Blog Outsourcing 101: Why You Should Hire a Ghostwriter

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Generating leads, enhancing your company’s online reputation, and proving your expertise in your field are three of the most important challenges that you face in today’s digital climate. The best way to take on these crucial tasks all at once is to optimize your blog.

If you don’t have the time to give your blog the attention that is required in this instance, fear not as we here at Click Intelligence can help. Should you decide to outsource the all-important task of improving your blog to us, our content writing services and solutions will be sure to help you reach your lead-generation and branding goals. In particular, our ghostwriting resources will allow you to upload intuitive content that engages your audience and keeps your platform active over a sustained period of time… without you having to lift so much as a finger or type out a single word.

Not sure if ghostwritten content is the direction you should be taking in your attempt to optimize your blog? Let’s take a look at all the reasons why you should hire a ghostwriter, as well as all the things that you must consider when you do.

Steady stream of content = consistent stream of leads

If your blog is to aid you in your bid to create fully-fledged customers out of potential online consumers, then it needs to enjoy a steady stream of content. Quite simply, uploading more content will give you a better chance of generating more leads going forward. What’s more, the more time your audience spends engaged with your output, the more likely they will be to purchase from you going forward.

If you haven’t got the time to create valuable and intuitive content every single day, then you should enlist the best content writing services that we offer here at Click Intelligence. We will make it easy for you to hire a ghostwriter for blog that speaks about your chosen topics in an authoritative tone of voice.

Our team of content creation specialists will:

  • Create written content that is bespoke and tailored specifically to your wants and needs
  • Capture the tone of your unique company brand
  • Write in a way that resonates with your audience no matter where they are based geographically
  • Revise your content for you if you are not happy with the outcome of it
  • Delivery your content in a timely manner to ensure your upload deadlines are met
  • Use white-hat SEO friendly techniques to make your positioning on search engine results pages (SERPs) easier to manage
  • Offer full transparency to keep you in the loop of the writing process
  • Write in a manner that wouldn’t look out of place in a magazine

Better content enhances your online reputation

As your business grows, you need to create an effective and targeted online reputation for it intensifies. With each passing day, more and more members of your consumer base will turn to the Internet when they are in need of information regarding your product and service range, which is why you need to showcase your industry expertise across all of your online platforms. Don’t just focus on your company website, your social media handles, and your eCommerce store in this instance — give your blog the attention it wants and needs by outsourcing the task of optimizing it. Hire a ghostwriter for blog writing, and you’ll be sure to prove your authority in your field in no time.

Six things to consider

Should you decide to go it alone in your bid to find a ghostwriter, here are six things that you should be sure to consider to ensure that this doesn’t turn out to be a wasted endeavor for you. The following advice is what we here at Click Intelligence swear by every time we take on a new client who is in need of our SEO content writing services.

Validate your topics

Before you go ahead and provide your ghostwriter of choice with a subject to base their content creation round, you need to validate the topic to ensure that it holds up. This topic must be of some value to the audience of the day, it must be on-trend, and, above all else, it must be interesting. What’s more, you should be sure to perform SEO and keyword research at this time to make sure that your content pulls in high traffic numbers right from the off.

Scrutinize your writers

Finding ghostwriters is not a difficult exercise. Finding quality ghostwriters is another thing entirely. You need to scrutinize each new writer heavily to ensure that they have the know-how required to create authoritative content. The three main things that you should look out for in this instance include writing quality, turnaround time, and tone consistency.

Format for the web

It’s essential that your writer understands the web and knows how to format their writing for it. For example, this should mean that they know how to differentiate between writing stories and creating blog content.

Optimize for SEO

Your ghostwriter needs to know everything there is to know about SEO. They should know how to optimize titles, they should know how to create meta descriptions, and they should know how to incorporate keywords into their written content naturally. If they don’t, you could end up paying for content that doesn’t rank your webpage higher or improve your lead generation.

Pre-Format HTML

Make sure that your ghostwriter is well versed when it comes to HTML. Pre-formatting your content for HTML will ensure that your posts are ready to be uploaded as soon as you receive them.

Create different forms of content

Your chosen writers should be able to provide you with different forms of content to ensure that your audience members don’t get bored with the posts that you upload. A few forms of content that they definitely should be well versed at producing include:

  • ‘How To’ posts are pieces of content created to help the reader perform certain tasks that, in general terms, they otherwise would not have been able to complete.
  • Listicles (or list posts) sit alongside ‘How To’ posts in terms of popularity, simply because they’re easy for publishers to create and they’re even easier for audience members to read and saturate. To create this type of post, all you need do is list a number of points, topics, or pieces of advice that you believe your target audience is going to take some interest in.
  • Survey posts involve getting audience feedback and then speaking about this feedback in the form of written content. If your ghostwriter is to take this route, you will first need to poll your target consumers either via email, through social media, or in-person. When creating the content, your writer should be able to add their own commentary to the results that you conjured up for them.
  • Concerns posts are pieces of content that allow you to break down industry hurdles for your audience members. For instance, we here at Click Intelligence make it our mission to help our audience members get to grips with SEO. We provide them with insightful information that will be sure to assist them in ranking their website higher going forward.

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