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If you want to run a successful website in the current age, you need to implement an effective SEO strategy. Competition is one of the big reasons why this is the case. There’s a seemingly limitless amount of websites in operation nowadays, covering all manner of niches, that are all aiming to appear on the first page on Google results.

As they will likely be using various different marketing methods to get on top, you cannot afford to stand still and allow competitors to pass you by. With the help of appropriate SEO tools, and the expert guidance of Click Intelligence, you can reign supreme of the search engine ranking battle.

What is SEO?

To start off with, let us take a minute to explain what SEO is for the uninitiated. SEO, an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, is an online marketing strategy that attempts to boost visibility among organic search engine results. For those who manage to improve their search engine visibility, they can be rewarded with a significant increase in traffic.

How can this visibility be achieved? Well, this is where SEO can become complicated. There are steps to put into place that will always help with improving your website’s search ranking. For instance, the site should have a clean design and structure which is easy for search engines to decipher. The use of relevant keywords on your website – which should ideally be mingling with high-quality, engaging content – is also a tried-and-tested SEO method that will always stick around.

However, SEO is a world that frequently changes and alters the script. What worked perfectly for SEO today might end up being ineffective tomorrow. To help combat this problem, and to increase optimization levels in general, there are many useful SEO tools on the market.

Why use SEO tools?

The answer to the question is simple: if the correct SEO tools are implemented, your website will score highly during searches. With that said, the tools offered are not simply to be installed directly onto your site. There are numerous SEO tools which can deliver invaluable insights into competitors, keywords, and more.

If you need further convincing, here are some reasons why you need to start using SEO tools:

Dissect the competition

When the competition has already done the work for you, why not receive a little helping hand? There are ethical SEO tools available which offer the chance to ‘spy’ on your competitors, where you can dig into their marketing strategy for enhanced search engine optimization.

What type of information can be found from the competition? Well, you can discover their rankings and traffic numbers, the location of their backlinks, the keywords they’re using, and so much more.

Finding the right keywords

Keywords are a vital component of any SEO strategy. You need to identify words and phrases that are associated with your business, and you then need to become visible when people search these words/phrases on the likes of Google.

With this said, it’s far from easy to find keywords which will not only be effective, but also achievable in terms of gaining visibility against the competition. However, there are tools available which can help you identify fruitful keyword variations. They will generate variations that you may never have considered before, and you can then start placing these keywords into various types of content to your advantage.

You could also analyze what keywords are already producing results for your website. For instance, certain keywords might see your website landing on the third or fourth page of Google. A little bit of optimization, however, could make a massive difference and see your site rocket up to the first page.

Audit your site

There are many different tools available to audit your website – including our very own auditing service – which can help you identify any underlying website issues that could be impacting your search ranking.

The reports produced by an audit should be seen as a roadmap of sorts. It guides you along a track of problems that need fixing. Once the likes of slow loading speeds and missing page titles are corrected, your site will have a greater chance of improving its visibility. With Click Intelligence on your side, we can even help to erase these issues for you.

Get an easy overview of your SEO efforts

There are many different tools on the market which can transform your SEO efforts into easily digestible data visualization. Not only is this great for those who’d rather not be faced with a page of numbers – data visualization is all about presenting data in chart or graph form – it is also extremely beneficial for those who want to track their SEO progress. You can check which strategies are working, analyze user demographics, and more.

Many tools are free to use

Should an SEO agency really be advertising free SEO optimization software? While it might seem counterintuitive for us to promote free tools on the market, there’s simply no getting away from it: there are various different SEO-related tools available that don’t cost a dime.

Always keep in mind that tools can only help you so far – SEO experts like us can help you complete the journey.

A list of popular SEO tools

Although it is impossible to generate a list of all SEO tools even for an SEO expert like us, we have gathered a healthy collection of tools that can be utilized as part of a marketing strategy:

Backlink checker

When you want to outrank the competition, one of the most effective methods is by having your backlinks land on websites with authority. With a backlink checker tool, you can check the quality of each individual backlink.

This is effective in two ways.

Firstly, you can identify quality websites that will boost your referrer traffic. On the other side of the coin, it can also be used to identify websites which won’t help your backlink efforts. After all, you don’t want to place a focus on SEO methods which will only produce limited success.


When it comes to search engine optimisation services, SEMrush is one of the most comprehensive options currently available. It helps with everything from analyzing the competition to producing comprehensive reports.

In fact, SEMrush has a comprehensive database where, if you enter a domain name or relevant keyword into their search bar, it will produce several reports based on the information it contains.

Rankings checker

Whether it’s a top ten about the most popular movie villains or a list of the best basketball teams, people love rankings. This is also the case when it comes to website rankings.

With a rankings checker, you can quickly search whatever domain you have in mind. This could be one of the world’s biggest websites, your direct competition, or your own site. With the checker, you can obviously see how you rank against everyone else. However, this is only the start of the rankings checker’s usefulness.

You can also find all the keywords that a specific website is gaining its ranking for. As a result, checking the rankings is an effective way of doing keyword research and spying on the competition.

Keyword research

We already touched upon how a rankings checker can help with keyword research. Nevertheless, researching those keywords is one of the most important steps in achieving an effective SEO campaign. As a result, you should use various different tools to identify the best keywords for your website to focus on.

For example, you could use a keyword gap analysis to examine why you are being outperformed for certain keywords. This can then give you the insight as to whether you should stick and fight it out for the ranking of that keyword, or if you’d be better off going in a different direction.

Auditing tools

When you’re looking at SEO services and free SEO software, Screaming Frog has to be among the best. This tool will crawl your website, searching for many different issues that could be potentially harming your search ranking. These issues include everything from broken links to pages not containing enough content.

Aside from Screaming Frog, there are other audit-related tools and SEO specialist companies like us here at Click Intelligence that can deliver in-depth reports about how your site’s structure can be further improved.

Successfully implementing SEO tools is a big step towards website success

If you manage to achieve a successful SEO campaign, this is a giant step towards your website receiving high traffic volume. However, an SEO campaign is not something that simply stops after you’ve hit those initial targets. Your SEO efforts should be constant, and ss long as your website exists, your SEO strategy should be right there by its side.

While there are many tools available that assist with SEO, these can only go so far to helping you achieve your marketing goals. Time, experience, and expertise are also required to guarantee success.

To acquire these attributes immediately, simply enlist the help of Click Intelligence. We’re always ready to turn your marketing dreams into a reality.

Author: James Owen

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