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Domain Authority (DA) Checker

Free Moz Bulk DA Checker

When you’re building an SEO strategy to boost your traffic and enhance your sales, content isn’t necessarily king. You’re also looking to ensure that Google’s algorithms respect the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of your website — and sites you’re linked to. The higher these authority values, the better your site will rank in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Now all that jargon’s out of the way, let’s simplify this process for you: if your website looks questionable, you’re going to get demoted by Google and that means lost custom. You need to look impressive, professional and trustworthy to Google’s automated checkers. That’s where our Moz Bulk DA Checker comes in handy.

The Moz DA Checker

The free tool provided by Moz helps you establish the DA of websites without performing any complex coding. Simply key in a given URL and the tool will analyze the pages of that website for you.

Why is this important? The reason is if your website is backlinked to websites that have a poor DA rating, that actually impacts upon your own SEO rating and will cause your website to appear less trustworthy. This might feel unfair; after all, a backlink is always a good reference, right? But this facility has been built by Google to prevent link farming and other cheats around its algorithm.

Understanding the DA Rating

Now that you have a grasp of what you’re looking for and why it’s important, it’s time to get into the rating mechanism offered by Moz and linked above. When you search for a URL, you’re going to be provided with a score between 1 and 100.

As you can imagine, the lower the score, the worse the website, and the worse it will reflect on your own site if you’re connected via hyperlinks. Meanwhile, a high score will represent a trustworthy website and will be perfect for you to be backlinked to, thereby boosting your SEO.

What Affects the Ranking?

You can also make the DA Checker search on your own website, of course, which may show where you’ve been going wrong in some of your content, your web design, or your hyperlinks. Here are the factors that Moz’s tool will analyze in order to deliver you the score, between 1 and 100, of any URL on the internet.

  1. Smart keywords
  2. Use of quality, in-depth content
  3. The design of your website
  4. Exceptional user experience
  5. Using title tags and meta descriptions
  6. Using internal links
  7. Back-link profile

These are all areas that you can clean up and tidy throughout your own website. They’re also areas to be aware of in the websites of others that you might want to establish links to in the future.

How to Act on Your Findings

Whether you’ve searched your own URL, the URL of businesses you link to from your site, or the reverse, you’re now going to need to act on your findings to determine how you can improve your SEO rating — and thus your traffic and profits — from this useful information.

By working with Click Intelligence and our experienced team of marketers, SEO experts and business consultants, you’ll be able to hone these findings into an ongoing strategy that builds the right links to the right websites across the internet. In this way, you’ll boost your own Moz DA Checker score, and you’ll remove any unhelpful websites from your domain.

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