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What is so important about the headline though, and why should you make sure yours are optimized?

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The Importance of Headlines for Your SEO

What’s the first thing you see when you come to a web page? You certainly can’t see that it’s amazingly well written and answers all your questions just from a glance, so we rely on other things to decide whether to stay on the page. Most often, the first thing people are going to see is the headline, and this is going to help to form that oh so important first impression.

While it’s just a few words, your headline is one of the more important parts of your page and it can sometimes be one of the hardest things to come up with. Luckily, we have a great article headline generator to help you with your content marketing SEO.

What is so important about the headline though, and why should you make sure yours are optimized?

Please the Bots

Part of SEO is about being able to effectively communicate with the search engines what your pages are about.  The search engines want to feature the best content in the results pages, but unless you’re speaking their language, they won’t know that you have the best content.

Keywords play a major part in how the search engines figure out what your pages are about, and you need to be using them in headlines as well as body text. An ineffective headline can seriously impact on your ability to rank well, so it’s important you put careful consideration into the headlines you use.

Attract the People

When you feature on the results pages, you don’t have much space to tell people why your page is better than all the other ones in the list. You’ve got a headline and a small blurb, which means you’ve got a small number of words to earn peoples’ clicks.

This is your chance to earn those precious clicks, so make the most of your ranking by drawing people in with an enticing title. A free article title creator can help you come up with the titles that boost your digital content strategy and get people clicking to your pages.

Increase Time on Page

A key metric in your ability to rank is the amount of time people spend on your page. If people come to your page and leave without spending much time on it, then Google is going to see this as a sign that your content is not that useful and shouldn’t be ranked.

If your headline is appealing though, and it matches up with the content in the first paragraph then people are going to be more likely to stay on your page and read through it. Your headline has the ability to limit the number of people who bounce from your page without interacting with it and get people to stick around and read on.

This is a vital metric in Google’s algorithms, and even a detail like having the right headlines can make a big difference. SEO is about getting the small details right, and headlines are certainly one of those.

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