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Click Intelligence is happy to offer high-quality resource link building packages like no other. With our team’s expert knowledge, cutting-edge tools and techniques, we have links galore for all your resource page link building and SEO needs. By working with us, you will get resource page link building packages that give you results, not penalties.

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    What’s the importance of link building?

    Good quality link building is a digital marketing strategy that gets web pages to link to one another in an organic way. This is done through hyperlinks from a third party website to your own – and vice versa.

    Acquiring these links, however, is a lot more difficult than it sounds. You need to network and build connections through blogger outreach; what’s more, you typically have to offer the blogger something in return. All this is worth it, though.

    Link building has a whole host of benefits, such as:

    • Increased visibility
    • Traffic from websites linked to yours
    • Being viewed as a valuable resource, improving the ranking of your website
    • Faster indexing
    • Being the foundation of a good SEO campaign

    There are rules, however, when it comes to doing link building properly and correctly, especially when it comes to landing a resource page link.

    Resource Link Building Benefits

    A link building campaign has many advantages, as we’ve highlighted, but what benefits will you gain from purchasing our resource link building package? The good news for you is there are a lot of benefits that you can make the most of!

    Relevant and High-quality Backlinks

    When trying to climb the ranks of Google, there is going to be one key element you need: relevant and high-quality backlinks. This is precisely what you will receive when you opt for our link building package. All the links we produce for you will add value, trust, and authority, bringing back results that matter.

    Increase the Authority of Your Site

    With our resource link building approach, we will unlock opportunities that will allow you to benefit from link diversity, by posting these relevant and high-quality backlinks on high authority sites, such as .edu and .gov. Using these sites will then, in turn, help boost your authority.

    A More Personal Experience for Outreach

    There is one crucial stage of any link building campaign: the outreach process. We take care of the hard work for you, building up the relationships with the sites of authority, and finding the sites that are most relevant to you. This bespoke approach means that high-quality and customised service is always at the forefront.

    Links that Last

    We won’t try to get quick wins or use dodgy tactics that will harm your ranking. We believe in investing in the long-term; it is our goal to provide you with results that will continue to make a difference long into the future. What this means is you will benefit from links that will last. We use authoritative and high-quality sites that won’t merely archive your page in months down the line.

    Your Content Will Make You Look Great

    What is one of the best ways to climb the ranks of Google? Show that your content fits their E.A.T requirements, yes, but also that it inspires, helps, and engages your readers. You will gain all this and more with resource link building. With content that has been expertly crafted, whether this is evergreen, long-form, or short, we can display you as an industry expert.

    Take a leap forward

    Link building is not easy – let alone resource link building. Therefore, one of the best advantages of seeking our help is that you will be able to get ahead of your competitors. With our help, dedication, and relationships with external sites, you can build up more link diversity, add more authority to your name, and, best of all, climb the ranks.

    Your investment

    With this packaging offering even more benefits than your standard link building campaigns, you might be wondering how much this is going to cost you. While there isn’t a set price, it is important to know that it isn’t cheap. For content creation, it will cost between £1000-£4000, depending on the agreed link strategy.

    However, the investment you make in this will reward you with numerous benefits. It is not one of those cases in which you get what you pay for. In this regard, you get more than what you pay for, which is a bonus in itself.

    Therefore, if you are interested in working with us, get in touch today! We want you to benefit from our services.

    We have many packages available in a variety of prices, with the lowest (and minimum package) being 5 links. If you need more, we offer packages as big as 20 links! Of course, speak with one of our team members if you need any more information on the pricing and what each service pack includes.

    Our service packs are as follows:

    Link Package Options$£

    Want more info? Contact us!

    We understand that this is a huge investment, which is why we are more than happy for you to contact us for more information on how this could help your business and the resource page backlinks we can provide you and your company. Our team of digital marketing and content experts are more than happy to have a chat with you – contact us today!

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