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By utilizing various technical and creative techniques, our SEO Consulting Services team crafts bespoke SEO campaigns. We specialize in producing effective strategies for our clients, even in the most demanding of industries.

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    Why Do You Require an SEO Consultant?

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important components of online marketing. With effective SEO in place, your website will increase its visibility in relevant search queries on Google. Landing in a high spot on the search engine results page (SERP) can open your business up to large volumes of organic traffic. This is why many businesses spend so much time and many resources optimizing their site to gain favor with Google.

    Just how vital is it to land in a top spot on Google search results? Well, the first result generated by a search will receive more than a third of overall traffic. In comparison, the site that ranks second receives significantly less at 18% – and the number only continues to plummet from that point on. If your business fails to reach the first page of Google results, it can cause significant damage to online traffic numbers and conversion rates.

    While the rewards are lucrative, attempting to climb to the top of Google is a complex and difficult challenge. Various on-site and off-site strategies need to be utilized, and it can all get very confusing. This is where an SEO consultant can help.

    Why Do You Require an SEO Audit?

    If SEO wasn’t complicated enough, it’s important to remember that the rules are constantly changing. One week you can be riding high in the search rankings, and then an SEO change implemented by Google suddenly sees your website tumble down the SERPs to a point where organic traffic is virtually nonexistent.

    If you have experienced a significant drop in traffic recently, it could be down to SEO techniques now deemed as black-hat – aka practices that go against the guidelines set out by Google. In this case, you will have to perform an on-site and off-site audit. This helps to identify and eradicate any possible prohibited SEO techniques currently in place, allowing you to start afresh in an attempt to claw back up the Google SERPs.

    There’s one issue with doing an SEO audit on your own: it’s both time-consuming and complicated. This is why enlisting an SEO consultant to deal with the audit can pay off in more ways than one.

    Why Do You Require a PPC Consultant?

    When you commit to SEO, you have to keep in mind that it’s a long-term strategy. You cannot expect instant results. However, if you want to receive organic traffic while waiting for your SEO plan to kick into full gear, there is one solution: Pay Per Click advertising.

    If you’re unfamiliar with PPC, it essentially provides a shortcut to the top of the page in search results. Your ad will often displace the top organic results, which means your website is the first one that people see – and you can receive a massive amount of traffic. Although as the name spotlights, there is one caveat: you have to pay money for every click on your ad link.

    With this type of system, everything can quickly spiral out of control. This is why a PPC consultant can be a big help. They can ensure your budget is maximized, with the ad only being displayed to relevant users who have an interest in your business.

    What Consultant Services Are Provided By Click Intelligence?

    It should come as no surprise that as an SEO and digital marketing specialist, we offer an extensive list of services. These can be combined into comprehensive packages, all with the aim of enhancing your brand’s digital presence. Here’s a quick look at what we offer:

    SEO and PPC Strategy Consultancy

    By utilizing SEO white-hat techniques and following the latest guidelines set by Google, we can help your website reach the top of the SERPs. Our PPC strategy stops your ads from being placed in front of low-quality traffic.

    Full Website Audits

    Our audit service can identify outdated SEO methods, ones that may have been restricting your website’s search potential, and remove them from the equation. We also conduct a backlink audit to spot any harmful links pointing toward your site.

    Strategic Reporting

    Our comprehensive reports let you stay up to date with the work we’re doing for your business. The reports are easy to understand and showcase the results of our efforts to boost your digital presence.

    Competitor Analysis

    It’s not just your business we analyze. We also take a close look at the competition. By recognizing what they do right – and wrong – we can always keep your business a step ahead.

    As a specialist in digital marketing and content creation, we have all the tools needed to boost your brand’s online visibility. If you’re ready to expand your reach, gain additional customers, and make more money, get in touch with us today. Our expert team is always ready to provide assistance.

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