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Our audit services offer a thorough analysis of your PPC account to identify improvements. Our team of PPC experts is on-hand to boost your campaigns and ensure that every campaign is working hard for your budget.

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    PPC Audit Services

    PPC audits

    PPC or pay-per-click advertising is an effective way to boost your brand presence. However, it can also be a complex area that could be costly for a business if managed incorrectly. A PPC audit will identify areas that need improvement and any issues that may negatively impact your campaigns. This audit ultimately helps you get more from your budget and boosts your conversions.

    Our PPC audit process

    PPC audits can be time-consuming and complex. However, this process is vital to analyze every aspect of your PPC campaigns. The audit process looks at every detail of your account to determine how it works for your budget. We also examine an extensive data set to see how your data is performing compared to other metrics.

    This means that you will have accurate data based on all metrics rather than a shallow overview. You can then choose to implement these or use our PPC management services to optimize the audit findings.

    Why does your business need a PPC audit?

    First and foremost, keeping your PPC account in good standing allows you to monitor ROI effectively. An audit picks up areas for improvement and helps you utilize all channels for the best results.

    Our PPC audit strategy

    Our team has developed a high-quality audit process to ensure that every area is covered throughout the process. Alongside performing an in-depth keyword audit, we also analyze:

    Time and day optimization

    Every campaign needs to ensure it is targeting the right people at the right time. We look at the data to optimize the best time and day to show your adverts.

    Geography and location analysis

    Location is an essential factor for advertising, especially for businesses targeting local customers.

    Device-based bidding

    Now that several devices are used to search the Internet, it is vital not to overlook device-based bidding opportunities. We take the time to carefully optimize this metric for optimum results.

    Conversion tracking data

    Tracking conversion is vital to boost success. Our audit identifies what’s working and what can be improved to improve this conversion rate.

    Attribution model analysis

    For any campaign, it is essential to see how the whole advert is working for your company. Our audit highlights adverts that are working and others that can be changed to help improve your viability in search rankings.

    Adwords sales copy

    Getting your adverts in front of the right people is just one aspect of PPC; the other is how well your sales copy translates your message. We analyze the scripting to ensure that it conveys the most impactful wording to improve conversions.

    At Click Intelligence, we can help you get the most from your PPC account to make it work harder for your budget. Contact us today to book your PPC audit.

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