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Facebook is simply too big to ignore, but you must be careful when advertising on it. From privacy scandals to a shift in algorithm, advertising on Facebook must be more organic, genuine, and targeted than ever before.

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    Facebook Advertising: What Is It?

    What’s certain in this day and age when it comes to digital marketing is that social media is an essential tool that all businesses should be using. Facebook, in particular, is a popular social media platform for businesses and individuals alike, and its phenomenal success means that any business that isn’t optimizing itself for Facebook is missing a key opportunity.

    Facebook was the first company to gain one billion users worldwide. Today, over two billion people actively use Facebook, over one billion of which are using the platform on a daily basis. Furthermore, the ease with which you can now access social media through your phone using apps means that the Facebook app is even more popular. With this in mind, it’s understandable why any business should be utilizing this social media platform for their advertising.

    That being said, when using Facebook for advertising campaigns, it’s essential to only ever provide genuine and organic promotion. Facebook is a minefield of privacy issues and unauthentic advertising, not to mention constant algorithm changes.

    What this means is that it’s crucial to gain the support of a professional service like Click Intelligence to make sure that all your advertising campaigns are organic and Facebook-friendly.

    How You Can Use Facebook Advertising for Your Business

    With Facebook, you have a wealth of users to reach out to. This also means that you have a wealth of demographic data to use, due to Facebook’s store of basic personal data, such as age, gender, and location. This can better help you to target all your campaigns and advertising to the right people.

    Facebook also allows its users to like certain content and share content that they like. This helps businesses to better understand the items or services that users are enjoying, and therefore, tailor their own content to the right people.

    It’s key to remember, however, that succeeding on Facebook isn’t just about spreading the word about your business, gaining followers, or gaining likes. To make a profitable difference, you need to do more by promoting advertising campaigns and thereby driving sales.

    That’s where Click Intelligence can help.

    Facebook’s Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    This social media giant allows for PPC advertising. This means that you can more effectively target the relevant demographics and create more personalized, tailored campaigns.

    Your Business’s Facebook Page

    While producing content that can show up within news feeds is important, it’s also fundamental that your business profile page is optimized, too. On your business Facebook page, you need to create content that is engaging and inspirational, so that users and followers will want to share it, comment on it, and promote it on their news feeds.

    Additionally, your business Facebook page should always be set up with SEO in mind, which means local optimization, basic business information, and anything that helps your business to be found organically and more easily through searches.

    Facebook Advertising with Click Intelligence

    Our process incorporates the professional creation of advertisements while ensuring that all our efforts align with your goals. We will always work with your demographic in mind, and a dependable ROI is always assured.

    Our service also takes into account your budget to make sure that all price plans are suitable for your business.

    We help to fully manage your goals, advertisements, campaigns, and your budget. Our team will track success rates throughout the process and enable you to see engagement improvement.

    With Click Intelligence, you get a professional Facebook PPC agency that knows how to customize advertising campaigns, reach your target audience, and always deliver the relevant message at the right time.

    We understand how important it is not only to reach your desired target market, but also to make lasting connections with them through social media. We not only want to improve your organic reach, but also help to implement lasting and loyal relationships between you and your customer base.

    Improving Your Social Campaigns

    With Facebook campaigns, you need several key ingredients to optimize success.

    These include:

    • Ad creation
    • Ad placement
    • Budget management
    • Measuring and reporting

    You also need ongoing dedication to improve and monitor any campaign so that maximum results are always assured.

    We can assure all of the above and more with our dedicated service.

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