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SEO Website Migration

Your website needs to compete with the millions of others on the web. It needs to stand out and cater to your audience's needs. Often, this means moving to a new website platform. The problem is that this can negatively affect your website traffic and damage your performance on search engine page rankings.

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Website Migration SEO Service

What is an SEO Site Migration?

Websites need to be maintained and looked after more than ever before. In these days of rigid and ever-changing SEO, site migration can be a challenge. SEO site migration is the process of ensuring that your hard work is not damaged by a transition to a new platform.

What is our SEO Site Migration Process?

When you move to a new platform, you need to ensure that your SEO continues its success, and is not harmed in the process. A poorly planned website migration SEO service can damage your online impact in ways that can be hard to recover from. That’s why the Click Intelligence process and website migration SEO service is planned for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Our process includes:

Domain Transfer

A full domain transfer is not suitable for all brands and can be a risky option. We make sure that everything is securely backed up before the transition is made. This ensures that your content remains intact. This stage of the website migration SEO process will include crawling your website and making sure that your analytics are benchmarked before the move takes place.

Structural Changes

Website migration is the perfect time to do an SEO audit. Not only will we be able to make sure that your site structure is fully optimized, but we will also look at elements like navigation, page relationship, and redirect mapping.

URL Restructuring

One of the key aspects of website migration, URL restructuring is often required whenever there are significant changes made to your web pages. We prioritize redirection and will provide you with a detailed redirect mapping document.

Content Changes

We conduct a full assessment of your existing content. We identify which content should be kept, what needs updating, and what can be removed. This is an opportunity to make updates to your website, improving your online visibility, and ensuring that your website migration SEO service benefits you long term.

Site Migration Checklist

When the migration stage has been carried out, we conduct a full site migration checklist. This makes sure that your new website is running smoothly and allows us to clarify any issues that have been caused by your migration. Our checklist will include:

  • Rank monitoring
  • A technical and content audit
  • Redirect file
  • Full GA audit
  • An off-site asset audit
  • Sitemap management


We keep you involved in the process of your website migration. We work together to keep you on track and provide you with extensive, jargon-free reports that identify the status of your SEO and highlights issues and positives that have occurred.

Why Does Your Business Need an SEO Site Migration?

It can take years to develop a good SEO strategy. SEO website migration is challenging because it exposes you to the risk of undoing your hard work. A well-managed SEO website migration improves your web presence and allows you to remove the factors that are harming your online impact.

What Does a Good SEO Site Migration Look Like?

Well planned and executed SEO website migration allows you to make changes to your website that can mitigate the risks and improve your existing SEO. Retain your traffic and establish a stronger foundation for future success by contacting Click Intelligence today.

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