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What is Ecommerce SEO?

In 2018 consumers spent $517.36 billion on e-commerce in the USA. A staggering figure, and one that encourages retailers to carefully consider ways in which attracting more consumers to their website. Ecommerce SEO is all about generating more organic traffic to your online store and getting the products you sell in front of as many eyes as possible via increased visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). Taking the time to optimize your website or online store for SEO can have a huge impact on traffic and when done right can encourage a higher rate of conversion from your visitors. If you’re on the lookout for methods to increase traffic to your website without relying on paying for ads then read on and find out more.

Is your Content Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Worthy?

Google has explicitly stated that ‘thin content’ has an impact on rankings and it makes sense when taking user experience into account. In recent years Google’s algorithm updates have come down hard on websites with thin content created solely to gain the system and climb the ranks. In 2019 and moving forward well-crafted content will be an increasingly more important ranking factor and neglecting to create unique informative content for your users will harm your SEO efforts. Here at Click Intelligence, we offer high-quality content writing services and whether you’re looking for expertly crafted product descriptions for your online store or a new blog post to engage and inform your users, we’ve got you covered.

How to Write e-commerce Product descriptions?

Product descriptions need to be unique and informative to the user. Because of this, thin content issues are one of the most common problems with e-commerce product descriptions. When managing a website with 1000’s of products, it’s incredibly tempting to save time by either automating this process or simply relying on descriptions provided by manufacturers but doing so will have a hugely negative impact on organic search visibility. As Google and other search engines are working harder to index and serve the best content for their users creating unique and engaging product descriptions for your online store has never been more relevant. We’ll take the time to research your market and create informed and engaging product descriptions that are perfectly matched to the needs and requirements of your users.

Competitor Research and Keyword Gap Analysis

A powerful ‘quick win’ for any e-commerce SEO strategy involves taking a ‘sneak peek’ at the keywords competitors are ranking for. Competitor analysis is a crucial element to the success of an e-commerce business and provides invaluable insight into the keywords you need to rank for. Look for the keywords your competitors are ranking well for but you’re either lagging behind or nowhere to be seen. Utilizing the expertise of SEO content writing services will allow your business to stand out from the crowd in the SERP’s and achieve a much greater level of online visibility.

  • Optimize the existing pages or products you already offer by filtering to see the keywords that you’re just missing out on 1st-page results. That way, with small tweaks to simple elements of the page like title tags and alt texts you’ll be able to push for page 1.
  • Find long-tail keywords that your competitors rank for but you don’t and think about creating new pages. Data-driven decisions like this will keep your e-commerce store ahead of the curve and amongst top results in Google.

Taking the time to figure out exactly what the target audience of your business is searching for will have a huge impact on the ability of your website to provide the right content. Simply put, without the right information the success of your online store is left to chance and in the competitive world of online business, this isn’t an option. Utilizing data to make informed decisions is a cornerstone of e-commerce SEO and here at Click Intelligence, we’re adept at creating strategies that thrive on the insight of consumer data.

Are the right Websites Linking to Your Content?

Attaining high-quality SEO backlinks is crucial to the online visibility of your e-commerce website. In the eyes of the search engines, a link from the right website is a vote of confidence and if you’re putting the time and effort into creating well-crafted content for your users then making sure to build links to these pages is crucial. Link building is a critical part of any e-commerce SEO strategy and without a solid backlink profile, your website or online store is going to seriously struggle to achieve page 1 positions in the SERP’s. Building high-quality backlinks to your website will allow search engines to gain a deeper understanding of the content your providing and in doing so will bolster all other SEO efforts you strive for. At Click Intelligence, we’ve developed a talented team of content marketing and PR specialists with the skill and expertise to ensure the best possible websites are linking to your content.

Optimize and share an Infographic for SEO 

Creating an infographic is a great way to build high-quality backlinks to your website is a improve your e-commerce SEO. In the world competitive of e-commerce, you’ll need impactful content marketing ideas to get ahead of the competition. One sure-fire way to incorporate the keywords you want to rank for into an interesting project is to create an infographic. It’s true what they say ‘a picture says a thousand words’ and in the world of SEO a well-designed infographic has the power to improve your website by targeting relevant keywords in a completely unique way. However, Google can’t immediately ‘read’ the words from your infographic so optimizing infographics for SEO involves a little more skill and practice. After analyzing the keywords, you want your infographic to rank for it’s important to reflect this into the URL, filename and alt text of the infographic. This way you’ll have an interesting piece of content to support link building strategies that both users and Google can understand.

  • Provide some introductory text to your infographic. This gives users a better opportunity to understand your content and the additional placement of relevant keywords and phrases for search engines to better discern its topic

Find out more about our in-house team of SEO link building experts and discover how Click Intelligence can help you grow organic search visibility and generate more traffic to your website.

The Benefit of Product Reviews for your Business

When shopping online consumers are becoming increasingly more vigilant and having reviews for the products you offer adds a level of authenticity to your business. Reviews help to build a sense of trust and transparency in your business and both users and search engines seek this out. Google has specifically stated recently that EAT (Expertise Authority & Trust) is a key ranking factor and we also know this to be a huge element of user experience. Having product reviews on your e-commerce store pages has additional benefits to your content too. As important as SEO content writing services are, it’s not always possible to re-visit every single page of your website frequently. Google is well-known to reward websites that frequently update content. Allowing customers the functionality to leave product reviews means that user-generated content is continuously updating the pages of your website. Another box ticked for achieving top results in the Search Engine Results Pages.

Keyword Research & Site Structure

A well-researched keyword list for your e-commerce website will also help with the overall information architecture and structure of your website. Taking the time to carefully plan and produce a relevant list of keywords your business needs to target to achieve strong positions in the SERP’s will encourage a cohesive site structure. Making informed decisions for URLs, Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Internal Linking, and Blog Posts will have hugely enhance how search engines crawl, index and serve your content to prospective users. Combining keyword-driven site structure with a high-quality link building service will go a long way towards boosting the online visibility of your e-commerce website.

Taking the time to invest in your e-commerce business will yield results for your online visibility and rankings, as well as provide myriad improvements to your user experience. Both of these are incredibly important aspects of ensuring success in the competitive arena of e-commerce organic search. Making informed decisions about your content and creating SERP worthy pages for your website will have lasting impacts as Google tightens the noose and squeezes underperforming pages out of the increasingly valuable 1st page of results. Using intelligent keyword research to build high-quality backlinks and share unique and informative content to your users will bolster the SEO efforts of your site pushing you higher in the ranks. Gaining the trust of users and Google will increase the likelihood of your e-commerce store ranking in the SERP’s as a reward for checking the EAT (Expertise, Authority & Trust) box that has become increasingly more important for searchers and search engines. And finally, these efforts will build upon your overall site structure to optimize your e-commerce store for SEO.

Author: James Owen

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