How to Build a Conversion Funnel

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Sales funnels map the consumer journey from the very beginning to the end of the sales line, which will hopefully be a conversion into a sale for your business. Building a conversion or sales funnel means knowing precisely what to do to make your customer’s journey positive and effective enough for them to want to convert into a paying customer. With conversion funnels, you want to do everything you can to gain as much visitor traffic as possible and gain as many prospective leads as possible to build your business list.

Here, we explore how first to set up a sales funnel and how to build effective sales funnels which always convert.

What are the Key Components of a Sales Funnel?

It’s easiest to think of a sales funnel as three vital steps: traffic, leads, and sales. Keeping these three key areas in mind means you can more easily break down each step into achieving precisely what you need to do for each.

How to Make a Sales Funnel

Successfully setting up a sales funnel can feel overwhelming for new businesses or anyone who hasn’t tried to create one before. However, with forward planning, the right steps, and understanding what to do when designing a sales funnel, you can achieve one which works to convert.

The Main Steps of Website Funnel Building

  • Initially, as with any marketing tactic, you’re looking to draw the attention of your consumers. That means understanding what they are looking for, and catering the first part of your sales funnel towards that, to pique their interest. Therefore, even though this is a component of a sales funnel overall, it isn’t about making a sale just yet — it’s simply about increasing your brand awareness.
  • The next step after making visitors aware that you exist is making them stick around. You want this interest to convert into substantial interaction, which means gaining traffic to your website or landing page and allowing them to view in more detail what you have to offer as a business. This is the key middle step of your sales funnel, as it will be the deciding factor for consumers deciding whether to walk away or proceed to the next step.

With this in mind, you need to consider the sort of tailored content that will help them stick around. You should create campaigns, offers, and targeted content, which will help them understand that your business is the one they want to interact with.

  • The last step is then converting all this interest and attention into a valuable sale. This means that your conversion funnel’s final stage now needs to switch to selling techniques rather than content creation. At this step, you need to tailor precisely for your customer’s needs to convince them to sell. You need to show them what is on offer most clearly and easily, as you don’t want any problems or difficulties in using your site or brand to put them off when you’ve managed to guide them this far through the sales funnel process.

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Quick Tips

Now that you have the general basics of each step of the conversion funnel you need for your business, here are some quick tips to ensure that you know what you need to be doing through the entire conversion funnel process.

  • Create tailored landing pages
  • Create informative content
  • Concentrate on key words and user behavior to more effectively create content
  • Drive key traffic to your site or landing pages
  • Take advantage of paid advertising to drive further traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Use social media to drive more traffic
  • Empower your content marketing as much as possible. This is key for the sales funnel process, as it means your content will always be relevant to the visitor and help them to stay with you along the journey and move to the end of the funnel

How to Use Sales Funnel Concepts Effectively

You may wonder how vital using a sales funnel actually is, but there are many great benefits for your business when designing conversion funnels. These include:

  • Gain interest and, therefore, traffic in what your business is offering
  • Increase brand awareness and better promote your product or service
  • Inform, entertain and educate your target market for better results
  • Gain better leads and better results
  • Gain as many final purchases as possible

Using an effective DIY sales funnel can be easy when you understand precisely what you need to do to gain your target market’s interest and best promote what you have to offer.

Contact Click Intelligence for further information or advice on content and marketing for an effective sales funnel process.

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