HTTP Redirect Checker Tool

The path web browsers and search engine crawlers follow to get to the page.

HTTP Redirect Checker Tool

Redirecting pages is something that you do in your backend all the time. Whether this is in the hands of an external web designer, or someone within your team, you’ll redirect pages when you change their categories or shift them from one part of your website to another.

Unfortunately, the redirecting that you perform in your backend, though seamless in your frontend, can nonetheless raise eyebrows where your SEO ranking is concerned. With Google’s algorithms hot on the heels of any poorly-designed and untrustworthy websites, you’ll be penalized for making poor redirections on your website. The best way to check whether your site is redirecting poorly is through an HTTP Redirect Checker Tool.

Our Redirect Checker Tool

On this page, you’ll be able to make use of a Redirect Checker Tool for your website. Put simply, this tool will allow you to understand how your website ranks when it comes to those pages you’ve been forced to redirect over time.

The key mechanism that helps you to redirect pages online on HTTPs websites is the 301 redirect. This facility was once penalized by Google’s algorithms, but has since been allowed without affecting your SEO ranking. This means that inputting 301 Redirects is the best way to counter any negative findings you glean from using our Redirect Checker Tool.

How 301 Redirect Works

A 301 Redirect tells the browser that a user is searching in a page that has permanently moved to a new location. While this facility is no panacea — it can cause other SEO issues which you may need to resolve down the line — it’s an important way for you to inform the likes of Google that your website has changed.

When Google is aware of the purpose of your redirection and their algorithms can trust that your redirections aren’t going to put web users in jeopardy, they’re willing to forgive this slight technical glitch. But without signposts to help Google work this out, you may be losing out in their overall SEO evaluation of your website.

Using Server Header Checkers

There’s another simple way to counter any negative feedback that you receive from our Redirect Checker Tool — using a server header checker. Here, you’ll be able to peer into how your HTTP code operates, by setting up HTTP response headers which communicates directly with browsers, helping Google’s algorithms understand what your pages are offering and which pages are now inactive or redirecting.

Importance of SEO

While your website may function perfectly well — and redirections might be rare and barely noticed by web users — this is still an issue that ultimately boils down to your SEO ranking. If you have configured a poor redirecting scheme, you’ll be demoted on browser search results pages because your website isn’t abiding by the rules that the likes of Google put in place to police and protect web users from nefarious websites.

Some SEO operations are all about content such as using the right keywords to ensure that you’re attracting the right web traffic to your website. But others are more technical and can be invisible to those companies that aren’t aware of the mistakes they’ve made in their backend. Even after painstaking work to improve your SEO content, these technical issues can hold your company back in the online space.

Boosting Technical SEO

If you’re not familiar with how SEO is generated and improved in the backend, and how your technical issues can have a huge impact on your website’s ranking on Google, then it’s time to engage with experts to help you to build a better HTTP redirection scheme. The smartest redirects allow Google’s algorithms to seamlessly analyze your website, flagging no suspicious redirections and thus boosting your performance in their SEO analysis.

Click Intelligence offers a range of services to help boost your SEO. We know that handling the technicalities in your backend can be the most daunting task for your SEO strategy, and as such, it’s a task that we’re particularly happy to help with. Iron out those technical SEO issues by talking with us today, organizing a consultation that’ll help you remove difficult or disruptive redirections from your website.

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