6 Tools You Need to Be Using on Facebook

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Facebook is a fantastic marketing tool for businesses. However, being able to make the most of this platform also means getting to grips with the various tools available that allow you to schedule, plan, and analyze your posts. Learning about these tools and utilizing them for your own Facebook page can make your marketing job easier and more effective.

Below we outline six tools that you need to be using on Facebook and what their primary benefits are.


EdgeRank is an algorithm used by Facebook, which sorts posts in users’ feeds, much like Google does for placing websites at the top of its SERPs. Therefore, this tool is one that you use indirectly if you know how it works. There are three main components of EdgeRank:

  • Affinity: your relationship with users. It evaluates how often users engage with your posts and then ranks future posts based on this engagement.
  • Weight: your post Posts that feature video and photos rank highest, whereas links and plain text will rank last. Comments are also a component of weight, so if you have a text-based post with lots of comments, this will enable it to rank higher.
  • Time decay: how old your post is. EdgeRank will look at and judge your post’s importance based on how long it’s been published.

When it comes to third party posting on Facebook, the benefit of EdgeRank is that it reduces the amount of engagement from third parties. What this means is that it prioritizes updates made directly on Facebook. Third-party updates can hurt overall engagement from users who come to your page or profile, so EdgeRank enables users to hide updates made by third-party apps.


If you require an automatic Facebook post scheduler, allows you to share photos, stories, and videos across your social networks. Like many of its kind, can use auto-share from anywhere and on whatever schedule you set. The other benefit of this tool is that your blog feed can be updated on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Each time you publish a post, it will automatically be updated to your assigned social accounts.

The great thing about is it offers a free plan that permits you to post on up to 2 social networks. If you want to take it a step further, the pro version lets you post to up to 50 sites for only $8.29/month.


Another useful tool that will also auto-post to Facebook is Buffer. This scheduling tool enables you to prepare posts, videos, and stories ahead of time and then schedule them for launch across a wide array of social media platforms. If you’re wondering how to automate Facebook page posts, this is a useful and easy tool that will do that. The Buffer pro plan is an affordable one at $15/month.


Hootsuite is yet another scheduling tool but has the benefit of being a desktop software as well as one of the apps that post for you on Facebook. It also contains functions for analytics and monitoring, so that you can track how your posts are doing. Hootsuite also permits you to add RSS feeds to your account. This then prompts your social media networks when new blog posts are available from your site and others. If you’re looking for a Facebook post scheduler app, Hootsuite’s plans start from $29/month.

Sprout Social

The last on our list of Facebook auto posting apps is Sprout Social. Like other apps of its kind, you can try a free trial to see if you like its functionality. Sprout Social is similar to Hootsuite, but it differs in that it is designed more for medium to large businesses. Hootsuite, on the other hand, is more of an all-round social media management software. Sprout Social is a good choice if you’re looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use app to post on Facebook for your business. Plans start at $99/month.

sprout social

Post Planner

Last, but not least is Post Planner, a Facebook planner app that allows you to get maximum visibility from your audience. Post Planner works with the Facebook posting interface and will enable you to determine the date, time, and repetition interval of your posts. With plans starting at $3/month, Post Planner is a brilliant Facebook scheduling app that can significantly boost your engagement.

Posting on Facebook is more than just regularly adding stories, videos, and links to your page or business. By utilizing the right tools, you can increase engagement, monitor results, and standardize your posts while boosting productivity and efficiency.

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