Business Valuation Tool
Business Valuation Tool

You always need to be aware of how much your business is worth so that you can best understand your own business assets and your financial goals for your company. Valuing your business can help bring clarity regarding the financial situation of your business, as well as being a key tool if you’re planning to sell your business at some point in the future.

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    Check Your Business Value Any Time

    Businesses and their processes are constantly changing and evolving, which means you don’t just want a vague business valuation; you can only get every so often. In line with your business changing, you want to constantly be updated regarding how your business value is changing, too. That’s why a calculation tool is such a necessity: you can check in with your business valuation at any time, to always be aware of how your business is doing.

    You can even set it up to be part of your regular schedule.

    Selling Your Business: How a Business Valuation Tool Can Help

    Naturally, the most important time to attain an accurate valuation is when you’re making the decision to sell your business so that you can understand how much you can expect to make. You need to understand the expected return from the sale, to make an informed decision which is right for you.

    If you’re not set on selling your business and would like a valuation to see whether the process would be worth it based on profitability, then a valuation is a key way to achieve that. Your valuation may even be the deciding factor in whether you proceed with the sale or hold off.

    Even if your valuation is a positive one — and perhaps better than you expected — the decision to sell your business is not one made lightly. There are many things to consider when selling, and many reasons you may have for seeking a valuation. This could include:

    • Unresolvable internal disputes
    • Lifestyle changes
    • Alternative business goals
    • Achieving everything you wanted out of the business and not wanting to continue
    • No longer having the passion for it
    • Wanting to pursue an alternative business idea

    Whatever your reasons for wanting to sell your business, you have every right to accurate business valuation, and our professional team at Click Intelligence can help with that.

    How is a Business Valued?

    Business valuations will focus, firstly, on your net profit. Valuations will need to accurately understand your cash flow, as well as projections for future cash flow and profit. You will, therefore, need an accurate net profit figure to input into our business valuation software free to use, to get a reliable valuation.

    What Can Affect a Business Valuation?

    As well as your net profit figure, there are many other considerations to make when preparing a valuation of your business. This all depends on your business type, your product and service, and the industry you’re in.

    For example, your business may or may not make use of official business premises. This means you will also have a building valuation to take into account as part of your assets. You may, therefore, also need a building valuation tool, too, to understand every area of value where your business is concerned.

    This, of course, will need to take into consideration whether any money is still owed on any premises, which can affect your valuation total.

    Furthermore, a total valuation can include marketing investments, such as a PPC valuation, to best determine expected profits on marketing strategies in place.

    Accurate Valuation: It Matters!

    The best business valuation calculators are ready to provide an accurate, quick, and easy figure to provide everything you need with limited stress.

    Having a valuation figure in the back of your mind at all times can help you as a business owner to better understand and appreciate your business, as well as allowing you to understand what needs to be done next: whether that’s improving your business to improve its value, or what steps you need to take to sell.

    Business is an investment, after all, so the valuation figure is important. Keeping an eye on your valuation figure over time is especially helpful for startup companies that need to keep track of their business growth, and whether their initial efforts are leading them on the right path financially.

    Click Intelligence Provides a Free and Easy Valuation Tool to Support Your Business

    If you require any advice or further information regarding business valuation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our free valuation tool is available to use, any time.

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