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Video Marketing

We turn existing blog posts into short, conversational videos, we’ll need a strategy that’ll ensure your video is SEO-optimised. You can post your videos on your blog or even start a YouTube channel.

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Video Marketing Services

What is Video Marketing?

As the days go by, video is becoming increasingly pervasive, and more people are choosing it as their preferred means of consuming content. If you’ve noticed, many of the most popular social media sites have now included video on their platforms because of the rate at which people are using it. In light of this, brands have quickly realised that video happens to be one of the most effective ways of sharing content as well as their brand story with audiences. Video marketing is therefore devising, developing, and analysing video content in a bid to promote or market your brand, product or service to your targeted audience.

What is Our Video Marketing Process?

Our video marketing process consists of creating an effective video marketing strategy as any good video marketing agency should do. In order to do this, we will need to sit down with you and determine where your business is presently, what your marketing objectives are, and how we can use video marketing to help you achieve these goals.

Video Production

The video production stage is an important aspect of the video marketing process which requires that we put the ideas we’ve come up with to life. This is the part where our creativity is exhibited and the content we have created will grab your target audience’s attention.

Video Editing

Once the content has been sourced, it’s imperative that the video is effectively edited. If not, it’s possible that your message could be lost in transition. On that note, we have quality editors who will work to ensure the vision for your video is effectively executed. Our goal is to create a video that will leave an impression in the minds of your target audience, we will ensure a high level of creativity as well as quality video editing.

Promotional Videos

We help put together promotional videos that should effectively create awareness about your brand. These videos tend to be catchy and tailored to get the attention of your audience and prompt them into action whether it be following you on social media, visiting your site, or patronising your business.

Animation Videos and Motion Graphics

Incorporating animated videos to help elaborate product specifications more easily and motion graphics are necessary to make your video stand out. If you want an edge, then animation could be the answer to your video qualms.

Video Search Optimisation

A good campaign also incorporates technical aspects of video marketing so that your video can be found through specific search queries online. This would essentially mean ensuring as part of our video marketing services that we effectively implement video search optimisation by using video-related keyword phrases so that it’s visible in search engines.

Why Does Your Business Need a Video Marketing Campaign?

Your business needs a video marketing campaign because video happens to be one of the most effective ways to convey a message to your audience, especially if it’s a relatively complex idea. In addition to this, a video marketing campaign is one of the best ways that you can tell your story in a creative, visual, and exciting way. Seeing as we understand the importance of being able to communicate with your target audience in a language that they understand, our video marketing service aims to ensure we deliver a campaign that will capture your audience’s attention. Thanks to the work we do regarding video SEO, you’d also become more visible online and drive a significant amount of traffic as well.

What Does a Good Video Marketing Campaign Look Like?

A good video marketing campaign should ideally consist of content that speaks directly to the audience it’s targeted at. Ultimately, a good campaign, which is what we will provide, should consist of a powerful message that captures your target audience and is easy to digest.

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