How to Improve Your AdWords Campaign

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So, you’ve been given your free AdWords credit but you’re not sure what to do with it? Or maybe you’ve been let loose with the marketing budget and now is the time to make a good impression with the boss? With that in, mind you may be wondering, ‘how to improve my AdWords campaign’?

Google AdWords PPC advertising can have a dramatic effect on your business and your click-through rate, but only if it’s set up properly, and even then, a few extra tweaks can take your campaign from ok to really working for you!

Getting the Keywords Right

Keywords matter. That much everyone knows, but how MUCH do they matter, and how much does tweaking your keywords really make a difference?

Picking the right keywords is not just about stuffing your advert with as many related keywords as possible, but rather deciding what you want your user to do. It’s like a perfect marriage between advertising and great content.

Ideally, you want your user to have a reason to click on your advert more than just buying your product. The reason for this is that people buy people, and people are more likely to click on something interesting than something salesy.

Here’s an example.

If you want to sell puppy training classes, your keyword might be “puppy training classes”. That’s quite broad, but we’ll stick with it. Your content might be, “Are puppy training classes right for me?” or “can puppy training classes help with chewing?”

With each of these queries, your user is expecting to learn something, get an answer, and hopefully then book puppy training classes with you because your content is so good.

Get Your Matching Right

One of the most important things to learn when you’re figuring out how to improve campaign performance is that there are three types of keyword match: Exact Match, Phrase Match, and Broad Match. It pays to know the difference between these!

There are many reasons for deciding on each one, but in very simple overview terms, Exact Match is probably the option you’ll want to go for if you are a new AdWords user and/or your budget is quite small.

Broad Match tends to generate a lot of clicks but not as many conversions because it can include many border search terms (it’s good for brand awareness). Phrase Match is like a happy medium between the two, including your keyword within related searches.

Let Google Do the Work for You

Let’s be cynical for a moment. If you’re wondering how to improve your AdWords campaign or how to optimize campaign performance, you need to remember one key detail: Google wants you to continue to spend money with them and they want users to get the right ads so they click.

With that in mind, let Google do the work for you. Study your analytics, connect your AdWords account to your Google Analytics, follow all of Google’s training, and install the pixels on your website.

Just these simple things will have your campaign flying in no adwords stats

Google wants your campaign to do well so that you will continue to pay for PPC advertising. It makes sense that they will give you the tools to help answer the question of ‘how to improve a campaign?’, but you need to jump in with both feet and take the training options, read the help manuals, and take note of what Google is saying when it comes to AdWords performance.

Summing Up

Getting your AdWords campaign off the ground can be as easy as a few clicks and you’re done, but it’s tweaking your campaign for the best performance that really makes a difference here. Your AdWords campaign will only be as good as the effort you have put into it. If you’re looking to improve your campaign, you’ll need to really understand your user’s intent, your own intent, and how your user is thinking.

There are many ways to do that, from conversion tracking, tracking pixels, keyword analysis, persona marketing, split testing, etc. It’s a good idea to use your free credit to really experiment with what works and what doesn’t work so that when you’re ready to use real money on your PPC campaigns you’ll already have a good idea of what might work for you.

Building a campaign can be easy, but if you’re not campaign-minded it can seem very daunting. Here at Click Intelligence, we have a long history of building successful PPC campaigns using Google AdWords, feel free to drop us a message to find out how we can help your campaign go from zero to hero in no time.

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