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4 Reasons To Love SEO in 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes Love is certainty in the air around this time of the year. However, as people start coupling up and proclaiming their love for […]

What is Brand Voice?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Would you say that your brand has a voice? If not, you are seriously missing a trick. With the ability to build a […]

Why SEO Needs UX – The Key to Success

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you think good SEO practice is all about rankings and that simply stuffing in as many keywords as possible is the recipe for success, then […]

8 Step Plan for Higher Search Rankings in 2021

Reading Time: 4 minutes Maintaining and improving business SEO efforts is a top priority for marketers as we enter 2021. For those that have a plan in […]

Top trends to look out for in the SEO for 2021

Reading Time: 6 minutes Although this core update doesn’t seem to be as big as previous years, there are some clear top SEO trends and indicators of […]

How SEO Works On YouTube

Reading Time: 4 minutes Did you know that YouTube is a search engine? If you think about it, of course, it is. It has a search bar […]

Alternative Search Engines You Need To Consider

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you focus the majority of your search engine efforts on Google? If yes, then you are not alone. Google is still the […]

Everything You Need To Know To Sell SEO

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you a digital marketing agency that is great at what you do but unfortunately, SEO is not one of your many talents? […]

Ultimate Guide To White Label Seo Reporting

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you striving to provide your clients with effective SEO reporting services, either because you don’t have the time or expertise? If yes, […]

8 Techniques to Double Your AdWords Conversions

Reading Time: 4 minutes The world of marketing is constantly having to evolve to keep up with the ever-changing needs and demands of the modern consumer, yet […]

5 Ways to Get More High Authority Links to Your Site

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you struggling to get quality backlinks to your site? If so, you are not alone. The process of building high value backlinks […]

How to Do Keyword Research Effectively for Your Link Building Campaign

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you want to increase organic traffic to your site and get on that highly coveted first page of Google? If yes, then […]

Why You Need to do a Backlink Audit

Reading Time: 4 minutes You know that quality backlinks are a key component of any successful SEO strategy, helping you to get on the right side of […]

What Are Segments in Google Analytics and How to Use Them

Reading Time: 3 minutes When considering Google Analytics data, the more segregated the reports, the better. To improve your marketing and work better on leads, you need […]

How to Track Referrals in Google Analytics

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are many different types of traffic for Google Analytics and SEO, and one of these is known as referrals. You can easily […]

Beginners Guide to Using UTM Parameters

Reading Time: 4 minutes When it comes to your well-planned marketing efforts, being able to track your campaign success and relevant traffic is key for your business […]

How to Track Conversions on Your Website with Google Analytics

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s always a rewarding feeling to check your analytics and see a rise in traffic or interaction with your webpages. You may feel […]

How to Build a Conversion Funnel

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sales funnels map the consumer journey from the very beginning to the end of the sales line, which will hopefully be a conversion […]

How to Create High Converting Mobile Landing Pages

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mobile and smart tech has fast become a consumer’s go-to method of browsing, especially on the go. This means that all businesses need […]

The Ultimate Guide to Landing Pages That Convert

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re wondering how to create a good landing page, this guide can help you. We’ll explain how to make a high converting […]

What is the Optimum Amount of Clicks Before Conversions Begin

Reading Time: 3 minutes Clicks mean many different things for businesses. They can mean consumers clicking on to your website, clicking through your pages, scrolling through a […]

Facebook Advertising Strategies for Small Businesses

Reading Time: 3 minutes With over 2 billion active users on Facebook, it’s no surprise that businesses are embracing this social media platform for their advertising. That […]

The Most Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns

Reading Time: 3 minutes Now is the time to run a Facebook campaign! Think about it: more people are at home and spending hours on Facebook every […]

How to Create a Successful Facebook Campaign

Reading Time: 3 minutes Running a Facebook campaign is easy, right? Sure. Running a campaign is easy but creating a successful Facebook ad is not so easy! […]

Beginners Guide to Growing a Facebook Group

Reading Time: 4 minutes Announcement: Facebook marketing is dead. No, not really! It can seem that way though, and with Facebook’s continued efforts to remove business pages […]

How to Improve Your AdWords Campaign

Reading Time: 3 minutes So, you’ve been given your free AdWords credit but you’re not sure what to do with it? Or maybe you’ve been let loose […]

Beginners Guide to Bing SEO

Reading Time: 4 minutes SEO is a long process, we already know that, but when it comes to optimizing your SEO for the best performance, Google is […]

How To Backlink Correctly

Reading Time: 4 minutes Learning how to backlink correctly can drastically improve your search engines’ performance, so getting them right is essential. Backlinks are when another website […]

Step By Step Guide To Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools

Reading Time: 4 minutes Google uses its Webmaster Tools mechanism to communicate directly with website owners. Why use webmaster tools? It can help you to identify potential […]

Get Started Using Schema

Reading Time: 4 minutes Knowing how to use schema markup for SEO is critical if you want to maintain your search engine rankings. It can help you […]

10 Advanced Seo Techniques To Double Your Search Traffic

Reading Time: 4 minutes Effective search engine optimization is essential for every business. When you use the SEO best practices or techniques, you dramatically improve your online […]

9 Link Building Resources to Accelerate Your Search Rankings

Reading Time: 5 minutes It is the goal of every business, website, or blog to appear at the top of the Google Search pages (SERPs) so that […]

6 Tools You Need to Be Using on Facebook

Reading Time: 3 minutes Facebook is a fantastic marketing tool for businesses. However, being able to make the most of this platform also means getting to grips […]

Key Tips and Strategies to Take from Apple’s Marketing

Reading Time: 4 minutes It is no secret that Apple is one of the greatest marketers of all time — and for a good reason. Steve Jobs’ […]

The 4 P’s of Marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes The 4 P’s of marketing is a crucial concept. It is also vital that you understand that this is not just something that […]

10 Marketing Tools for Growing Your Business

Reading Time: 4 minutes Starting a new business is always nerve-racking, especially in the current climate of post-pandemic. It is natural to be determined to do the […]

Online Marketing SEO Tools to Boost Your Traffic

Reading Time: 4 minutes The quest to improve your SEO ranking is one that never ends. It is always worth doing an audit to see if you […]

How To Deliver White Label SEO Audits

Reading Time: 3 minutes A significant part of the SEO process for any company is starting with an SEO audit. If you’re already offering this marketing service […]

Reselling White Label SEO Services

Reading Time: 3 minutes Whether you’re a small digital agency or large organization, each type of business can benefit from SEO outsourcing. The landscape of SEO is […]

How To Understand User Behavior On Google Analytics

Reading Time: 4 minutes While Google Analytics gives us a wide range of information about our website, you sometimes have to dig a little deeper to understand […]

Using Google Analytics To Improve Your Website

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you are after information about Google Analytics or questioning “what is Google Analytics used for?” then you are in the right place! […]

How is SEO Measured Using an SEO data Analysis

Reading Time: 3 minutes Finding out how to measure SEO performance is almost like finding a rare diamond in the rocks! Everyone knows that SEO is important, […]

How to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Your Conversions

Reading Time: 4 minutes So, you’ve done a huge amount of marketing, you’ve run some successful campaigns, and lots of visitors are flooding to your site. Great […]

Improve Your Website Conversion By 50%

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ok, the name of this blog is definitely a bit clickbaity. We admit it. You came here expecting a miracle and for us […]

How to Increase Website Conversions

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you sell anything online, be it products or services, you’ve probably asked yourself at one point (or maybe even more than once) […]

How To Fix Your Facebook Ads That Aren’t Converting

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you decided to advertise your business using Facebook ads after reading all the stories about the billions of people using the platform […]

13 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Reach Organically

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you want to know how to boost your Facebook reach without spending a fortune on advertising and PPC? Well look no further: […]

Facebook Advertising Tools To Save You Time And Money

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s official folks, even Google agrees, Facebook’s advert targeting system is the best in the world, over 98% accurate, and a great investment […]

PPC Hacks That Will Drive You More Qualified Leads

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lead generation is one of the most difficult things most small businesses face. Sure, you may know your product inside out, and you […]

Adwords Mistakes That Will Break The Bank And How To Fix Them

Reading Time: 3 minutes There is nothing worse in the world of paid advertising than running an ad campaign and watching your money drain away while your […]

Ad Copy Strategies To Double Your Ctr

Reading Time: 3 minutes So, you’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and invest in some paid advertising? Great! There’s just one snag though: your ads aren’t […]

How To Check Backlink Quality

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you remember the days when SEO experts were telling everyone to stuff their blogs with repeated single keywords and to post frantically […]

Generate More Backlinks With These Tools

Reading Time: 3 minutes In 2020 there are over 100 different ways that Google scores websites and ranks them to improve their standings on the search engine […]

Best Blogger Outreach Tools

Reading Time: 4 minutes A branch of content marketing, blogger outreach is a very simple yet effective strategy. For those companies that have a product or service, […]

How To Help Google To Crawl Your Site

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you want more consumers to find and visit your website, then you need Google to know who you are. While there are […]

How To Perform A Technical Seo Audit

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nowadays, SEO covers a wide range of types, and those types can change at any given time. Search engine updates and consumer trends […]

What Is Robots Txt And How To Implement It?

Reading Time: 3 minutes SEO is more important than ever, and there are multiple ways to boost your search engine rankings so that you gain more online […]

What is broken link building and how it works

Reading Time: 5 minutes Within the world of SEO, link building is an incredibly important technique, especially for a business looking to expand its awareness online. There […]

The Truth About Link Building in 2020 and Beyond

Reading Time: 4 minutes Fact: one of the most effective SEO methods is link building. It has been like that for years now, and it has the […]

4 Ways Resource Link Building Works

Reading Time: 4 minutes One of the best SEO campaigns for any business looking to increase their traffic is link building. In fact, it often viewed as […]

Top Strategies to Optimise Your eCommerce Website for the SERPs

Reading Time: 4 minutes The internet has made an enormous difference to our lives, but none more so than how we go shopping. There is no longer […]

What Is PPC?

Reading Time: 12 minutes There’s a good chance that you’ve already heard of PPC. As a marketing tool, PPC is invaluable, but there seems to be a […]

6 Powerful Link Building Tools

Reading Time: 22 minutes Hopefully, your website is populated with content that is topically relevant and streamlined to be SEO rich, have clean HTML, is quick to […]

Google Ranking Factors 2020

Reading Time: 13 minutes If you are trying to climb to the top of the ladder on Google, you will be aware that there are a number […]

COVID-19 and SEO Video

Reading Time: 2 minutes With the COVID-19 pandemic, it brings about two possible situations. You could see a decline in revenue, or you could see an increase. […]

How the Coronavirus has Impacted SEO

Reading Time: 16 minutes The world seems like an alternative reality at the moment as countries go into lockdown or recommend self-isolation to slow down the spread […]

2020 – Most Popular Celebs Online

Reading Time: 4 minutes Loading… We live in an era where a celebrity’s popularity (or even infamy) can be easily measured. How? By analysing their social media […]

SEO Tools

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you want to run a successful website in the current age, you need to implement an effective SEO strategy. Competition is one […]

Panda Algorithm Update Guide

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Google Panda algorithm update initially rolled out in February 2011, and it impacted around 12% of search results across the globe. In […]

How to Optimise Your Business for Voice Search

Reading Time: 6 minutes Voice search queries have become increasingly important for business owners. As smartphones and home assistants have become more technically effective, people are now […]

A Guide to Google’s Penguin Algorithm Update

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Google Penguin algorithm update in 2012 was intended to combat manipulative and ‘spammy’ link building techniques. It was originally called the ‘webspam […]

Why Rank Tracking is Important to Your SEO

Reading Time: 2 minutes Your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign combines several tools, techniques and disciplines that work together to drive more targeted traffic to your website. […]

The Click Intelligence Ecommerce SEO Guide

Reading Time: 6 minutes What is Ecommerce SEO? In 2018 consumers spent $517.36 billion on e-commerce in the USA. A staggering figure, and one that encourages retailers […]

YouTube Tools

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you see YouTube as a domain solely for frivolous videos made by amateurs to be shared across social media, you’d be fundamentally […]

YouTube Intro Maker

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you stop to consider some of the most engaging content you’ve seen while exploring the internet in recent days, you’re almost certain […]

The Importance of Guest Blogging

Reading Time: 6 minutes As one of the most effective ways to promote a business and gain brand authority, guest blogging is more vital than ever. There […]

Shopify SEO

Reading Time: 4 minutes Online retail is an important part of many businesses’ operations. The world has changed a great deal and the convenience of internet shopping […]

Product Descriptions for SEO

Reading Time: 5 minutes Product descriptions reside on our web pages just like any other form of content, but for some reason, we seem to forget that […]

Search Engine Ranking

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s a rare occurrence if we go a day without typing at least one query into a search engine. Companies like Google and […]

What are Google Fred Updates and Why do They Matter for Your Website?

Reading Time: 5 minutes What are Google ‘Fred’ Updates? Google makes thousands of changes to its algorithms throughout the course of a year. Some of these changes […]

Complete Google Algorithm Update History

Reading Time: 11 minutes Google is updating or refreshing its algorithm on a daily basis and while the majority of the changes are small, some have a […]

50 Blog Post Ideas That Your Audience are Sure to Engage With

Reading Time: 8 minutes Author’s aren’t the only ones who suffer writer’s block, you know. Bloggers experience this slowdown in their creativity too, which is why you […]

Blog Outsourcing 101: Why You Should Hire a Ghostwriter

Reading Time: 4 minutes Generating leads, enhancing your company’s online reputation, and proving your expertise in your field are three of the most important challenges that you […]

Local SEO Keyword Research

Reading Time: 8 minutes The internet gives website owners the ability to reach people across the world. If you write good content and rank well in the […]

How to Identify Your Competitors

Reading Time: 4 minutes Just as identifying competitors is an important part of any business plan, it plays a big part in creating a successful SEO strategy. […]

How Google Makes Money

Reading Time: 4 minutes You know your company is doing pretty well when its name has become a verb to describe something everyone does multiple times a […]

Local SEO Strategy for Multiple Locations

Reading Time: 6 minutes Have you ever attempted to embark on a local SEO campaign only to be held back by the fact that you don’t operate […]

Google Site Search, Google Custom Search and their Alternatives

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the spring of 2017, Google announced plans to shut down its highly rated Google Site Search tool, which was a paid-for tool […]

Getting to Know Google’s Medic Update

Reading Time: 6 minutes In August 2018, Google updated its broad core algorithm. Barry Schwartz, one of the most esteemed SEO experts, dubbed it the ‘Medic Update,’ […]

Understanding Google’s Local 3 Pack

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you search a query that causes Google to recommend some local businesses, it lists three snippet results. This differs from the previous […]

How Google Lighthouse Audit Works

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you’re discouraged by your website’s SEO performance – despite investing time, effort and capital into your SEO strategy – it’s useful to […]

How to Get Backlinks Indexing

Reading Time: 7 minutes One of the most important features in your SEO strategy is to include high-quality backlinks – between your website and that of another […]

Why Your Business Needs Awesome Social Signals

Reading Time: 6 minutes Social signals have the potential to improve brand awareness, boost SEO rankings and make or break a business’s reputation. Here we explore the […]

Anchor Text Ratio

Reading Time: 7 minutes We’re all told if we want to help our websites rank better, then we need to start link building. Less often are we […]

Building Successful Backlinks

Reading Time: 6 minutes There are many different marketing strategies that a business can employ to better connect with their consumer, and finding the most effective method […]

A Guide to Fixing an SEO Ranking Drop

Reading Time: 7 minutes Keeping your SEO (search engine optimization) ranking high, making amends to a drop, and preventing future drops requires consistent and accurate maintenance. You […]

Free SEO Audit Checklist

Reading Time: 5 minutes An SEO audit needs to be carried out on a regular basis. Doing so will ensure that there are no hidden surprises when […]

Internal and External Links – What’s the Difference?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Not all links are the same. Websites and content have either internal links or external links. While links are in many ways the […]

What is Anchor Text?

Reading Time: 4 minutes It is well known that the higher a ranking you can get on a search engine, the easier it will be for people […]

9 Signs You’re in Love with Link Building

Reading Time: 4 minutes From keyword research to local searches and link building, search engine optimisation is not for those without passion for the industry. In fact, […]

What Is SEO?

Reading Time: 7 minutes The thrill of appearing on the first results page on search engines doesn’t happen by magic; it’s SEO. Search engines are incredibly smart […]

How to Use SEO Effectively

Reading Time: 7 minutes If you want your business to succeed online, SEO is essential in every sense of the word. If your site is not optimized, […]

How Schema Can Help You Dominate the SERP Features (and earn more clicks)

Reading Time: 6 minutes For website owners and marketers, organic clicks are what we all want. Sure, you have to work hard to get to the top […]

What You Need To Know About Google’s Updated Quality Guidelines

Reading Time: 6 minutes In today’s digital age, content is hugely important for companies to connect with their target audience, show their expertise, and promote their products/services. […]

Warning: These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Website

Reading Time: 6 minutes Your website’s success is precarious. You cannot set it up once and expect it to perform well and appeal to users for the […]

Get SEO Leads the Right Way: Ten Tried and Tested Tactics

Reading Time: 7 minutes In 2018, 80% of consumers were searching for service providers via internet search. Much like last year, in 2019, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) […]

How To Stay On Top Of Google

Reading Time: 5 minutes Running a business in 2019 can be one of the most rewarding things you can do in life and it is why so […]

Moz Domain Authority Update

Reading Time: 4 minutes Moz has updated their Domain Authority (DA) in order to give users more accurate predictions of search performance through new algorithms that search […]

SEO Trends & Best Practices in 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes Part of maintaining SEO really comes with staying slightly ahead of the curve. Whether you stay tuned-in to what’s trending across social media […]

Where Do I Rank on Google? – Tracking Keywords Positions

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you have created a website, you may have embarked on an SEO Keyword strategy to rank highly in the search engines. After […]

Why Is Link Building Considered Underrated?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Why is link building underrated? Search Engine Optimisation covers a variety of techniques to help boost a company or individual’s online presence by […]

Hummingbird Algorithm Update Guide

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is the Google Hummingbird update 2018 algorithm? Occasionally Google updates its algorithm in an attempt to refine the search results it delivers. […]

5 Secrets About SEO That Only a Handful of People Know

Reading Time: 7 minutes Search Engine Optimisation is a mystery to many, including the SEO specialists who do such great work boosting your site’s ranking on Google! […]

The Millionaire Guide on SEO

Reading Time: 8 minutes Every business wants to dominate the search engines to receive a considerable amount of traffic and, of course, to increase its profitability. However, […]

10 Ways to Reinvent Your Link Building

Reading Time: 6 minutes Link building is an effective way to earn authority and build visibility online. With the right amount of creativity and determination, your link […]

The Ultimate Guide to SEO

Reading Time: 8 minutes Getting your website to rank well in the search engines can make all the difference when it comes to your business accomplishing its […]

All You Need to Know About Competitor Link Building

Reading Time: 6 minutes There will more than likely be a time when your competitors will exceed you in the search engines. No matter how hard you […]

A Guide To The August 2018 Google Algorithm Update

Reading Time: 6 minutes The new Google update August 2018 brought about significant change to the way in which the popular search engine ranks a website in […]

What is Moz?

Reading Time: 3 minutes It doesn’t matter if you want to brush up on your SEO skills, master local search, or drive traffic to your website, Moz […]

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