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Instagram stories has completely changed how businesses can engage with their followers. The better and more engaging your story, the more you can connect and build a relationship with your audience. Once you have over 10,000 followers, you can even send them links on your website.

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    Instagram has broadened the opportunities for business profile users who want to make use of its advertising opportunities. This highly popular image-based social platform has gained over 300 million new monthly users, showing just how popular this app really is. This means, of course, that the marketing potential is significant, with many users to reach out to.

    Therefore, taking the time to plan and create an effective Instagram marketing campaign and advertising strategy is necessary for any business reaching for success.

    This success with Instagram only comes with proper planning, demographic research, exemplary content creation, and the knowledge of how best to promote what you are doing. This is why it’s always a good idea to seek the support and professional knowledge of a business team like Click Intelligence.

    How Instagram Advertising Can Help Your Business

    Instagram is a great place to connect and engage with your followers. It’s the ideal platform to improve your brand awareness and increase your presence within the community. Done correctly, advertising through Instagram can be a huge boon for your business.

    Like any advertising, however, it needs to be done properly and organically, as well as be managed effectively to see great results.

    When discussing the advertising methods available to you through Instagram, you will be presented with free advertising and paid advertising options.

    The Ways You Can Advertise Using Instagram

    The first, free method involves optimizing your actual business profile and account. You can’t hope to attract relevant business or connect with people if your business account doesn’t look professional or isn’t providing any worthy content. You will need to keep your profile, content, and account at its best level in order for successful, ongoing engagement.

    This is crucial as a first step, as there is no point investing in paid advertising if the foundations of your account and profile are not up to scratch.

    In addition to this, you also need a clear social media campaign to work from in order to plan out effective content and engagement.

    Be Sure to Post Quality Content

    Instagram is very much about the visuals; therefore, the more improved your visuals and aesthetic, the more successful your engagement will be. Scrollers and visitors will be more drawn to eye-catching content and more likely to stop and engage.

    This means that anything you post needs to be edited to a high standard, with professional-looking photos. Furthermore, your brand posts need to be consistent, with a clear theme for your business profile and with everything you post. This could be something simple, such as a color scheme you follow, or it could be a general theme relating to your business or its category of interest.

    Use Call to Action Captions

    The captions you post alongside your content and images should be significant, too. To improve engagement, they should encourage users to perform a particular action, such as comment, share, or begin a discussion. Questions work best for this, to ask for opinions and to encourage conversations.

    Utilize Instagram Stories

    Instagram stories are now providing an amazing opportunity for businesses to further engage with their followers. You can connect with people even further and build key relationships based on a more engaging Instagram story.

    Furthermore, once you hit the 10,000-follower mark, you can even provide links to your website and external content.

    Driving traffic through your Instagram stories can be a huge boon, but in order to achieve this surge in traffic, your stories need to be eye-catching and interesting, and your website content worthwhile.

    Therefore, making sure that you’re also planning out regular Instagram stories as well as your content feed is crucial to success.

    Paid Advertising

    Product Links

    Using this feature, you can now set up links on your Instagram posts to any relevant product. This allows your users to easily buy the items they see, there and then, in your posts.

    Promoted Content

    Paying for sponsored posts means that your posts will reach your particular demographic and have more of a chance of reaching the right people at the right time.

    Planning Your Successful Campaign

    All optimized campaigns for Instagram should have a focus on the following – all areas on which the Click Intelligence team will always concentrate:

    User Targeting

    For full, maximized engagement and ensuring that all content is targeted to the correct demographic.

    The Writing of Ads

    Instagram is primarily an image-based app, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t write a detailed and in-depth caption, which is just as important. Ad writing is important to get right, too.

    Managing Your Budget

    We always ensure that any Instagram campaign and strategy will align with your budget, with profit and success always at the forefront of what we do.

    Reporting and Measurement

    We will always keep you in the loop with what we are doing. Our comprehensive reports will outline all our efforts and results so that you can have complete control over how you would like to use Instagram and what you post – fully supported by us.

    Professional Service from Click Intelligence

    Our service doesn’t just cover what you see and do on Instagram. We also work to ensure that your website content is optimized and that all content is engaging, thereby providing a well-rounded service for your business as a whole.

    If you would like to speak to our professional team about your Instagram advertising opportunities, contact us today.

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