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Getting visitors to your website is an important step towards success, but a high bounce rate can be a frustrating and expensive result if you use Pay Per Click advertising. We offer conversion optimisation services to convert a greater percentage of your site visitors into real customers. you can increase the number of clicks to your site from being one-time visitors into being real customers or readers.

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    Conversion Rate Optimization: What Is It?

    Getting visitors to land on your business website is only half the battle. The next step is to ensure that they stay on your website and choose to do business with you. When you have people landing on your website, you want these visitors to turn into customers and clients.

    Conversion Rate Optimization is the service that strives to do just that: it aims to convert visitors into paying clients.

    In order to increase your Conversion Rate Optimization, a clear strategy needs to be in place with regards to your website landing pages and your advertising campaigns, in order to make sure that they’re always doing what they should be doing and are optimized to their full potential.

    What is Bounce Rate?

    When you work hard to gain visitors to your website, there is always the risk of a high bounce rate, even after you have caught their attention. Having a high bounce rate can be extremely infuriating – not to mention expensive if you are using Pay Per Click advertising services.

    That is why, at Click Intelligence, our team is here to fully support you through the conversion and optimization process and ensure that you are converting the highest possible percentage of visitors into customers.

    Bounce rate refers to the number of visitors to your site who choose to click away from your site after landing on it. Having a high bounce rate means that a high percentage of people who arrive on your website instantly leave it again.

    To avoid such a situation on your landing pages, each page needs to be focused on retaining those visitors, holding their attention, and, hopefully, gaining their trust.

    It’s important to remember that not all bounce rates are bad. It may be that a visitor clicked on to your website quickly to gain a telephone number or email address, and then proceeded to close the site in order to speak with you and successfully place an order. This is why Google Analytics is fundamental in helping you track engagement in a more detailed way, to understand what might have made visitors exit your site and which pages they engaged with.

    Why Conversion Rate Optimization is Important for Your Business

    Conversion Rate Optimization strives to understand what could be impacting the bounce rate and how to ensure that all landing pages are successfully converting visitors to paying customers.

    The Conversion Rate Optimization Process You Can Expect with Click Intelligence

    Our team always ensures that any CRO process is professional and extensive, tailored for your needs. We understand how to combine strategies and analyze methods to fully provide dependable results.

    • Complete CRO Audit

    We always start with a detailed audit of your business website. This allows us to understand any problem areas within your site and your advertising campaigns in order to rectify them, and then work on progressive results going forward. Our audit includes a full report so that all recommended changes are fully explained to you.

    • User Testing Methods

    We want to help you identify problem areas that could be having a negative impact on your business’s profit. We strive to eliminate any problems that are costing you money. Our testing methods include ongoing services that incorporate split-testing and user analysis to make sure that your business is always achieving the desired results.

    • UX Design Services

    The design of your website is fundamental when it comes to whether or not visitors choose to stay. Having an optimized and user-friendly website is essential for retaining those all-important visitors and avoiding them leaving your site. Our UX design services allow you to make all the necessary, relevant changes to your site to ensure a positive online experience.

    • Extensive A/B Testing

    This testing method enables us to compare various versions of your site and, therefore, understand the best strategy for improved conversion rates.

    • Full Competitor Analysis

    Competitor analysis is key for any area of business improvement. Our service means that you never have to worry about falling behind the competition. We help to analyze competitors and ensure that your website is providing everything it should – but doing it in a better way.

    Our Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

    We want to help you gain effective results. Our service comes with complete ongoing support, and you will always receive detailed reports to understand what we have done, why we have done it, and how this work has benefitted your conversion rate.

    Our service isn’t a one-time deal, as our ongoing support means far-reaching improvements for the long term. We want not only to help you improve as a business, but also to help each and every visitor have a more positive experience with your website.

    Sound good? You can contact us at any time for a customized quotation. Our pricing examples are listed below. Feel free to get in touch at any time.

    CRO Pricing Information

    Basic Report

    • Data Analysis
    • Heatmap Analysis
    • Monitor Key Metrics
    • Construct Testing Plan
    • A/B / multivariate testing
    • Analyze test results

    Price: $1190

    Full Report

    • Data Analysis
    • Heatmap Analysis
    • Monitor Key Metrics
    • Construct Testing Plan
    • A/B / multivariate testing
    • Analyze test results

    Price: $2000

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