Keyword Volume Tool
Keyword Volume Tool

Our Keyword Volume Checker Tool tells you everything you need about the keywords that matter to you. Simply enter the keywords in the box and hit the button to begin your search volume check.

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    Use our Keyword Volume Checker Tool to help you get to grips with the keywords and phrases that you’re most interested in. It’s completely free and because you can search up to twenty at a time, it’s the perfect way to come to terms with dozens of your most important keywords in one simple search. Begin that journey today by keying in your keywords into our helpful tool.

    Keyword Research

    For anyone working in the online space, keyword research is a hugely important way to understand how web users navigate the internet. The results from our keyword tool help you understand where your clicks are generated and where you can create more of them in the future.

    Traffic isn’t everything, of course: you’re also looking for relevant web users who belong to one of your target demographics. Keyword research will help you whittle down the visitors who come to your website, ensuring you’re increasing the percentage of visitors who perform a purchase with you over time.

    How Keyword Research Helps

    Researching keywords is your very first stage in choosing the type of web user who comes to your website. Why? Because the keywords that our tool reveals are important for your business and can be worked into your advertising, your blog posts, and the text on your website. That way, your brand is presented more frequently in Google’s search results to consumers looking for a business like yours.

    The Volume Tool

    The tool that we offer is a great way to get started with changing your keyword strategy. By searching by keyword volume, you’ll begin to build an understanding of how popular certain search terms are — calculated as an average of searches over the previous 12 months.

    Remember that your keyword research is all about teasing out the most important keywords for your business and then using your findings to inform your content strategy going forward. As such, you’re looking for the keywords that will be most helpful to align yourself with in order to get relevant web users onto your website.

    How to Use Our Keyword Volume Tool

    Using our tool is remarkably simple. But you do need to do a little thinking before you start keying in your search terms and letting our tool do the heavy lifting for you. Here’s how you’ll use our keyword volume tool:

    1. Draw up a list of the kind of search terms and phrases that you think web users will most likely use if they’re looking for products or services related to your website.
    2. Whittle this list down to the 20 you feel are most relevant. You can always search the others later.
    3. Paste each of your search terms into our tool, and click to search.
    4. Your results will show the search volume in the past month for those search terms, as well as a competition result. This competition marker will show how hotly contested certain keywords are. The more competition, the more work you’ll have to do to command that keyword.

    Using Your Results

    Now that you’ve got some results, it’s time to select the keywords that you feel you need to build into your brand’s approach to online text. Make sure that the search volume is comparatively high and the competitiveness of the keyword is relatively low. This represents the low-hanging fruit, the easy wins that you’ll be able to make in order to begin drawing in that all-important relevant traffic to your website.

    Sound easy? Then it’s time to give your keyword research a try. Follow the steps above and finish up with around five keywords that you want to target within the text of your website. Next, you’ll need to embark upon a content marketing strategy, something we at Click Intelligence can help you to perform.

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