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One of the most important features in your SEO strategy is to include high-quality backlinks – between your website and that of another reputable and relevant site – in order to enhance your search engine results pages (SERPs) positioning. If you’ve nailed your backlinks, you’ll have a far greater chance of appearing high in Google’s search results; poor backlinks, meanwhile, can actually serve to demote your website, leaving it in a lower position than if it had no links whatsoever.

To optimize your backlink strategy, a thorough audit and indexing process will help you to make smart decisions to improve your search engine performance.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a hyperlink that sits on another organization or individual’s website and links to your own. This might seem like a positive situation – after all, it’ll bring your website new traffic if web users follow the link, and there are SEO benefits to having your website linked to from unrelated URLs.

While all this may be true in theory, in practice it’s a little more complex. For instance, if the site you’re connected to via a backlink is ranked poorly by Google, this link can actually serve to damage the positioning of your website in search engine results pages. As such, you need to be both aware of the structure of your backlink matrix – where the sites that link to yours are located – and able to quash damaging backlinks when they arise – something the Click Intelligence Team are at hand to help you with.

Why Backlink?

Backlinks are not only useful hyperlinks for web users to follow to find relevant and high-quality content linked to your page – they’re signs you present to Google algorithms that your website is trustworthy, and therefore worth showing higher in the search engine’s results pages. Without backlinks, you’re unlikely to impress these algorithms, but with poor backlinks, you may actually make your website’s ranking lower. Poor backlinks might include:

  • Links to irrelevant material: if your website deals with carpentry and you link to a scuba diving site, you’re not generating value from your backlink
  • Links to poor-quality websites: you need to make sure every backlink is to a reputable, respected and – in many cases – Web 2.0 website
  • Links to low-ranked sites: some links to harvested websites, phishing, spam or pornographic sites are deemed extremely poor quality
  • Links that are not indexed: if you make hyperlinks but you fail to index them thoroughly, you’ll be wasting your effort as Google won’t recognize the links

Avoid, at all costs, these types of backlinks if you wish to make the most out of your hyperlinked website, linking only to high-quality, high-ranked sites and making sure the content that you link to is relevant and professional. Finally, you’ll need to index your backlinks to ensure they’re displayed and clear for Google’s algorithms to work their magic on them.

Understanding Your Backlinks

So, as a website with content that’s been consciously optimized to improve your SERPs, you’ll already have some backlinks on other sites that you feel are of high quality – likely, you believe, to generate a higher position on Google’s search results. But the only way to truly be appreciative of the SEO advantages of the particular links that you’ve inserted is to assess your backlink through an audit and analysis process.

To conduct a backlink analysis, you’ll first need to conduct a backlink audit. The Click Intelligence Team are at hand to conduct this audit for you in order to ensure that you’re operating in an effective, efficient and optimal manner with your backlinks.

As you’d expect, backlink audits involve our team tracing (or ‘crawling’) through each page that backlinks to your website in order to find all the links that Google analyses, and to follow these links in order to understand the blueprint of all the websites that link up to yours. There are many benefits to conducting an audit such as this every now and then, including:

  • Ensuring that all links are complete – and not ‘broken’ or faulty in some way
  • Ensuring that all the sites linked to are still operational
  • Ensuring that each link is from a high-reputation website, rather than a poor-quality site
  • Being careful to optimize your backlinks for relevance and quality at all times

When conducting a backlink audit, it’s important to keep track of the pages that you audit for backlinks so that you can avoid repeating them. You may find mistakes that have been damaging your search results listings, and displaying you as a worse-quality site than you happen to be. Our team are experienced in conducting this kind of comprehensive audit for you.

Indexing Your Backlinks

When you look through your backlinks, you shouldn’t only be concerned by the quality of the links and the appearance of the websites you link to – you should also bear in mind that your backlink audit should take into account the indexing of your backlinks.

Indexing is a simple process for the specialists – such as OneHourIndexing – but it’s a difficult part of the backlink audit process to get right on your own. OneHourIndexing have fully automated this process – something that’s extremely laborious for humans to do manually – which means that you’ll save a great deal of labor by simply outsourcing this part of the process to the experts.

Since the introduction of new Google systems for backlink analysis has become a regular disruption to the SEO space – with Panda and Penguin updates particularly irksome for those pages and providers that tailored their links to previous optimization techniques – it’s become incredibly important to backlink effectively both on the first time of asking, and through backlink indexing that shows the spidering of your links over time, and allows you to change those which are ineffective due to the changed state of play encouraged by Google’s updates.

It’s worth noting that there are several trusted providers of backlink indexing on the internet, though OneHourIndexing are seen as some of the best, most efficient and best-value providers in the industry – through they keep their automation secrets close to their chest.

Getting Your Backlinks Indexed

This is the aim of your strategy regarding your backlinks – understanding where your site is drawing in backlinks from across the infinite space of the world wide web. Click Intelligence are experienced in finding the right programs to run your URL through, and tagging your links when they appear. From this point, we’ll be able to help you judge the benefits of the links that follow on to your site, and make a decision as to which websites to contact with requests that they remove links to your website from their pages.

Meanwhile, Click Intelligence will also send Google a request to reassess the links leading to your site in the aftermath of both your audit and the actions that you take in the wake of your indexing – leading you to a higher performance in Google’s search results in as little time as possible. This might provide the crux of your SEO strategy, if you’ve covered all other bases in order to rank your website as highly as possible in the eyes of Google’s algorithms. With backlink actions complete, you’ll be able to enjoy the web traffic and resultant custom that your website deserves.

What’s The Aim?

With so much happening in the world of SEO and online marketing, it can be difficult to fully understand just what’s happening to your website – and, more importantly, why it’s happening. The Click Intelligence Team will help you understand why this is a highly important process for your business’ website – but here it’s simple to draw out the most basic reasons why backlink audits, analysis and optimization are all important parts of your SEO strategy moving forwards.

  • A successful backlink audit will bring your website up to date with current Google standards in order to boost your SEO ranking
  • You’ll be able to understand why certain websites have set up backlinks to yours, and why they might have done so
  • You’ll be able to appreciate the partnership relationships you’ve set up in order to co-market your site with other relevant non-competitive partners
  • You’ll be able to contact websites with backlinks to your own, asking them to remove the link they have in place if it’s damaging your SERPs

Why is it Important?

The problem with backlinks – and the reason why you should conduct a thorough audit, analysis and reconfiguration of your backlinks – is that they can undo all of the hard work you’ve put into successfully and convincingly marketing your website. With the help of the Click Intelligence Team, you’ll be able to understand where your website excels in SEO, and where it falls down – and perhaps the most invisible of the negative influences on your website arises when you’ve not considered your backlinks.

As such, backlink analysis and link audits are an essential part of your overall strategy to boost your SEO ranking and land your website at the top and on the first page of Google’s search results. It could be that one or two poor backlinks are preventing this – and the Click Intelligence Team, with the help of useful programs that help us make a full and comprehensive audit, will be able to tease out these nuances.

Future-Facing Backlinks

Now that you’re taking control of your backlink profile, it’s time to consider the future. You want your website to only possess backlinks that are genuinely constructive and useful for your own SEO ranking – if they’re not, you’re simply losing out on custom through your association with another site that’s ranked lower than yours. Your strategy, going forwards – and, again, assisted by Click Intelligence experts – will be only to forge these links with websites that you can trust to boost your ranking in Google’s results pages.

One of the many ways in which you can ensure that your backlinks are constructive is to publish your own content regularly. Specifically content that links to the services and products that you provide. As such, you’ll have content that reputable sites are looking to link to in order to further explain and expand upon the points made on their own website.

Furthermore, successful backlink strategies often make use of the benefits of affiliate marketing in order to build relationships between your website and other high-performing sites that wish to link to yours. In this way, you’ll be improving the links that Google witnesses before ranking your website for web users to discover.

Enjoy the Benefits

Backlinks can be useful, or they can be disastrous for your ranking on Google’s search results. Without the help of specialists who are aware of the intricacies of the Google algorithmic process that leads companies to be displayed at a level determined by multiple factors, you’ll be left in the dark as to why other websites finish above your own even when they appear less relevant and less professional.

By partnering with Click Intelligence, you’ll be paving the way to your successful unpicking of the issues related to backlinks that the negative ways in which they can affect your business. We’ll guide you through the processes we use, and the logic that we deploy, in order to find each and every backlink spread across the internet with your URL. We’ll then show you how certain websites are good for your SEO ranking, while it’s likely that many others are in fact demoting your URL in the search results of Google’s pages. It’s only with these valuable insights that you’ll be able to remap your relationship with the websites around you, thus boosting your SERPs for the months and years to come.

Making changes to your backlinks can feel like a laborious and unfinished process of crawling through the internet in search of answers. But, by partnering with Click Intelligence and our team of specially-trained experts, you’ll be able to leave this task with the professionals. We’ll return with a full audit and analysis – an index of where your site features across the web – from which you can build your future SEO success.

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