Keyword Gap Analysis Tool
Keyword Gap Analysis

One of the more interesting and productive elements of the keyword research process is key-word gap analysis. This is the process of comparing your target keywords against the target keywords of your organic ranking competitors.

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    The SEO Advantages of Keyword Gap Analysis

    Keyword gap analysis might be something of a mystery to keyword research newcomers. However, this form of analysis is one of the most productive and intriguing aspects of the entire process.

    So, what is it? Well, keyword gap analysis is where you take your current target keywords and compare these against your ranking competitors’ target keywords. The difference between the two is where the ‘keyword gap’ name originates from.

    The reason for doing a keyword gap analysis is simple: you can gain an insight into the competition and the different phrases/terms they are ranking for in Google searches. This then gives you the opportunity to uncover new target keywords that have the potential to attract more organic visitors to your website.

    Identifying Your Ranking Competitors

    Before you can perform a keyword gap analysis, you need to know who you’re up against in terms of your ranking competitors. Fortunately, this is easy. Simply perform a few relevant searches with your keywords and find businesses that are in the same field as you. When doing this, make sure you select websites that rank ahead of you in areas relevant to your SEO strategy.

    When you have built up a healthy list of ranking competitors, you can jump into the keyword gap analysis process. There are two ways to do this part on your own. The much more laborious option is to manually examine the competition’s websites in the hope of spotting potential target keywords. The recommended route, however, is to simply use one of the various specialist online tools readily available.

    Following the analysis, you should be armed with an assortment of valuable keywords. Now it’s time to put this data into action for your own marketing campaign.

    Upgrade Your Guest Blogging Strategy with Keyword Gap Analysis

    If done correctly, guest blogging can be a seriously effective tactic for boosting your SEO.

    What you have to avoid are poorly written posts full of grammatical errors and fluff, and that are clearly engineered to only receive an SEO advantage – aka they have no worth to the reader. It’s also important your content isn’t placed on any untrustworthy blogs, as this could do more harm than good for your inbound link profile.

    If you receive assistance from a specialist content creation agency, you can quickly build up a list of high-quality backlinks. The agency will produce professional content in volume and post it across a range of dependable, relevant websites with a high Domain Authority.

    You may decide to go it alone when reaching out to established blogs or websites. While you might think they’ll readily accept any free content that’s offered to them, this is rarely the case. You need to show off your writing capability and how your content will be relevant for their audience. Regarding the latter, and to help identify the right guest blogging target, you could even perform a keyword gap analysis!

    How Keyword Gap Analysis Improves Your Organic SEO Campaigns

    Of course, one of the main reasons to perform a keyword gap analysis is to acquire new target terms that can be implemented on your website. You could already have well-written landing pages that are loaded with a mixture of keywords, but there’s always room for more if they can be added organically. This is particularly the case if you discover valuable keywords being used by your competitors. All of a sudden, your business can start showing up in more relevant searches and be found by targeted customers.

    As the name implies, keyword gap analysis lets you look at the existing gaps in your current list of target keywords and uncover new, beneficial opportunities for your business.

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