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Seeing as Twitter is a platform that has millions of users simultaneously engaging in various conversations, a Twitter advertising campaign may be one of the most effective ways to make your brand a topic of conversation.

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    What is Twitter Advertising?

    Twitter is one of the biggest social media websites on the internet. In fact, it is believed that there are a whopping 328 million active users currently engaging in conversations, browsing trends, and firing out ‘Likes’ and ‘Retweets’ on the platform. It is this user base that has made Twitter such an attractive marketing option for businesses, both big and small.

    After all, it is a vocal platform that encourages everyone, from influencers to marketers, to spread their message. This makes it the ideal place to promote your products, services, and content.

    Nevertheless, Twitter’s massive user base brings with it one caveat: it’s difficult for your message to be heard. It’s all too easy for your tweets to get lost in the endless feed of news reports, memes, and other businesses marketing their wares.

    This is where Twitter ads come into play.

    Twitter’s advertising platform allows your business to instantly stand out from the crowd. You don’t have to build up a large following or post content-rich tweets multiple times a day. Twitter ads allow your business to gain more website traffic, increase leads, and boost sales figures.

    Why Should Your Business Run a Twitter Advertising Campaign?

    You never want your brand to fade into the background. Yet on Twitter, with its millions of users firing out messages at all times, you can quickly get lost in the shuffle. Unless you’re willing to put in considerable effort to regularly post engaging, unique content, interact with others, and amass a dedicated following, your business will forever remain in the shadows on Twitter.

    That’s unless you use the shortcut that is known as Twitter ads. With an ad campaign, your brand can instantly become a topic of conversation. It delivers vital exposure and gives your business a leg-up in the battle to stand out on Twitter. Moreover, you possess the ability to capture a defined audience with the help of tweet engager targeting. This is because the tool allows you to remarket to users who recently viewed or engaged with one of your tweets.

    What is the Process of Our Twitter Ads Campaign?

    As a specialist Twitter advertising agency, we cannot do things by halves. Our approach with any campaign begins with devising a strategy. This is done before we even think about creating any ads. The strategy is integral for numerous reasons. It allows us to create an effective message, focus on the right target audience, and have the right metrics in place to measure results.

    Prior to this, we would, of course, first work with you to define the goals of your Twitter ad campaign. When we know exactly what you hope to achieve with this marketing strategy, we can then put the wheels into motion to start achieving your goals.

    What Steps Are Involved in a Quality Twitter Ads Campaign?

    Due to the complexity of the task, many attempts at a Twitter advertising campaign fail to leave any sort of impression. To ensure your business doesn’t suffer the same marketing woes, you first need to know what a quality Twitter ads campaign looks like. The following are the steps we take with every ads project on Twitter:

    The Ad Strategy

    Any quality campaign begins with a solid strategy as the foundation. Our strategy maps out the goals you want to achieve, and how we’ll go about achieving those goals via paid Twitter ads.

    Ad Creation

    For any Twitter ad campaign to be successful, it’s ultimately down to the ad’s effectiveness to draw in users. We’ll ensure the ad has visual appeal and the right call to action in place. We also utilize three different Twitter ad types: promoted tweets, promoted trends, and promoted accounts.

    Bid Optimization

    Optimizing the ad bid helps to maximize your overall spend. We will test the waters, ensure you’re receiving the right number of impressions for your budget, and continue to fine-tune the process.

    Conversion Tracking

    Conversion tracking is an integral part of the process. This lets us know the type of impact your ad is currently having on consumers. We can see if they’re visiting your website, entering their contact details for your newsletter, buying your products, etc.

    Campaign Management

    Once the previous details are factored in, we have all of the information we need to manage the campaign. If the ad is not performing to the expected level, for example, we can change up the strategy to ensure all objectives are ultimately met.


    You’re never left out in the dark with the campaign. We produce detailed yet easy-to-understand reports, which let you know how the ad strategy is performing.

    Are you ready to make your mark on Twitter and increase your sales figures at the same time? If so, get in touch for more information. Our dedicated, experienced team is here to turn your advertising goals into a reality.

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