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Using a backlink checker, you can find out which backlinks are pointing to your website, and more importantly, you can use this to inform your SEO strategy.

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    An important part of spreading awareness of your business is getting your name out there via links. However, do you know how many links are pointing back to your website? You can find out the exact number of backlinks you have to your website using our backlink checker tool.

    Backlink Checker

    One of the most important ranking factors for websites is their backlinks. This is why businesses who are interested in increasing their traffic invest a lot of their time, money, and resources in building up a link building campaign. However, where should you start?

    In years gone by, a link building campaign focused more on quantity over quality, but this has since shifted. The SERPs, including Google, now place a great emphasis on efficiency, high-quality links.

    Understanding High-Quality links

    Google uses an algorithm to rank websites based on the authority of a website, and therefore, will only showcase your website at the top of the results if the information you provide is correct. This is where high-quality backlinks come in. If authoritative websites are linking back to your site, Google will assume that your content and business is trustworthy and credible, and will reward you with a higher ranking position.

    However, what is considered to be a high-quality, authoritative backlink?

    Google is going to take several things into account. First, they will be looking at the DA (Domain Authority) of the site that is linking your site. A higher DA site will be seen as more credible in Google’s eyes. Therefore, this is going to add more value to the link.

    The second consideration is how relevant the website is to you. For example, if your website is about sports, and the site linking to you is about the solar system, then this is going to carry less authority than a website in a similar niche to yours would have, such as a fitness blog.

    Using the Backlink Checker to Your Advantage

    In trying to build up more authority for your website, you need to build up high-quality links bearing in mind the above information. You can conduct this research yourself, but the backlink analyzer will make the task much easier.

    Using the tool, take some time to look at what domains are linking to your competitors, especially those that are already doing well in the rankings. There is a straightforward reason for this: they likely have a very good link profile, which Google has noticed.

    It is easy enough to find out which domains are linking to your competitors using the backlink analyzer. Input your competitor’s domain into the backlink tool and click enter. It will bring up all the domains that link to their site, and even show the websites’ DA, which, as we discussed, plays a huge role in building up links and authority.

    Then, once you have acquired this list, you can begin the process of reaching out to these websites, building up relationships, and start working together.

    How to Start Building Your links?

    With the list of sites that you are happy to work with, you can begin the process of reaching out to them. However, when you ask for a third-party site to include your link, as they are providing you with something, the chances are, they will ask you for something in return.

    The most commonly asked for is a link exchange. The easiest and most popular of them all is high-quality content in return for a link as this will ensure their readers engage with your content and, therefore, stay on their website for longer. Remember, the longer someone engages with a website, the more authority they will gain. High-quality content isn’t always easy to publish continuously and is often why the exchange revolves around this.

    However, this isn’t the case for all sites. There are many that will ask and expect more than this.

    Building relationships

    A vital part of building links is the relationships you develop with these third party sites. It often becomes easier the longer you maintain your link building campaign, as you can showcase the high standard of content that is associated with your name and the results it has bought you and the third-party site. The hardest part is getting started.

    This is why many businesses reach out to experts in SEO. Reaching out to our team helps you over the first hurdle of having a great relationship with the third-party site, but it also ensures that the content you produce is high-quality. What this means for you is an easier case for why a site should have your link.

    A Natural Link Profile

    While Google might seem complex on the outside, there is a very simple logic behind how Google ranks your website. If plenty of people are heading to your website, then there must be a reason why: you are a great website. Therefore, more people should have access to it, and the way to allow for this is by boosting you up the rankings. However, you might have the ideal website that Google is looking for. The problem you have instead is that you aren’t getting these naturally. Therefore, how do we solve this? We build those links for you.

    While, in years gone by, the quick method of SEO (known as black hat techniques), which saw businesses creating lots of low-quality links, was acceptable, it is the opposite that is required now. Google is after a link pattern that is considered to be natural. Anything that is viewed as unnatural could result in a penalty from Google. They will no longer accept ‘spammy links.’

    Although carrying out a link building campaign might appear unnatural, it is possible to make this appear natural to the search engines. There is one simple thing you need to ask yourself, does it make sense to use this website to link to yours?

    Consider our above example. If you are a sports website, linking to a solar system page will not benefit you. The best way to approach all of this is to take the view that if it could be debated about how relevant it is, it probably is going to be less effective.

    Why is a Backlink Checker Important?

    If you want to improve your SEO, and in turn, improve your ranking in the SERPs and boost your brand online, then a backlink checker will be vitally important. The reasons why are simple. It will give you an idea of what backlinks work, but you can make the most of high DA sites that are relevant to your brand.

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