Blog Topic Generator Tool
Blog Topic Generator Tool

If you’re familiar with SEO practices, you’ll be aware of the power of content creation. Google, the search engine with the most influential algorithms, prioritizes pages that gives their audiences something accessible and useful — that adds something to the Internet instead of just copying and pasting from other sites. Original, fresh content can be a crucial component of a healthy and effective SEO campaign.

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    Whether you are familiar with SEO or not, it is likely that you have heard of the phrase, content is king. It is true. Content creation is a powerful tool that experts in SEO use to meet the requirements set in place by Google’s algorithms, which determine where you rank. A website that provides their audience with content that is original, engaging, influential, and helpful, but also easily accessible will aid in moving up the ranks. For an effective SEO campaign, it is simply a must that your content falls in line with this.

    The Issues with Producing Unique Content

    Generating content is certainly a lot easier said than done, however. It is more than possible to think of one unique idea, but the task of coming up with numerous ideas that are all relevant to you and your brand is considerably a lot harder. Not only does it need to be relevant in order to add value to your audience, but it also needs to be 100% original, too, when compared to the billions of websites that already exist! This can be a daunting prospect for business owners.

    However, it is more than possible to overcome with our help.

    How to Overcome Writer’s Block

    First, start by considering the service or products you offer to your customers. The chances are that you are extremely knowledgeable within this industry. The chances of your customers also having this knowledge is less so. Therefore, a great place to start producing content is to pick topics related to your industry, such as how-to guides or explainer videos. When you start brainstorming ideas surrounding your business and industry, consider:

    • FAQs you might have been asked in the past.
    • Any changes that the industry has faced over the years.
    • Aspects of the business that you believe customers would be interested to know, such as how your products are made.

    However, what happens when you start to run out of ideas surrounding this? You can’t afford to stop producing content if you want to move up the ranks. Therefore, you need to find a way to continually produce unique content that is adding value, even if your ideas run out.

    This is where we step in. With our blog generator tool, you can be certain that you will never face a dry content season ever again! With our creative content agency by your side, you can start to develop a content campaign that delivers results without having to dedicate the time to it yourself. Our team will ensure you are delivered with high-quality, engaging, and helpful blogs, infographics, and videos that are produced with your audience in mind.

    What is the blog generator tool?

    A blog generator tool creates catchy, unique titles for your blog based on the keywords you enter.

    How does it work?

    There are a dozen different blog generator tools online, so what makes ours so special? The difference is our tool considers the entire content journey, from the keywords you use to the response you want to evoke from your audience and how you can achieve this.

    A tool that doesn’t consider the keywords or audience will not bring you the results you desire.

    Keyword Research

    At the forefront of many SEO campaigns is keyword research. This is what is going to help bring you the results you are after in terms of an improved ranking position and more traffic. Missing out this vital step, or doing so incorrectly, could affect the results negatively, which is why it must be carried out before using the blog topic generator tool. What is the point, after all, in producing content that isn’t going to benefit you or your customers? Turning to experts, such as our team at Click Intelligence, will ensure that you are generating the right content with the right keywords. We will be able to help your brand compete successfully against your competitors.

    What can you expect from this keyword research?

    We will provide you with a list of keywords that are not just associated with your content and your website but are suitable in terms of volume and competition. You ideally want a keyword that is searched for more often but is less competitive, which will enable you to rank above your competitors.


    As well as your keywords, the audience is also important to consider before you start generating ideas using the tool. You need to think about what the overall message that you want to communicate to them is, as well as what it is you want to tell them. We believe that this should go one step further, though. Don’t just think about the present time or the short term future. Think about the long-term, as well. Ask yourself, what do you want your audience to do afterward?

    Do you want them to engage with your content and simply provide them with a call to action?

    Or, are you more focused on producing content that they will go on to share with friends, family, colleagues, and more so that you can promote your brand?

    What can you expect from our team?

    If you choose to work alongside our team to produce your content, you can be certain that your articles are written with the audience of the site in mind, every time. Whether this is your own website or a third party site in which you are using as part of your link building campaign, there is one simple reason for this: it is contributing to your SEO efforts in that Google will view your site as more credible.

    Producing content

    With these keywords and audience in mind, you can start to then use the free blog generator tool to provide you with the ideal topic or headline to center your content around. This is the ideal solution if your content campaign isn’t huge.

    As you start to build this up, additional help may be required. You can go two ways about this: either build up an in-house team or outsource to content writing services, like ourselves. Both offer advantages. However, a company that is looking to build their content up, expert help is usually recommended.

    Keep your audience coming back for more

    You need to find a solution that enables your audience never grow tired of your content. You want your audience to be excited about the next blog or video you upload. In order to achieve this, your content must be fresh. It must be original, and above all, it must be high-quality to fit the SEO requirements. Therefore, if you need inspiration, be sure to make the most of the blog generator tool to get you started on your content journey.

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