How To Deliver White Label SEO Audits

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A significant part of the SEO process for any company is starting with an SEO audit. If you’re already offering this marketing service or planning to in the future, it’s good to get a basic understanding of what it entails.

SEO audits can often sound complicated. However, with the range of simple and detailed reports on the market, it’s crucial to find a happy medium to ensure you deliver the best service to your clients.

Audits often come in three types including:

  • Free SEO audits to help win new business
  • A stand-alone service such as a paid discovery audit
  • On-going campaigns that have regular audits and monitoring

To conduct these types of SEO audits, you can either use software or manual white label services.

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Important factors an SEO audit should include

When you carry out an SEO audit, there are many factors that should be delivered to monitor progress and opportunity for your website. These include looking at current performance, content, technical aspects, and link profile, plus many other areas.

While no two audits are the same, they should deliver findings relevant to your requirements.

Let’s take a look at the types of audit in more detail:

Free SEO audits

Offering a free SEO audit trial can be a good foot in the door approach to winning new clients. While these audits are not extensive, they provide an overview of the data without the technical jargon that often comes with it.

The important thing with this offering is to provide value to the customer. They’ll instantly see if you’ve disguised this freebie with a proposal and are unlikely to convert to a paying customer if it feels forced. Similarly, if the audit provides a mishmash of technical language that is hard to understand and has no context, they’ll likely switch off.

A free SEO audit that can offer value but can be expanded in a way that adds extra value is essential to win those leads.

Paid discovery SEO audits

This type of SEO audit is always hotly debated in the marketing world on whether it should be paid or free. In any case, the quality should be the same, whether it’s paid or not, as you can recoup the cost later on once you win the client.

Paid discovery audits should certainly provide value as companies are paying for them. Plus, they need to be well designed to ensure you make a good impression. Audits after this point may look different, as they will focus on other things and specific areas. However, this initial audit is the basis of your start to a campaign and on-boarding month. It needs to reflect the impression that your agency will set for the rest of the project.

When it comes to conducting an SEO audit, there are two types of processes – using software or manual auditing. So what is the difference?

White label SEO audit software

SEO audit software is a great way to speed up the audit process, and there are tons of options available for digital marketing agencies. However, relying on software alone can create some grey areas when it comes to results and intent.

There are many SEO audit tools to choose from, and they will give you a range of resources to conduct ‘health’ checks of a website. Some programs enable you to create branded reports, which streamline white label SEO audits to your clients.

Manual SEO audits

It’s no surprise that manual SEO audits are time-consuming. However, they can help you really understand the client in order to deliver the best strategy. If you choose to use a white label SEO provider, they will take care of this for you and comprise the best solutions for your client.

The perfect balance

One of the best ways to deliver white label SEO audits is to harness both software and manual techniques. A white label provider is the best way to do this, as they have SEO strategists that look at the data and then use this to delve deeper into the client information to understand and implement the best strategy. This know-how and streamlined reporting enable you to bring tailored services to your customers without hiring extra personnel and resources.

White label partners can get free SEO audits that help deliver successful campaigns for your clients. It’s an ideal opportunity to open up another package offering for your digital marketing agency and provide an excellent service alongside your current clients and projects.

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