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Free SEO Audit Tool

At Click Intelligence, we have made it easy for you to have an SEO audit. With our SEO Audit tool, you have the ability to view how your website’s article, product description, or landing page is optimized for a certain phrase or keyword. Not only is our SEO checker free and simple to use, but it’s also ideal for taking your PPC and SEO marketing campaigns to the next level.

How to Use Our SEO Audit Tool

The Click Intelligence SEO Audit tool is effortless to use. Simply find the page you want to check, grab its URL, and input this alongside the keyword/phrase you are attempting to optimize. Note: you can also check a similar competitor URL and see how it measures up against yours.

When the information is entered, you will receive an email with our free SEO report.

What Our SEO Audit Tool Checks For

To show just how powerful our free SEO audit tool is, take into account this stat: it checks each page against over 50 different signifiers. To put this in perspective, our team of in-house experts utilizes the same signifiers when performing a full and comprehensive SEO website audit.

Here are a few examples of the signifiers we use:

  • Page Speed
  • Image Optimization
  • Heading and Subheadings
  • Internal Link Strategy
  • External Link Quality
  • Link Health
  • Page Structure and Hierarchy
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Domain Analysis
  • Social Sharing Features

With so many aspects, you obviously won’t only learn about how well your selected keyword/phrase is implemented into your webpage. You also gain knowledge about the overall quality of your site and how you match up against the competition.

The Reasons to Use an SEO Audit

If you’re not quite convinced about the effectiveness of our free SEO Audit tool, here are a few reasons to consider:

  • Identify your problem areas: What’s the most effective way of correcting your problem areas? By identifying them. Due to the number of signifiers, you can be assured your SEO audit report is accurate, comprehensive, and spotlights your website’s issues.
  • See how you match up against competitors: It’s always wise to see how the competition is performing with their own SEO efforts. Just remember that, even if their website ranks above yours but has more SEO faults, this could be down to everything from age to a more diversified inbound marketing strategy
  • Direct your efforts: Previously, you may have directed your efforts towards theoretical problems on your website, when the time should have been spent on bigger concerns. With our SEO audit, you can identify and truly zone in on your real SEO issues.
  • Improve SEO ranking: Ultimately, you will improve your SEO strategy when you cut out any weak areas on your website.

Taking the Next Steps

You have used our SEO Audit tool and received the results. Now you need to act on the information you’ve gained.

Understand Your Report

To start, you have to gain an understanding of your report. This is made easy thanks to being jargon-free. As for what information is provided, this includes:

  • Identified errors
  • Warnings for problem areas
  • SEO score

The SEO score supplies a general overview of the quality and health of your landing page.

Fix the Issues

With the issues highlighted, now’s the time to correct any errors and problem areas. While this is easy enough for a new website with a small number of pages, it’s a different story if your website is established with many pages. Imagine trying to use our audit tool for each page! In this case, you always have the option of letting our in-house SEO experts take care of the work.

Optimize Your SEO

Correcting the identified issues will automatically supply an SEO boost to your website. Yet you shouldn’t stop there. From producing optimized copy to refining technical SEO aspects, you can start to seriously aim for the first page on Google.

If you need help with this, our SEO services are always available.

Monitor Your Progress

There’s no point in doing all of this work and not analyzing the results. Fortunately, there are various tools available to monitor your progress. One of the best is Google Analytics. You may also use our SEO Audit tool periodically to check how your website is taking shape and how it compares to the competition.

Refine Your PPC Marketing

If your webpage is optimized for a specific keyword, it makes sense to invest in a PPC campaign based around said keyword. If you combine it with excellent content, great design, and a sprinkling of luck, your website could receive a huge bump in conversion rates.

Lets Get Started

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