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Do you run a local business? If you do, you should be aware of Local Search Engine Optimization or Local SEO. This is a highly effective and efficient way for local businesses to market themselves online, as it helps you to promote your products and services to local people who are looking for them.

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Do you run a local business? If you do, you should be aware of Local Search Engine Optimization or Local SEO. This is a highly effective and efficient way for local businesses to market themselves online, as it helps you to promote your products and services to local people who are looking for them. It is highly valuable due to its cost effectiveness and targeting capability. If your business only caters for a specific type of person, you can only show adverts to that demographic (for maximum effectiveness you should have an idea about your customer segments).

If this concept is foreign to you, this local SEO check will allow you to conduct a business scan for free.

Why You Should Use This Tool

Did you know that 46% of searches have local intent according to Google? That means 46% of searchers are looking for something in their area, not just information that can help them achieve what they want. These types of searches are understood by all search engines as a request for the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to provide business suggestions and lists based on the user’s location. This concept is probably very familiar to you — think of it as a local directory listing checker that actually scans for appropriate businesses in your area. You should use this free local citation finder to help you assess if those who have a use for your business are actually able to find it — if your online presence is good enough.

How to Use This Tool

Insert your business name, address and phone number in the forms below and click ‘scan’. This citation finder free tool will then scour the Internet for accurate listings of your business across search engines, social media sites, online directories, review sites, coupon sites and much more. The business scan will be able to tell you which sites list your business correctly and which sites list your business incorrectly.

How to Interpret the Results

The tool is easy to interpret: it shows you how likely somebody is to find a website with your accurate name, address and contact details using any local business finder. If your rating is very low, it means that your business is a bit difficult to find. Although many businesses think they just need to cover the big websites (e.g. Yelp, Facebook, etc.), not putting your address on as many sites as you can may have grave results on your local SEO. When you use citation finder software like this tool, it can give you a rough idea of how your business will be prioritized on the SERP. The more websites that feature your local business, the more likely it is to come up high on a free business finder engine like Google. Featuring your business on these sites can often be the first step in amending your local search engine optimization strategy. If you’re featured on every site and your local competitor isn’t, unless they pour money into other SEO strategies but have missed this one, it’s likely that you’ll gain the competitive advantage.

Making the Most of Local SEO

If you’re lucky enough to be in the situation where you’ve identified the benefits of a business listing checker before your competition, you will likely enjoy an increase in footfall. However, if your competitors do some research into local SEO and conduct a search of their own, they will put themselves back on the same foot. However, you will have an advantage in terms of time if you start to get an influx of customers that interact with your local business online (via reviews for example), and most search engines will prioritize those businesses with many reviews. However, a strategy relying on reviews can leave a lot to chance. Local SEO services that go beyond a local citation scanner can help you maintain a competitive advantage over that competition.

If you choose to go for Click Intelligence’s local SEO service, you will be able to get a campaign built especially for you, with all decisions made based on data. Click Intelligence can conduct a full citation audit to make sure that the local SEO advice given fits you and your business like a glove.

Every campaign will go through an extremely detailed listings audit, where any incorrect mention of your business online, as well as any duplicate, is catalogued and amended. A keyword-focused approach will then follow and citations that are important to your business’ sector will be uncovered, allowing you to keep an edge over the competition. All directories will be dealt with, including the ones that require verification with paperwork or phone calls. The ever-helpful rich media snippets can be used for your campaign, involving geo-tagged photos and videos to create a more holistic listing that can help you visually stand out from the competition (as well as being miles ahead on the SERP).

Click Intelligence can help bring you to the very peak of local SEO and keep you there as your competition scrambles to catch up.

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