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Free SEO Audit Tool

Our free SEO Audit tool makes it easy to see how your website’s landing page, article, or product description is optimized for a specific keyword or phrase. Our SEO checker is free and easy to use and is perfect for improving your SEO and PPC marketing campaigns.

How to Use Click Intelligence’s SEO Audit Tool

Using our SEO site checker is easy! All you need to do is to input the URL of the page that you want to have checked and the keyword or phrase you are trying to optimize that site for. You can even add a competitor URL for a similar page to see how yours measures up.

Our free SEO report will be sent directly to your email account, and is the perfect place to start a site audit, SEO improvements, or a PPC campaign!

What Our Free SEO Checker Searches For

Our powerful free website audit tool checks your landing page against 50 signifiers. These are the same signifiers that our in-house team of experts would use if you wanted to delve deep into a professional SEO site audit for your entire website.

Not only will you be able to discover how well your chosen keyword or phrase is integrated into your landing page, but you can also learn more about the quality of your website and how you compare to your competitors.

Our free SEO analysis will check your website for content, technical, and user-friendliness. Just a few of the signifiers it will be looking at include:

  • Page Speed
  • Heading and Subheadings
  • Optimization of Images
  • Social Sharing Features
  • Quality of External Links
  • Internal Link Strategy
  • Domain Analysis
  • Page Structure and Hierarchy
  • Link Health
  • Keyword Analysis
  • And more

Why Invest in an SEO Audit?

Our free tool is a great place to start your website audit and will show exactly what you need to improve to see better results both in search engine rankings and in your conversion rates. With your free SEO report, you will be able to:

Know Where Your Problem Areas Lie

Knowing where the problem areas lie is the best and fastest way to fix them. Our checker is one of the best free website tools available, and with over 50 signifiers checked for quality, you can be sure your report is comprehensive and accurate.

See How Your Site Compares to a Competitor

Don’t forget to see how your competitors compare with our on page SEO checker and don’t be thrown if they have more SEO faults than you do. Some companies can get away with a less than optimized site due to their age, reputation, and volume of traffic they receive. They will also likely have a diversified inbound marketing campaign in the works, and while investing in multiple channels is a great strategy, diversifying properly is even better.

Helps Direct Your Efforts

With our free SEO analysis in hand, you can direct your efforts towards real issues. The size of a margin or other nominal issues can unnecessarily take up our attention, whereas, with our website SEO audit, you will know exactly where to focus and what to improve.

Improves SEO and SE Ranking

Improving the areas that are detracting from a decent page ranking is going to boost your ranking immediately. You should also see greater results from your other SEO tactics, like building up your backlink profile.

Next Steps

Now that you have the results of your SEO audit, it’s time to take your next steps:

1.    Understanding Your Report

You will be given a report that outlines the errors found on your page, a list of warnings for problem areas, and as well as an SEO score. Your score will refer to the overall health and quality of your landing page.

2.    Fixing the Issues

Before you work on adding to your page, you will need to fix the issues highlighted in your site. This can be doable for a newer site that only has a few pages, but if you have plenty of pages and a small or non-existent SEO and web development team, you can outsource the work to our in-house team.

3.    Optimizing for SEO

Making the improvements outlined in your report is automatically going to boost your page ranking, but you shouldn’t just rest on your laurels. There is greatness ahead once you invest in a dedicated SEO campaign for your website.

Our search engine optimization services handle everything. From improving your technical SEO to writing optimized and engaging copy that will sell, sell, sell! All improvements are done with the best practices of the day.

Your website’s ranking will improve by fixing the issues outlined in our free SEO audit, and our SEO services can then work on giving your brand lift-off.

4.    Monitor Your Progress

Progress can be monitored with a variety of tools, with one of the best free tools being Google Analytics. You can check in on your progress as well by using our website analyzer to check in on how your site compares to other competitors or against new keywords you have found through demographic and keyword research.

5.    Optimize Your PPC Marketing

It’s a great idea to use our website SEO checker to determine how optimized your landing page is for a specific keyword. Invest in these keywords in a PPC campaign, like with AdWords, and with some luck, great design, and even better content, you should see a huge increase in your conversion rates! Whether that is a sale or a signup will depend on which stage of the buyer’s cycle you are looking to invest in.

Get Started Today

Our SEO page analysis is free to use and offers a quality report; you will have a hard time finding anything like it elsewhere! Get started fixing the issues yourself, or rely on the professional support of our in-house team to make changes, improve your content, and to generally take your website, SEO, and digital marketing to new heights.

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