any business looking to increase their traffic is link building. In fact, it often viewed as the foundation for any good SEO campaign. The reasons why are due to the benefits you can reap with hard work, including increased visibility, faster indexing, and being viewed as a valuable resource, all of which help improve your ranking in the SERPs. Gaining a better position on the SERPs, such as Google, is the ultimate aim for businesses looking to grow, after all. However, what happens when you want to take all of this to the next level? Is it even possible? The answer is yes, it is more than possible, and the solution lies with resource link building.

What Is Resource Page Link Building?

Resource page link building is easiest to understand when you break it down:

  • A resource page is a page on a website that publishes helpful content, links, and resources for a particular topic.
  • Resource link building is the process of getting your site included on these resource pages.

It is not too different from your average link building campaign; it still requires an enormous amount of work and is all about driving organic traffic by having hyperlinks from a third party website to your own.

Just as you would do in a normal link building campaign, you would carry out an audit and find the resource link building opportunities, seeking out the best of the best, before reaching out and suggesting your content. If they accept, then you can start to move forward with producing this content.

The difference is that this link will be coming from a resource page, which has more authority than a blog for your average link building campaign might have.

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Why Does Resource Page Link Building Work So Well?

There are several reasons why this SEO campaign works so well and will take your business to a new level:

  1. It Is Credible

Resources pages are seen as credible sources. Why? Because the primary purpose of resource pages is to be helpful and answer questions. As they also don’t have an ulterior motive, they are seen as more trustworthy amongst audiences.

Being associated with big names, such as Forbes or Harvard University, will mean your credibility and authority are going to soar. It shows that they trust you as a company and, therefore, so should their loyal readership.

  1. The Links Last Forever!

If you’re interested in resource link building, it likely means that you’re after success. So, what could provide the most success than having your links last forever! The reason resource link building works so well in the long term is because the website isn’t going to archive your publication a few months down the line. Your article and your link will be available for as long as the website is active and online. This means more chances of an increased click-through-rate, more credibility to your name for longer, and more online visibility.

  1. It Allows You To Jump Ahead Of Your Competitors

There is usually one main motivation for any company: standing out from your competitors. Everyone is looking for that competitive edge, but did you know that you can gain that with resource link building?

There are multiple ways it does this:

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  • High-quality links: You can rank ahead of them by having a high-quality and relevant link on a resource page. Google will see your content as a trustworthy source and reward you.
  • A more personal outreach relationship: Resource link building offers you the opportunity to build better, long term relationships with the third party sites, which could make it easier when publishing content.
  • Increased authority: As mentioned above, resource link building increases your credibility and authority. This could be the advantage you need over your competitors.
  1. Your Content Will Reward You Too!

Your content needs to be hitting a certain mark (i.e., it needs to be fitting Google’s E.A.T requirements) if you want to rank well. With resource link building, you can achieve this. Resource pages will expect content that is fitting Google’s requirements, but they will also be looking for content that is:

  • Useful
  • Inspiring
  • Engaging
  • Expertly crafted
  • Relevant

Bearing in mind these aspects will help you with crafting your content; however, remember you don’t have to go this alone. You need to ensure that this content is just what the resource page is looking for, so why not consider reaching out to experts who can form the content instead? Our content team will be able to create the ideal article you are looking for. It will ensure you don’t have to worry about rejection, and you can get your content out there much faster.

Posting high-quality evergreen content on a resource page ultimately means that you are increasing your ranking position, which, in turn, increases your traffic potential and your click-throughs, which could lead to sales.

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