How to Create High Converting Mobile Landing Pages

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Mobile and smart tech has fast become a consumer’s go-to method of browsing, especially on the go. This means that all businesses need to strive to ensure that all content is tailored for mobiles — and this includes creating mobile-specific landing pages that always convert.

Even Google understands the importance of successful mobile browsing, which means you need to satisfy both your consumer’s need for a mobile-friendly website and Google’s and be ranked more successfully and be rewarded for valuable mobile landing pages.

Nevertheless, simply creating user-friendly and informative mobile landing pages isn’t enough. You then need to make sure that you’re converting your visitors, too. With higher conversions, you can make sure that your mobile landing pages are always worth your time and effort.

How to Make a Mobile Landing Page

Creating a successful mobile landing page demands more from you than a normal desktop landing page would. This is because, due to a mobile’s smaller screen size and capabilities, you need to succinctly fit in key points and make a substantial impression in a shorter space of time (and a shorter screen size).

This, first and foremost, means neat design. Mobile landing page optimization needs to include an effective design that fits all text, images, and tabs appropriately and clearly. Nothing frustrates a mobile user more than a web page that won’t correctly load or has information cut off or missing due to a smaller screen.

What Should a Mobile Landing Page Include?

To increase your landing page’s chances of having high conversion rates, you need to ensure that it ticks all the following boxes.

  1. A Clearly Communicated Message

Mobile browsing depends on scrolling through limited amounts of information at a time. This means that you need to ensure that you’re grabbing the right attention on the first screen because you can never depend on your mobile user to be willing to scroll through all the pages before they click away. This means your message and reason for the landing page needs to be communicated clearly from the get-go.

This entails knowing why your visitor has landed on your specific mobile page. Knowing why means you can directly implement keywords and the right content on the first batch of information shown on screen.

  1. Consideration with Forms

If you want to include a splash page that requests information, think about the amount of information a mobile user is willing to input. You cannot easily fill out forms in the same way you can on a desktop. So, stick with being considerate and only ask for one or two pieces of information, such as simply an email address. You can ask for more later.

  1. Effective Design

Good design doesn’t mean including as much as possible to dazzle your mobile visitor. Mobile design requires much less because you don’t want anything to affect the screen capabilities, the loading time, or the ability to display information clearly on a small screen. Mobile landing page UI design needs to present a good image and an attractive look and feel for the user. Aesthetics are key, but so can mobile pages load quickly, so make sure the mobile landing page specs are up to scratch.

  1. Keep It Simple

Don’t try to do too much. You’ll have more success with mobile landing page conversions if you have one clear call to action, displayed easily and attractively. Don’t try to encourage too many clicks or request too much effort from your user.

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Using Mobile Splash Pages

Having a good mobile splash page design is fundamental if you want to encourage better conversions. Splash pages serve as introductory pages to mobile landing sites so that you can use these to your advantage. You can request the user’s email address to view content, use it as an opportunity to promote a product or deal further or use it for any other relevant call to action.

Splash page design should be clear, concise, and eye-catching to work effectively.


As with anything online, you need to make sure that the design is tailored for the experience, looks professional, and works as it should. If in doubt with mobile landing pages, give them a test run by loading the page from a customer’s point of view and imagine how you would feel presented with the information in the way it’s presented.

Mobile ad landing pages should always have a clear call to action. A mobile lead generation landing page needs to request information such as email addresses to substantially build your leads.

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