Backlink Audit Analysis

Backlink Audit Analysis

Backlink analysis is a fundamental aspect of link building and SEO. Without it, your business won’t know its weak spots and where it could be improved in order to climb the ranks of the Google search pages. A backlink audit will pave the way for you to improve your SEO and boost your online visibility.

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    SEO Backlink Analysis Services

    What is Backlink Analysis?

    Backlink analysis is essentially an audit or review of your current backlink profile. It enables you to find out which links are relevant for your domain and to identify any weak backlinks which could be hurting your reputation with Google.

    Why is backlink analysis important?

    The world of SEO and link building is constantly changing. That means any SEO practices used several years ago will no longer be relevant and could actually damage your website altogether if it is penalized by Google. Backlink analysis should, therefore, be done on an ongoing basis. By continuously evaluating your profile and identifying which backlinks are the most valuable to your site, you will continue to stay competitive. Our expert team can help you with this process, ensuring that your site is relevant and in line with Google’s guidelines.

    How are backlinks evaluated?

    The quality of a backlink and its profile can be evaluated by several criteria. There are no hard and fast rules about these, but the goal is to look at the quality of these links individually and in the context of your site’s overall profile. These criteria include the following factors:

    • Response codes (200, 301, 302, 404, 500)
    • Target link URL
    • Link Type (Follow or No-Follow)
    • Domain authority
    • Site and content relevancy
    • Live links
    • IP address
    • The hosted location
    • The age of the domain’s

    Our Process

    At Click Intelligence, we use several backlink analysis tools and the latest link discovery methods to audit the quality of your business’s backlinks. The team then does a thorough crawl of those links to better understand the relevant data points and to highlight any weak or bad backlinks which could be hurting your site. Some of the key areas we will address in detail include:

    • Live Links

    We evaluate all the live links on your site, checking them at every stage of your SEO backlink analysis. During this process, we evaluate the link location, the type of links being used, the total number, and their referring domains. Reviewing links in this way enables us to determine what is going right (and wrong) in your strategy.

    • Domain Type

    Domains are important for Google’s ranking factors, so it’s important to ensure these are identified correctly. We work with you to evaluate which domains work best for your business’s goals and aims.

    • Sites to Purge

    Google identifies a number of websites as spam, which means it’s important that your website does not link with any of these. Our team will identify and remove any sites from your pages that fall into this category and ask Google for a reconsideration request if you’ve been penalized.

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    The importance of evaluating your backlinks in the context of SEO and link building cannot be underestimated. Contact us today to conduct an audit of your backlink profile so that you can climb the Google search results and improve the visibility and ranking of your business.

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