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Do you run a local business? If you do, you should be aware of Local Search Engine Optimization or Local SEO. This is a highly effective and efficient way for local businesses to market themselves online, as it helps you to promote your products and services to local people who are looking for them.

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    Local businesses still need to be online – searchable by local people – to be found and traded with. Our handy Local SEO Tool puts you clearly on the map when consumers search for products or services in your area, helping propel you into the search results listings of your most important customers and clients.

    Let’s take a look at why you should use our free tool and how this simple online tool will help you shape your local business’ trade online.

    Local Searches

    Research has shown that some 46% of all web searches have local intent on Google. What does this mean? Well, it means that those making these searches aren’t just searching for a product or a service — they’re specifying that they’re looking in your local area.

    This cues Google’s algorithms to recognize that it’s local businesses that the web user is searching for, and the search engine will return results matching this local intent. As a local business, you need to be sure that you’re coming up time and again when people are searching for firms like yours in your area. Here’s how.

    Using Our Tool

    Our tool is marvelously simple to use and will give you an accurate impression of how your business is listed across the internet. All you have to do is enter your relevant business details such as the name, the address and the phone number and allow our tool to perform a scan across the internet for matching posts and listings.

    Some of the bigger websites that you’ll be listed on include Facebook and Yelp, but there are hundreds of business listings websites that you should hope to feature on. Our tool will return to you a score showing how well your business is listed online.

    Interpreting Your Score

    A high rating means that your business is well-listed in a correct fashion across multiple sites. A low score represents the opposite findings: it indicates that your business is difficult to find, poorly listed, and the listings themselves may feature mistakes. Low ratings reflect the fact that Google will be demoting your local business on its search results pages. A correctly-listed and high-rated site, as proven by our tool, will be boosted by Google’s algorithms.

    Improving Your Score

    Unfortunately, many local businesses don’t have a particularly high score. This is typical of those businesses that have not invested very much in their digital marketing strategies and this issue may have been invisible to you for some time, draining you of the business you need to profit and grow.

    Happily, with the help of experts at Click Intelligence, you can begin to build up your listings across the internet, which will have a direct impact on the number of clicks you’re generating when someone searches for your business in your area. This is the area in which you’ll take the advantage over your local competitors: by being listed correctly on all of the important business listing sites, you’ll have a great SEO rating which will draw their customers over to you.

    Importance of Local SEO

    Local businesses do not use the internet to export to Tokyo, Buenos Aires or Dubai. They’re in it for the local commerce or for people who are searching for a simple product or service sold or offered in their local area. You’re not trying to draw in web users from across the US, just from your specific local area.

    In light of this, local SEO and our Local SEO Tool are absolutely key in generating the website visits, the footfall, and the trade that will help you corner the local market in the industry that you’re working in.

    Remember that each time you improve your local SEO ranking, you’ll find that consumers will be increasingly drawn to you. This means that each investment of your time in making your local business visible on the internet is time well spent.

    Click Intelligence Strategy

    If you want to enact a fuller and more profitable local SEO strategy for your business, talk to our experts. We’re on hand to offer advice and further knowledge, and to help build a bespoke strategy based on your business and how we believe you’ll be able to conquer your local market online.

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