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Pinterest advertising is a paid platform for marketeers and businesses to promote their products using ‘Promoted Pins’. The pins allow consumers to click through to your site and continue their buying journey. You bid on the amount that you are prepared to pay per click, engagement, or impression.

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What is Pinterest Advertising?

With over 300 million active users, Pinterest is one of the biggest social media platforms on the planet. Yet when compared to the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it is often overlooked for its marketing potential.

However, any business that isn’t using Pinterest as an advertising tool is missing out.

As for how the promotional portion of how the platform works, this is through the use of ‘Promoted Pins.’ These pins can be used to promote your products and services. When someone decides to click on the pin, they are transported to your website for further information and to complete their purchase. When bidding on Pinterest’s Promoted Pins, you have three metrics to pick from: impressions, engagements, and pay-per-clicks.

Why Should Your Business Use Pinterest Advertising?

Did you know that, based on research, 96% of users on Pinterest utilize the platform as a research tool for future purchases? In addition, 87% of people state their Pinterest-based research influenced their purchasing decision.

When you factor in these types of lofty statistics, it demonstrates why Pinterest advertising is such an effective marketing strategy. It’s not only essential for driving up sales numbers, but also for enhancing brand loyalty and customer engagement. Any social strategy worth its salt requires the implementation of a Pinterest advertising campaign.

Not convinced yet? Here’s another statistic to change your mind: when compared to other social media platforms, Pinterest advertising delivers 50% higher conversion rates.

How Does Our Pinterest Advertising Process Work?

Before moving on with putting together a plan, it’s imperative we gain a full understanding of your overall goal with Pinterest advertising. Simply put, what do you want to achieve? Once there’s a clear target in place, we have something to aim for with the ad strategy. We’ll know who the right people are to focus on and the ways in which to do so. Regarding the latter point, here’s a sample of the points we consider when honing in on the right audience:

  • Gender
  • Geographical location
  • Interests
  • The device they use
  • Keywords search history

To reiterate, identifying your target market is a critical aspect of producing a successful Pinterest advertising campaign. However, it is still only one part of the process. Another integral component is analyzing search metrics. We thoroughly evaluate all the facts and figures, and this allows us to uncover the best keywords to use in your ad campaign. Yes, Pinterest is primarily a visual platform. Yet SEO is essential for picking the right keywords, expanding your ad’s reach, and maximizing the overall impact of your promotional strategy.

What’s an Example of an Effective Pinterest Advertising Campaign?

As touched upon previously, Pinterest is a social media platform that primarily focuses on visuals and eye-catching images. As a result, any advertising campaign needs to rely heavily on visuals that inspire and appeal to your target audience. Yet underneath the surface, there’s still ample work that needs to be done for your ads to shine – that’s why we’re here to help.

The following is a quick look at how we manage each Pinterest advertising campaign:

Start with a strategy

Strategy is essential. This is what will guide the rest of the campaign, clarifying the goals and objectives your ad is attempting to meet.

Ad creation

The creation of the ad is, understandably, the biggest element of the entire strategy. It involves two main facets. The first of these is the visual side of the ad. We take great care in selecting images that not only shine a positive light on your business and products, but also have the ability to make Pinterest browsers stop and take notice. Secondly, the ad – and its description – requires optimization for search engines. This will increase the ad’s visibility among searchers.

Bid optimization

Another element that requires optimization is the bidding strategy. We know the importance of the bid hitting that sweet spot – it could be the difference between the paid campaign succeeding or failing. For instance, if too much money is thrown at the plan, the ads will cost more than they return. If the bid is too low, your ads won’t reach as many people as required. If the bid is optimized, the ad gains maximum exposure while still being at a good price.

Conversion tracking

It’s vital to continually analyze the performance of your ads. If certain pins are delivering the type of success that’s expected, this is good news. If some are underperforming, however, changes will need to be made. By following conversion tracking data, we can refine the current campaign and any others in the future. We gain greater knowledge about the right keywords, ad content, and bid optimization.

Campaign management

You shouldn’t stop with a single a Pinterest ad. Instead, you should create a network of ads on the platform. While this can expand your reach and help you achieve your goals, managing multiple ads can be a daunting task. This is one way you can benefit from the expertise of Click Intelligence – we can manage the campaign, respond to any potential issues, and continue to spot any new opportunities that crop up.

If you’re ready to succeed with your own Pinterest advertising campaign, get in touch with us today for more information. Our awesome team is always ready to offer assistance.

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