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Over the past couple of years, Google has really stepped up its game regarding SSL certificates and its ability to identify whether a website has the requisite SSL in place.

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    An SSL certificate is one technical aspect of your website that you need to get right in order to show Google and other browsers that you’re a trustworthy, professional website to direct web users towards.

    Without the correct SSL certification in place, you’ll find that your SEO ranking is significantly disrupted, rendering all of your marketing work useless. As such, Click Intelligence is here to explain where you might be going wrong, and to lend a helping hand where required, to help you get on top of this technical side of your business’ website.

    What is SSL?

    SSL stands for secure sockets layer. This is a technical term that essentially describes the security and encryption taking place between your end user and the server that supports your website. Understandably, Google wants to protect end users from security breaches and data hacks, which means that SSL certification can boost your SEO.

    With the right SSL in place, you’ll be guaranteeing that any data passing between your company, your servers, and your website visitors is adequately encrypted. With the right encryption, you’ll be protecting the data of web users who come to your site, which is something that Google takes very seriously.

    Importance of SSL

    As you can see, SSL is an important technical facility for your website. Showing that you have SSL certification gives peace of mind to your end users and shows Google that you’re taking your website’s security seriously. On the flipside, if you don’t have the correct SSL certification to display, you’ll give cybercriminals a free run at the data of the people who are visiting your website. Your site will be exposed to hacks, and a lack of SSL certificate is a red rag to data hackers who will exploit your customers’ data.

    Using an SSL Checker Tool

    Some firms simply don’t know whether they have the correct certificate in place and whether they can truly guarantee the security of those who browse through their website. This is the case for new businesses that have hired a web designer to build their site and for larger businesses which have operated a website for years.

    To get an easy answer to the question of your SSL certification, you should use a checker tool online to help you ascertain whether you need to take any further action on this very important part of your website’s infrastructure. If you come out all clear, you’ll be protecting consumers and pleasing Google. If you don’t, you’ll know that this is a priority for your data security and your reputation online.

    Getting SSL Certification

    SSL certification is incredibly easy to get hold of and it can boost your SEO position and inspire confidence in your brand and your website. This often overlooked part of your backend is something that you should take control of as soon as you realize that your end users may be at risk.

    Remember that data breaches that can be traced back to your website can generate terrible news stories surrounding your business, having a catastrophic effect on your ability to gain and maintain consumer trust. Furthermore, with regulations tightening by the day, you could find yourself and your business liable for heavy fines if data is siphoned from web users on your website. SSL certification helps you to avoid all of these anxieties, providing a security and encryption mechanism you can trust.

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    From content corrections through to sitemaps and the all-important SSL certificate, our specialists are here to lend a helping hand. They can secure your website and make it squeaky-clean for Google’s trawling algorithms, in whose hands the fate of your SEO ranking rests.

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