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Author’s aren’t the only ones who suffer writer’s block, you know. Bloggers experience this slowdown in their creativity too, which is why you sometimes see blogs that haven’t had any new pieces of content uploaded onto them for years. Fear not, however, as an inability to produce new work need not result in your blog becoming a ghost town.

Here at Click Intelligence, we know a thing or two about blogging, and we understand what it takes to create a consistent string of engaging content. Our expert SEO content writing services make us the perfect source of information to turn when your creative juices just aren’t flowing.

If you’ve got no idea whatsoever about what your target consumer base wish to engage with or if your recent blog post subjects haven’t resonated with your audience like you hoped they would, then it’s high time you took heed of the 50 blog post ideas listed below. By checking them out and using them as your creative muse, you’ll be sure to produce content that your audience actually cares about. Ultimately, this will result in more engagement, higher traffic, and a bigger sales turnover coming your way.

Let’s get started!

Posts that show how useful you are

Before they consider bringing their business to you, your customers are going to see for themselves if you can be of any benefit to them. Posting content that shows how useful and valuable you can be is a great way to prove your worth in this instance.

  1. ‘How To’ posts

No matter which of the following 50 blog post ideas you attempt in your bid to take your blog to the next level, ‘How To’ content should always be the first that you embrace. Posting content that falls into this category will see you provide easy-to-understand guides on how to perform certain tasks in your industry.

  1. Listicles

You’re reading a listicle right now, which proves just how effective this type of content is at drawing readers in and then keeping them engaged.

  1. Solution posts

Solution posts are easy to create. All you need do is ask a question in your title before answering it in the content that you publish in the rest of the post. For instance, you could post the title ‘Do You Need SEO?’ before then stating a number of reasons why your customers do, in fact, need SEO. Some points that you could make in this particular instance include:

  • SEO builds trust
  • SEO cultivates credibility
  • SEO improves brand recognition
  • SEO ranks you higher on Google
  1. Video cut-up posts

Simply take one of your videos, transcribe it, and transform it into a piece of written text or an infographic. Embed the video for reference.

  1. Research posts

Conduct a study and publish the results on your blog.

  1. Case studies

Case studies take processes and projects and detail them in a story-driven format. For the most part, they are used to highlight the success of a particular service and subsequently increase search engine rankings, which means our SEO content writing services fit the bill perfectly when it comes to this type of content.

  1. FAQ posts

Your consumers will have a lot of questions regarding the services that you provide. You can answer all of these queries in one fell swoop by posting FAQs.

  1. Checklist posts

Give your audience a series of steps to take in an attempt to help them understand a niche area of your industry.

  1. ’Ultimate Guide’ posts

Offer a tutorial that encapsulates everything there is to know about that specific subject.

  1. Definition posts

Head to Google and find out questions people are asking in your industry (what is SEO, how do you generate leads, etc.) and offer a definitive response to these queries.

  1. Series posts

Keep a specific topic separate from your others and upload a series of posts that relate directly to it.

  1. Statistical posts

Publish content that provides insider information on the numbers and stats that govern your industry.

Posts that display your funny side

neon lights

To humanize your company, you should attempt to showcase your funny side as and when you can in your content. If you manage to remain satirical without crossing the line into being inappropriate, posting funny content is a great way to engage readers.

  1. Narrative posts

Every now and again, you should ditch the formal tone and embrace storytelling. If nothing else, this will be sure to grab your reader’s attention. Our dedicated content writing services team will be able to assist in curating this type of post should you struggle to do so yourself.

  1. Satirical posts about your industry

Making ironic or hyperbolic comments on current affairs in your industry will be sure to make people laugh without forcing them to consider what service you actually provide.

  1. Meme posts

Sprinkling your content with memes will showcase your funny side, and it will show that you have your finger on the pulse of current web trends.

  1. Illustrated posts

If you want to get your audience laughing and thinking at the same time, then you should provide them with illustrated content. Infographics work wonders in this instance.

  1. Parody posts

Imitating a more established brand and creating a funny caricature out of them will make people aware of the industry that you operate in. Whatever you do, just don’t create content that is rude or dismisses the accomplishments of your competitors in any way.

Posts that give you authority in your field

The greater your authority in your field, the easier you will find it to make your consumer base trust you. You can cultivate this authoritative position in your market by posting content that shows just how much of an industry expert you are.

The expert copywriting team that forms our content writing services department are able to speak about a variety of different topics with authority. If ever you struggle to capture an authoritative tone, rest assured we here at Click Intelligence are willing and waiting to help.

  1. Link roundup

Curate the best posts about your industry that you find on the web and create a roundup list out of them. All you need do is make a link available for each piece of content.

  1. Crowdsource posts

Reach out to different influencers in your field and ask them each for a quote about your industry.

  1. Interview posts

Conduct interviews with established names in your field, transcribe them, and then post the best bits onto your blog.

  1. ’Best’ posts

Create a list of all the best things in your market. This list can be about anything, from the best educational resources to the best tools and the best influencers to follow.

  1. Weekly pick posts

Every Friday, simply take a look back at the last five working days and speak about anything of note that has taken place.

Posts that show you to be on-trend

Timely posts about your industry that you show to be on-trend with regards to the latest developments within it are effective because they provide your audience with the information they need, exactly when they need it. This will make you a source of trending information, and that kind of reputation will be sure to keep your audience coming back for more time and time again.

  1. Review posts

As soon as a new product or service garners some traction in your industry, simply put your expertise to the test by writing a review about it. If you aren’t a particularly strong writer, all you need do is tell us what you would like us to write about and our best content writing services will get to work right away in bringing your review post idea to life.

  1. Survey posts

This would entail you surveying your target audience and getting their take on a recent development in your field.

  1. News update posts

People read the news because it keeps them up to date with all the latest happenings in the world. You can tap into the natural desire that humans have to remain abreast of everything that is going on around them by posting news updates. You don’t necessarily have to be the first blog to break a big news story, but you should try to present your take on the story in your own insightful and valuable way.

  1. Trendspotting

Spotting a trend in your industry and then commenting on it before it receives general appraisal will show you to be on the pulse of everything that is taking place in your field. What’s more, it will allow you to ride on the coattails of the trend in question and subsequently make a name for yourself off of the increasing notoriety and interest that it enjoys.

  1. Concerns posts

What challenges do your audience currently face? Voice these concerns for them, break down the hurdles that stand in their way, and recommend solutions on how they can move forward in your field.

Posts that make your business relatable

If they can feel that they can relate to you, your audience members will be far more likely to turn to you rather than your faceless competitors whenever they delve into your market.

  1. Inspirational posts

Everybody needs a bit of inspiration every now and again, and you could be the one to provide your audience with it. This type of content can take the form of a profile post, a narrative post, or quote post (content in which you draw up a list of other inspirational quotes… or even come up with your own).

  1. Personal experience posts

To make yourself truly relatable, you’re going to have to lower your guard a bit and delve into your own personal experiences. This doesn’t mean that you have to start discussing your family life or your deepest, darkest secrets. It simply means giving your own perspective on the latest developments in your industry… and not being afraid to be a bit controversial when you do.

  1. Rant posts

Voicing your opinions and having a rant about the state of your industry will be sure to humanize your business. A lot of your audience members will share the same views and values as you, which means they will be able to relate to the topics that you cover.

  1. Off-topic posts

Not everything has to be specifically about your industry, you know. Every now and again, if something of note has taken place in society, it won’t hurt your brand to make a comment on it.

  1. Profile posts

Simply providing your audience members with a bit of behind-the-scenes information is a great way to forge a connection with them. One way to do this is to upload video content that details your employees performing all the tasks that your consumers don’t usually see.

  1. Holiday posts

No matter what industry you operate in, you can make your content resonate with your audience if you conjure up holiday-themed posts. Doing so will help you to celebrate with your audience and subsequently forge a relationship with them on a deeper level.

  1. Fashion posts

Showcase what you and your employees are wearing on a daily basis. ‘Swag’ posts are currently proving very popular in this instance.

Posts that go against the grain

If you’re to stand out from your competition, you’re going to need to go against the grain and be a bit controversial. If nothing else, this will be sure to pique your audience’s interest.

  1. Persuasive posts

Should a debate arise within your industry, present your side of the argument via carefully curated content.

  1. Prediction posts

Give your take on the prospects of your industry by speculating and contemplating what is going to take place within it in the future. ‘What If’ posts are a great way to convey your predictions in this instance.

  1. Reaction posts

Give your thoughts on the content that is published by more established names in your field.

  1. Critical posts

So long as your criticism is justified and doesn’t make you look jealous, there’s nothing wrong with being critical of your competition.

Posts that promote your products and services

There’s nothing wrong with tooting your own horn and promoting your products/services in the blog posts that you upload. Whatever you do, just be sure that you continue to provide valuable content and that you refrain from showing off.

  1. Company news posts

Post about the most recent events that have taken place within your business.

  1. Product tips

Provide advice on how to use your products to ensure your audience members are getting the most out of them.

  1. Comparison posts

Compare your product range with similar solutions out there in your field.

  1. Project log posts

Should you ever embark on a big project, document your progress through video and image content.

  1. Income breakdown

Giving your audience an idea of the profit you are turning over will make them aware of the level of service that you provide.

Posts that actively engage your audience

Reading can be a somewhat passive activity. To truly engage your audience, you have to actively attempt to have them interact with the content that you upload.

  1. Challenge posts

Challenge your readers to participate in certain tasks and document their progress in a series of posts.

  1. Giveaway posts

Talk about a product and then provide your audience with information on how they can obtain it for free.

  1. Answer posts

Prompt discussions on your blog by asking your audience specific questions.

  1. Infographic posts

Not all of your readers will be too keen on reading. To keep this portion of your audience happy, you should upload infographic content.

  1. Competition posts

Set your readers the challenge of reading your posts and then answering a question related to it. You can then provide a prize to the quickest respondent.

  1. Posts that link to social media

Post content that forces your audience to take a look at your social media handles if they require more information.

  1. Posts that generate website traffic

Similarly, post content that leads your blog audience to your company website if they want to find out more about what it is you can offer them.

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