PR Outreach

PR Outreach

With most media publications making the transition to online platforms, there has been a considerable rise in the consumption of digital content. The time has come for brands to look beyond traditional advertising and embrace a new way to engage with their target demographic.


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    PR Outreach Services

    Are you looking for ways to boost your brand and increase your online presence? PR outreach is one of the most effective ways to showcase your business and reach your target demographic. By pairing you up with some of the most authoritative sites in the industry, PR outreach can increase your visibility and lend credibility to your site.

    What is PR Outreach?

    PR Outreach essentially combines PR practices with the digital realm. At Click Intelligence, we utilize our talented team to produce creative content marketing and social campaigns to deliver measurable, long-lasting results. Our PR approach integrates SEO and builds an effective link building strategy so that your website is more visible, more reachable, and ranks higher on Google.

    Benefits of PR Outreach

    PR outreach is all about building relationships. Once you’ve identified which publishers will best showcase your business and brand, you can begin the process of sharing content to drive more people to your site. Some of the main benefits of PR outreach include:

    • Increasing your online presence
    • Improving brand awareness
    • Targeting your key audience
    • Driving more traffic to your website

    How does PR Outreach work?

    Over the years, we have spent time building relationships across media to put together a solid portfolio of publishers to share content with. We believe that PR Outreach is most successful when the content is fresh, original, engaging, and insightful for the reader.

    Therefore, our team will first learn about your brand so that they can match you up with the best and most relevant publishers to boost your brand’s exposure and visibility. However, why not read through our publication portfolio to see which ones you’d like to target?

    After you’ve identified relevant publishers, we will contact your chosen influential websites to find out whether they are happy to feature your content. We will then assign the content to our writers. You will have the opportunity to pre-approve the articles as well as request any revisions before the publication goes ahead.

    How long does the PR Outreach process take?

    We aim for a 30-day window, which includes the initial conversation through to identifying and creating content for your business.

    How does PR Outreach benefit my business?

    As most media today is now online, brands and businesses need to look further afield and find new ways to promote their products and services. Being visible online is not only a challenge, but it also requires proper planning and a sound digital marketing plan.

    PR Outreach is one important way for your business to increase its visibility and exposure because it relies on targeted publications that fit in with your niche and industry. In order to remain competitive and searchable by your audience, it is important to turn to professionals that can implement a solid SEO link building strategy that draws on PR Outreach as a way to boost your brand’s visibility.

    Why Choose Us?

    We listen carefully to our clients and create tailored strategies to provide the right solutions for your brand’s needs. Our solid reputation of relationship-building across the media sector means we can identify the perfect publication to showcase your business online.

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