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Have you ever attempted to embark on a local SEO campaign only to be held back by the fact that you don’t operate from a singular location? Fortunately, here at Click Intelligence, we can offer you a solution to this problem in the form of an SEO strategy for multiple locations. Our specialized multi-location search engine optimization strategies will ensure that your webpage or blog ranks highly in your prime locations, no matter where these locations may be or how competitive your industry is.

What is multi-location SEO?

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Businesses, websites, and blogs that are entrenched in their local area are no longer the only ones capable of tapping into the highly effective form of marketing known as local SEO. If you operate from a multitude of different geographical locations, rest assured there are ways for you to promote your goods and services to these various local settings. To do this, you have to embark on a multi-location SEO campaign.

You should embrace this strategy if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You operate out of several different physical locations
  • Your website/blog has various location-based service pages
  • You deliver a nationwide or even international service
  • Your company is an aggregate of different businesses

Regardless of how many locations you wish to focus on — whether it’s 2, 20, 200, or 2000 — you need to be reaching all of the areas that you seek to serve. Not only will this make it clear to local customers that you actually serve them, but it will also give Google and its fellow search engines all the information they need to rank your pages. With this information at hand, the web’s various search engines will be able to differentiate between the different areas that you service, and ultimately, this will allow them to pull up the right pages for the right people at the right times. Should a customer that is based in New York search for your product range, for instance, they will be met with NY-based webpages and not, say, webpages that showcase all of the work that you complete over in Los Angeles.

Are you ready to get started with multi-location SEO? Click Intelligence are a local SEO agency now capable of offering an SEO strategy for multiple locations. We can help you to understand the ins and outs of SEO location.

Let’s get started.

Create service pages for each location that you serve

Whether you run a website or a blog, the first thing that you must do is create service pages for each individual location that you serve or are looking to serve in the future. Even if these pages provide the same information or even share similar content, they must remain wholly separate from one another because, as previously touched upon, this will result in the right pages being pulled up when specific searches are conducted in your market.

In terms of search engine ranking, you must never create a list of the locations that you serve on one singular page. This is in no way optimal, simply because it reduces your chances of being ranked. Keep your dedicated pages separate, ensure that the content that you post is as location-specific as it can be, and you’ll be reaping the rewards of multi-location SEO in no time.

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Work on each service page with SEO in mind

Once your service pages have been created, it’s time to make sure that they rank. Working on and ultimately optimizing your pages is crucial, as this is what is going to help Google understand what specific audience each individual service page is targeting.

You’ll want to start by incorporating your chosen keywords into both the title tags and meta descriptions of each page. These small slices of coding might seem insignificant, but they play a crucial role when it comes to multi-location SEO because they suggest exactly what it is Google should be displaying on its search engine results pages (SERPs).

Keywords aren’t easy to come up with, especially for those who have no experience in running an SEO campaign for a multi-location website or blog. Being SEO experts across the board, you can rest assured that here at Click Intelligence, we understand what it takes to come up with a killer keyword. When creating your keyword or key phrase, we will find a way to include a brief description of the service that you offer as well as the location you are operating in.

Not only will an effective keyword strategy help your website or blog rank higher, but it will also entice users of Google to click on your pages. Once they see what it is you have to offer and become aware that you serve in their area, they will feel inclined to delve deeper. Subsequently, this results in more traffic coming your way. It’s just down to you to convert these leads into fully-fledged customers of yours.

Optimize your on-page content for each service page

Each of your multi-location SEO service pages must be capable of standing on their own two feet. Even if these pages share similar content and/or provide the same information over and over again, they must each have their own unique selling point. Importantly, this means that you cannot duplicate your content. Never mind the fact that you created the content in the first place, by copying and pasting it onto your various service pages you’ll only show yourself to be lazy and unoriginal. Worse still, you’ll show the local audiences that you are targeting that you do not care enough about them to optimize the content that you provide to them.

Keeping the content that you post on your location-dependent services pages unique can be an arduous task, especially when this content comes in the form of written text. You don’t want to research different subject matters, and you definitely don’t want to spend your time writing anything. Fortunately, Click Intelligence offer one of the digital marketing industry’s best content writing services, so we have just the solution for you.

Our dedicated writing team will tailor your content specifically for you, meaning you will be provided with a bespoke piece of written text every time you turn to us for assistance in this instance. Whether it’s via blog posts, ghostwritten articles, web copy, press releases, white papers, or influencer articles, we have the capacity to offer you optimized written content for each service page that you create. This content will align not only with your chosen subject matter, but also with your overall company goals and your budget.

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If you wish to go it alone in a bid to optimize your on-page content, here are a few factors that you should be sure to consider:

Service descriptions are key

Above all else, you must describe the services that you offer. This is what your target market will expect to see when they click on your service pages, so this is what you must give them.

Answer common questions

No matter what industry you operate in, your audience will have common questions or FAQs with regards to it. You should seek to provide answers to these questions on each of your service pages.

Visual content grabs attention

When appropriate to do so, add photos and videos that actually show your audience what it is you do. Preferably, you should upload visual content that showcases you working in the local area  that relates to each service page.

Reviews and testimonials capture customers like nothing else

Customers are always going to believe what other customers have to say, simply because they’re in the exact same position as them. You should, then, seek to post positive reviews and testimonials relating to your business, website, or blog on each of your service pages. This will be sure to increase engagement with your brand.

Directions make you real

Posting instructions on how your customers can find your location or engage with your content further will make you real. For this reason, you should embed a map onto each of your service pages. On this map you should clearly pinpoint your location.


By not promoting your business, your website, or your blog in all the right places, something awful happens: absolutely nothing. Quite simply, embracing multi-location SEO is the only way that you are going to spread the word about your business, website, or blog. Ultimately, this is the only way you are going to draw the large customer base or online audience that you need to take your venture to the next level.

At Click Intelligence, we know what it takes to rank websites and blogs highly on Google. Regardless of the location you choose to hone in on or the specific content that you create, we will work tirelessly to maximize your chances of being ranked on Google’s elusive first page. Our SEO strategy for multiple locations will help you to scale your business and improve its online presence in a plethora of different areas.

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