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How To Understand User Behavior On Google Analytics

Reading Time: 4 minutes While Google Analytics gives us a wide range of information about our website, you sometimes have to dig a little deeper to understand […]

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Adwords Mistakes That Will Break The Bank And How To Fix Them

Reading Time: 3 minutes There is nothing worse in the world of paid advertising than running an ad campaign and watching your money drain away while your […]

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Ad Copy Strategies To Double Your Ctr

Reading Time: 3 minutes So, you’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and invest in some paid advertising? Great! There’s just one snag though: your ads aren’t […]

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2020 – Most Popular Celebs Online

Reading Time: 4 minutes Loading… We live in an era where a celebrity’s popularity (or even infamy) can be easily measured. How? By analysing their social media […]


Panda Algorithm Update Guide

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Google Panda algorithm update initially rolled out in February 2011, and it impacted around 12% of search results across the globe. In […]


A Guide to Google’s Penguin Algorithm Update

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Google Penguin algorithm update in 2012 was intended to combat manipulative and ‘spammy’ link building techniques. It was originally called the ‘webspam […]

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Search Engine Ranking

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s a rare occurrence if we go a day without typing at least one query into a search engine. Companies like Google and […]

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What are Google Fred Updates and Why do They Matter for Your Website?

Reading Time: 5 minutes What are Google ‘Fred’ Updates? Google makes thousands of changes to its algorithms throughout the course of a year. Some of these changes […]


Complete Google Algorithm Update History

Reading Time: 11 minutes Google is updating or refreshing its algorithm on a daily basis and while the majority of the changes are small, some have a […]


How Google Makes Money

Reading Time: 4 minutes You know your company is doing pretty well when its name has become a verb to describe something everyone does multiple times a […]