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Click Intelligence is happy to offer high-quality resource link building packages like no other. With our team’s expert knowledge, cutting-edge tools and techniques, we have links galore for all your resource page link building and SEO needs. By working with us, you will get resource page link building packages that give you results, not penalties.

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What’s the importance of link building?

Good quality link building is a digital marketing strategy that gets web pages to link to one another in an organic way. This is done through hyperlinks from a third party website to your own – and vice versa.

Acquiring these links, however, is a lot more difficult than it sounds. You need to network and build connections through blogger outreach; what’s more, you typically have to offer the blogger something in return. All this is worth it, though.

Link building has a whole host of benefits, such as:

  • Increased visibility
  • Traffic from websites linked to yours
  • Being viewed as a valuable resource, improving the ranking of your website
  • Faster indexing
  • Being the foundation of a good SEO campaign

There are rules, however, when it comes to doing link building properly and correctly, especially when it comes to landing a resource page link.

How is resource link building different?

There’s not much difference when it comes to resource link building. You are simply getting your website included on the pages as one of the resources. This is where the resource backlinks packages come into play.

What’s makes a good resource link?

Firstly, link building is not about how many links you can get linking to your website. While this used to be the case, nowadays it will only harm your business’s credibility and alert Google of poor, unfriendly link building practices. All links to and from your website need to be relevant, reputable, and high-quality.

This is why getting a link from a resource page is so ideal. Resource pages are seen as extremely credible, and with such credibility linking to and from your content/website, you have a greater likelihood of people seeing your link and clicking through to your website. Resource page backlinks are valuable and a great asset, especially for Edu link building and scholarship Edu link building.

What makes resource pages so credible?

The sole purpose of a resource page is to be helpful. They are created so that people can find answers to their questions, as well as guidance. The content has been written to be truthful and without any ulterior motive. Therefore, people are more inclined to trust the content and any links that are on the resource page.

A resource page’s credibility is only improved when you consider that they are created by respected people or organizations like Harvard University or Forbes. Resources pages will typically feature big names, and for your business to be connected and associated with them, your business’s credibility should soar exponentially.

How does our resource link building service work?

It’s quite simple, really. Contact us and we can take you through the resource backlinks service and how our resource link building packages can help your business. Like all link building, you need to find resource pages and website owners who create the content and reach out to them.

Building a rapport with the content creator will make it easier to get the link, but blogger outreach is a difficult and time-consuming process for businesses to do properly. At Click Intelligence, we can combine and utilize our blogger outreach and resource link building services so that your website can get the best links and connections.

To use our resource pages link building services, you will need to buy a minimum of 5 links. All links will have been quality checked, ready to give you the best results. Once you contact us and get the ball rolling, you can expect a quick 60 day turnaround.

What is our pricing?

We have many packages available in a variety of prices, with the lowest (and minimum package) being 5 links. If you need more, we offer packages as big as 20 links! Of course, speak with one of our team members if you need any more information on the pricing and what each service pack includes.

Our service packs are as follows:

Service Pack$£
5 links$2,500£1,950
10 links$5,000£3,900
15 links$7,500£5,850
20 links$10,000£7,800

Want more info? Contact us!

We understand that this is a huge investment, which is why we are more than happy for you to contact us for more information on how this could help your business and the resource page backlinks we can provide you and your company. Our team of digital marketing and content experts are more than happy to have a chat with you – contact us today!

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