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When trying to climb the ranks of Google, there is one key element you need: relevant and high-quality backlinks. This is precisely what you will receive when opting for our link building package. Every link we create adds value, trust, and authority, providing you with results that truly matter.

Link building helps boost your pages to rank higher in Google’s search results while also benefiting your internet marketing strategy. Outreach is a crucial element of your link building campaign, and our blogger outreach link building services will not only provide new ways to introduce your brand to different audiences, but relevant and high authority websites will help improve your domain authority on Google – maximising your online visibility.

When ParkON approached us to help improve their SEO with our link building package, our goal was to aid them in earning their place in Google, including making sure their website was set up correctly for technical SEO and on-page SEO before moving forward. We developed a content marketing strategy to provide compelling reasons for websites to link back to them. We understand the best way to deliver a successful link building service is by building relationships, not just links; this allows their brand to maximise its ROI.

Investing in the long-term will provide results that will continue to make a difference long into the future. Making sure ParkON will benefit from links that will last.

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We first performed thorough competitor research to understand the gaps within ParkON’s backlink profile better. From here, we could see that we needed to build links on authority sites within the travel and lifestyle niche to gain more traffic to the site and expand on the current keywords.

This is where in-depth research takes place, looking at the types of articles that will link into companies within the marketing sector, the why, where and how, enabling our team to build a comprehensive list.

Our team also conducted detailed keyword research to target the right keywords for ParkON and the keywords they should be ranking for.


Additionally, we implemented a technical audit on the site to find any issues within on-page SEO and any serious errors within the back end that may be affecting the performance and usability of the website. Once we conducted our audit, we reviewed both on-page and off-page factors and located any issues. We then highlighted the areas where improvements will dramatically affect the performance of their digital presence. This process ensures that the website is completely SEO friendly from the outset.

Within the audit, we also recommended on-page content recommendations, ensuring that the website is fully optimised for their target keywords.

Next steps

Once the content was live on-site, and we had implemented all the technical recommendations, we began building the link building campaign, and the outreach team worked their magic!

This bespoke approach not only gives great results but also guarantees they are receiving white hat link building. Our outreach team can build relationships with influential journalists, bloggers and editors to gain a high authority guest post placement, giving a personal touch to these critical high authority sites. The end result? A higher SERP position for ParkON and increased visibility. After all, few people visit sites appearing on pages lower than the first!

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Numbers & statistics

Even though 2020 has had some surprises with COVID-19 we still managed to see some great results. We saw the ranking keywords shoot up from 10189 in February to 13044 in July and climbing.

31.53% goal Completions Increased YOY.

100.66% boost In Goal Conversion Rate YOY.

We have seen great improvements in the rankings on the first few pages of google. Below we can see that the keywords ranking in the Top 3 positions are continuing to increase as well as the keywords in positions 04 to 10.

ParkON graph

Linking Domains

Linking Domains are the number of unique domains that are linking to your domain or page. We can see that there has been an increase in the linking domains for ParkON from the link building campaign..

29% increase in Linking Domains from Feb 2020 to Jul 2020

ParkON graph


Overall, ParkON has seen an incredible increase in ranking keywords, as well as ranking higher in the SERPs. For example, we have seen the long term keyword ‘orlando airport short term parking cost’ increase from position 8 in March 2020 to position 1 in August 2020. We have also seen ‘newark airport parking rates’ increase 39 positions from position 45 to 6 since March 2020. This exceptional increase in rankings has boosted their visibility online and enabled them to increase their conversions by 31.53% since July 2019. Even starting this campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to achieve ParkON’s goals and continue to grow their rankings and the traffic to their website, ensuring a favourable ROI and a very happy client!

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