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Google is not the only search engine that people use. That’s why it’s a good idea to diversify your advertising campaigns. Bing can be used to generate more traffic than your competitors and make your marketing efforts far more successful. Bing PPC management can be utilized as an extension of your Google AdWords PPC campaign. The lower costs per conversion combined with the fact that Bing is an underused territory can make a vast difference to your PPC effectiveness.

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    Bing PPC Management Services

    What is Bing PPC?

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is offered by search engines as a shortcut to the top. Instead of putting in the effort and time associated with SEO, Bing PPC places you at the top of the relevant search engine results page (SERP). You only pay when the advert receives clicks, which means it is an effective strategy for quickly generating traffic.

    It’s fair to say PPC advertising isn’t a long-term marketing solution. However, the right campaigns are effective for meeting certain goals, particularly when paired up with your methods for generating organic traffic. Many businesses only focus on Google AdWords. This is a mistake. While Bing isn’t the most popular search engine, it still receives a lot of traffic. Plus, if the competition isn’t utilizing Bing PPC, this leaves you with essentially an open market for increased exposure.

    Why Does Your Business Require Bing PPC?

    If you’re using PPC advertising, but have yet to do it with Bing, now is the time to change. Bing is a search engine that isn’t just powered by Microsoft, but it also utilizes Yahoo’s resources. Ultimately, Bing PPC is a powerful tool in the right hands and it provides your brand with added exposure.

    What is the Bing PPC Process?

    As with any ad campaign, Bing PPC needs to be continually monitored. Research is another vital component and requires an extensive exploration of not just your business, but also your audience, competitors, and industry on the whole.

    Our comprehensive Bing PPC management service ensures your brand’s ad exposure is in the right hands. Your set goals will be achieved, and we’ll carefully monitor your ROI to guarantee maximum value.

    What’s an Example of a Quality Bing PPC Campaign?

    If you’ve used an AdWords campaign, you’ll notice many similarities with Bing PPC. Yet there are significant differences. If you simply follow the same approach with Bing as you did with AdWords, the process isn’t going to maximize results. A good Bing PPC campaign includes the following:

    A PPC strategy

    Once your marketing goals have been established, we work with you to create a Bing-optimized PPC strategy. Research is the first step in the process and includes a wide overview of your brand’s current position in your industry, along with keywords, languages, and times that will encourage the best overall engagement rates.


    We then implement the strategy or incorporate it into any existing campaigns.


    The good news? Bing ads are much cheaper than Google overall, which means a wide range of keywords is available for even limited budgets.

    Ad copy writing

    The message your ads convey is crucial. As a result, we produce targeted ads that use effective call-to-actions.


    Once the ads are up and running, we continually track their effectiveness. If they’re not performing as expected, we make the necessary adjustments to optimize the PPC performance.

    Measurement and reporting

    Regular reports, ones free from complicated technical details and jargon, are provided so you can gain a first-hand look at your Bing PPC campaign’s progress.

    Bing is an underused and overlooked aspect of PPC. If you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits it offers, contact us today. The Click Intelligence team can provide expert Bing PPC management to grow your business.

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