Paid social Services

Paid social Services

Paid social media campaigns allow brands to target their audience in the places where they spend the most time: social media. All of the social platforms offer businesses and individuals the option to create social adverts and in-depth targeted ad placement that reaches the right people at the right time.

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    Paid Social Management Services

    Paid Social: What Is It?

    Organic searches have the potential to reach everyone. While good in one sense, it also means you have minimal control over the people who view your content. Even users who have no interest in your business can see your ads. Paid social services allow you to tailor a specialized campaign, one that targets specific demographics via your social media platforms.

    What is Our Paid Social Strategy?

    Firstly, we need to understand your goals. A paid social process can only produce desired results once we have clarity about your requirements. When these goals have been identified, we conduct in-depth research to learn more about your target demographic and understand where they reside online. Understanding your needs also helps us to track and fine-tune our strategies.

    Our paid social services vary depending on your social media platform of choice.

    Why Does Your Business Require a Paid Social Campaign?

    In the digital age, it’s essential you combine organic methods of SEO strategy with social media. When utilizing paid social services, this presents the opportunity to specifically focus on and build relationships with your target market. This not only increases brand loyalty, but it can also inspire your audience to make purchases.

    In general, a paid social management campaign identifies where your customers are, what they desire from your business, and provides a pathway for them to increase your sales figures.

    What is Needed for a Quality Paid Social Campaign?

    As a leading paid social media agency, we know what type of plan is required for success. Along with tying together an assortment of SEO-related aspects, each campaign needs to be personalized specifically to match your brand and goals. Each campaign has to include:

    • A complete plan: Before anything, we need to structure a full strategy for your paid social campaign. It’s never only about a solitary ad. An effective plan requires a collection of bespoke ads which function cohesively together. When this happens, the ads can better target your audience and drive them towards making purchases.
    • Ad creation: Not only do the ads have to match your brand and audience, but they also have to meet the requirements of your chosen platform. Each social media platform is different, using various ad sizes, formats, and other elements. Our paid social campaign ensures the ad creation matches your intended message and ROI targets.
    • Bid optimization: Bidding against your competitors is required when getting your ads displayed. This can be tricky. You want maximum exposure, but you don’t want to pay maximum prices. Therefore, bid optimization is vital. With Click Intelligence, you gain all the rewards of bid optimization without needing to put in the time and hard work associated with it.
    • Campaign management and conversion tracking: Regular personalized reports are produced to provide an insight into your paid social campaign. Conversion tracking is essential, as it helps identify what is — and isn’t — working. A proactive approach is necessary, as algorithms continually change, and seasonal fluctuations can also have an impact. We stay on top of all of this to guarantee your campaign is always delivering results.

    If you want to get started with your own bespoke paid social campaign, or would like further information about our services, get in touch with us today. Our team of experts is always ready to help.

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