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When you’re discouraged by your website’s SEO performance – despite investing time, effort and capital into your SEO strategy – it’s useful to run a comprehensive audit to understand where you might be going wrong. The complexity of the SEO world encompasses not only the various Google updates to their search engine algorithms, like Panda and Penguin, but also the fact that the internet is a wide place upon which to market your websites, and mistakes might have been made, or errors inputted, into your website’s SEO tactics.

This blog piece suggests how Click Intelligence can help your website confront these issues comprehensively, with the help of Google Lighthouse.

Why Audit?

It’s always wise to audit your processes from time to time – and this applies to your SEO strategy as well as to your finances and accounting. The benefits of thorough SEO auditing are as follows for your website:

  • You’ll understand where you’re performing well, and where there is room for improvement in your strategy
  • You’ll know where to invest more resources, and where to partner with SEO specialists such as Click Intelligence
  • You’ll be aware of the new regulations and restrictions imposed by Google’s algorithms, and how they undermine your previous SEO efforts
  • You’ll be able to shift your focus onto the areas where you’re performing poorly, addressing the factors that serve to demote your site’s SERPs

With these clear benefits to enjoy, Click Intelligence are at hand to help you run a smart, efficient and comprehensive audit to help you ascertain how and where you might be going wrong with your present SEO strategy, addressing issues immediately in order to boost your Google rankings.

Google Lighthouse

Enter the Google Lighthouse audit – one of the most useful programs to help you with SEO audits, displaying clearly where there is room for the improvements stated above.

Google Lighthouse is an open-source tool provided by Google that helps you audit effectively. It’s a market leader in helping individuals and businesses understand where they might be going wrong, – a valuable resource in your SEO audits strategy. The audit involves five different factors, providing you with a score as to the current effectiveness of your website on five key indicators:

  • Performance
  • Progressive Web App
  • Accessibility
  • Best Practices
  • SEO

By providing you with handy metrics, the Lighthouse suite is one of the most powerful and simple tools to help you quickly locate some of the errors that you may be making in executing your successful SEO strategy. You can use it to measure all five metrics at once, or to hone in on one or two metrics that you feel are most important to develop for your business.

Benefits of Google Lighthouse

The wonderful thing about using Google Lighthouse is that it beams the full glare of its analysis into areas of your web or app management that you may not have paid close attention to in the past. For instance, it’ll recommend how you can increase loading times – by compressing images, or cleaning up your code – in order to get your web users to the content you want them to see faster.

It’s also a great solution to help you audit SEO specifically – and it’s this metric that Click Intelligence are particularly concerned with, as our team will be able to put into action the recommendations from Google Lighthouse immediately, taking the insights it provides and reformatting them in order to conduct a more thorough audit of certain aspects of your current SEO strategy.

Technical Details

SEO can often feel like a difficult process to fully get your head around. The technical details can feel fairly alien even to those who are accustomed to the world of code and computing – and an SEO technical audit may be required to help you understand these minor yet influential details.

Experts at Click Intelligence can help with your technical SEO audit, using some of the high-level insights from Google Spotlight to inform our work. With code, technical details, CSS and JavaScript all part of our understanding of the world of SEO, we’ll be able to untangle the results you’re given by Google Spotlight in order to make profound and positive changes to your website, your web app, and all the content you publish on these platforms as well.

Getting the Most Out of Your SEO Audit

An SEO site audit is your opportunity to conduct a thorough run-down of all the features you’ve included on your web offerings, helping you see what’s worked well, and what’s worked less well in your strategy to date. The site audit will help you address imbalances in your investment, and formulate a strategy going forwards.

Our experts can help you in all stages of this process, from your initial use of Google’s Lighthouse provisions, to putting into action the changes that’ll help you and your website rise above its current SEO performance in order to rise up Google’s rankings. As well as this, it’ll update its processes to accommodate for the updates that Google has implemented in its algorithms.

In order to fully benefit from a website or web app audit, you need the guidance of SEO specialists who have experience in all areas of the internet’s assessment mechanisms – from the technical code through to the surface level user interface. It’s only in this way that you’ll be able to make changes that positively affect your ability to harness the full power of your website, finishing in a position that you deserve in Google’s search results.

Completing Your Audit

On the completion of your audit and the execution of the changes that the audit brings about in your strategy, you can expect to:

  • Finish higher in Google’s search results
  • Bring in more web traffic – and sales – to your website and business
  • Remove all the negative aspects and practices that had once demoted your site in the eyes of Google’s algorithms
  • Add new strategies to further boost your website’s performance and loading time, keeping web users and traffic pinned to your website

With these benefits within your grasp, partnering with our SEO experts at Click Intelligence, and our team of experts in the field of SEO and Google products, will help you map your way towards a more effective SEO strategy that better reflects your website’s provisions and helps you move up in the SERPs to achieve a top position for your business.

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