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A branch of content marketing, blogger outreach is a very simple yet effective strategy. For those companies that have a product or service, it’s simply a matter of contacting websites and bloggers and getting them to write about you and what you offer. By doing so, and including a link back to your website, you are improving your online visibility and potentially exposing yourself to entirely new audiences who might not otherwise know that your company exists. Fortunately, there is a huge range of tools available for blogger outreach, and those tools can be all you need to gain more website traffic and more chances to make sales.


Tool 1: BuzzSumo

Useful for a variety of needs, BuzzSumo is the ideal starting point for your blogger outreach strategy. Using Buzzsumo means that you can easily find the best-performing pages and content in the niche that you are interested in. For example, if you own a furniture restoration workshop, Buzzsumo can help identify the web pages and content that are currently considered of high value in that niche. Those top pages and popular, relevant sites can be highly valuable to you as well. With fantastic filtering options, you can quickly and easily identify the sites that you need to reach out to.

Tool 2:

As one of the key branches of content marketing, your blogger outreach strategy will be greatly enhanced by using a tool that is designed specifically for content marketing. has been built to be a fully comprehensive resource for content marketers, and for your blogger outreach, it has some very valuable features. The most advantageous is the Connector feature. Not only does this allow you to schedule your outreach emails, but you can also customize them and send them directly from a Google account. There are even available templates and tracking tools so that your outreach strategy is always professional and monitored. It’s worth mentioning the Notifier feature as well, which will highlight any other brands that are mentioned within your content and will let them know. This can be very useful for contacting mutually beneficial bloggers and brands.


Tool 3: Traackr

Not only will Traackr help you to find the bloggers and influencers that are relevant to your business, but it will also make it very easy to measure and monitor the effectiveness of your outreach strategy with each blogger that you use. It’s a fact that blogger outreach is a relentlessly time-consuming strategy, so you need to know that your work and your time is not being wasted. By using Traackr you can identify the bloggers and influencers who are producing results on your traffic. If you’re not sure how to do blogger outreach, then Traackr is a simple resource, and one of the better blogger outreach tools available.

Tool 4: Ninja Outreach

One of the most distinctive blogger outreach tools out, Ninja Outreach is all about automation. In today’s frantic business climate, spending time on blogger outreach isn’t always possible. Ninja Outreach doesn’t just include international bloggers (unlike the majority that focus on US and European bloggers), it also has a high level of available automation. Firstly, you can personalize your communications using the available templates and then set up automatic emails when a blogger that fits your set criteria is identified. This alone can be a huge time-saver. Ninja Outreach also lets you easily track your email stats, so that you can learn which of your templates are getting the most positive response, and who is binning your emails without opening them.


Tool 5: GroupHigh

SEO is all about speed. The faster you can perfect your SEO, the quicker you will start to dominate SERPs, improving website traffic and making it easier to make sales. GroupHigh is a blogger outreach software option that is faster than you can imagine. By using a constantly updated database of existing blogs, GroupHigh lets you filter 15 million bloggers to find the ones that most match your needs and your sector. This is one of the best outreach tools available, and its addition of the GroupHigh Pitch feature means that you can immediately get in contact with the relevant bloggers and influencers. Like, GroupHigh also has a monitoring feature that lets you keep a close eye on the progress and impact of your blogger outreach strategy.

When it comes to learning how to do blogger outreach, it’s never been easier. Thanks to the incredible value provided by these outreach tools, you can learn as you go, and all while improving your link building and your SEO. For those brands that are considering blogger outreach as the next step in their marketing strategy, using the right tools can make all of the difference when it comes to effectiveness, impact, and higher profits.

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