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Lead generation is one of the most difficult things most small businesses face. Sure, you may know your product inside out, and you may even be confident that it’s the best product for the job, but how do you convince others of that?

That question has been at the heart of marketing since time began, but the lead generation industry has been given a massive boost by way of Google and Google Ads. Getting AdWords leads has been proven to be an excellent way to drive new customers, but if it’s not done properly, it can cost a fortune and may not yield the results you were after.

Here we are doing to share some of our Google ads for lead generation AdWords secrets

to get you going and ensure that your ads are producing a steady stream of good-quality leads from your ad campaigns.

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How To Generate Leads From Google Ads

Learning how to generate leads from Google ads does take some practice, and some time to learn. There are, however, a few AdWords hacks that can help you along the road to success.

The first thing that you need to understand is that advertising is more of a science than it is an art (although the art of good copywriting does help, and we’ll get onto that later). One of the most vital parts of science is the ability to research, and researching your competitors’ adverts will help you to improve your own.

Online tools such as allow you to gain a real insight into what your competitors are doing with their keyword research, which keywords they’re targeting, and you’ll get an overview of all of their currently running ads.

If you’ve got a good understanding of what your competitors are doing, you are already halfway there to being able to beat them at their own game!

Remarketing: The Secret Google Ads Hack

Then it comes to hacking Google ads; this one is pretty good and pretty reliable! If you have spent any time understanding the sales funnel that your audience goes through when deciding to purchase a product or service, you’ll see that there are multiple ‘touchpoints’ along the journey, and it’s really important that you are standing out along every single one.

A football player wearing a cell phone carrier logo doesn’t make you want to buy a new contract. Still, it does stick in your mind, especially when you see the same carrier pop up on Facebook the next day, or maybe alongside that news article you read about something completely different.

Remarketing campaigns are the campaigns that follow you across the internet, and when done right they are some of the best google ads hacks you’ll find, they work by inserting a cookie on your browser triggered by a ‘pixel’ on the site you were looking at.

One of the most impressive companies for remarketing we’ve found is Chinese marketplace AliExpress, their ability to follow you around online and deliver eye-catching adverts with exactly the products you’ll want to buy is rather incredible, and a little bit crazy!

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Don’t Go Direct For LinkedIn

This Google ads hack is incredible. Hands down one of the coolest we’ve seen. LinkedIn is part of the Google Display Ads Network, which means that your AdWords campaigns will be displayed on LinkedIn.

‘Why is this important?’ you may ask, well the answer is quite simple: Google Ads are cheaper than LinkedIns own advertising platform, and LinkedIn is one of the best ways to advertise B2B products and services to the right audience.

This hack works by creating a LinkedIn specific ad campaign in your Google Adwords account and then targeting LinkedIn specifically. Your ad will only show up on those pages that Google thinks will get you the return you’re looking for, which usually means your ads will show up to people who are looking for or at least in the industry for the product or service you’re selling.

Marketing B2B is notoriously difficult, and LinkedIn has been a saving grace to many B2B advertisers. Still, this happy little hack has changed things, allowing B2B marketing budgets to get smaller and for the conversions to go through the roof!

Write Great Copy

We’ve said this before several times, so we’ll keep this hack short and sweet: write great ad copy! Get to the point, make it straightforward, avoid jargon, and only use one call to action on your ad. Perfect.

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