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Every business wants to dominate the search engines to receive a considerable amount of traffic and, of course, to increase its profitability. However, SEO can be a complex process to master, which is why you need to learn the best tactics to increase your online visibility.

In this millionaire guide, you’re going to learn the finest techniques to help you rise through the ranks and exceed your online competitors. As a result, you could become a leading brand in your industry and earn an excellent annual revenue.New call-to-action

Improve Your Organic Click-Through Rate

If there is one area you must focus on when developing an SEO campaign, it is improving your organic click-through rate (CTR), which could potentially double your traffic. If your site has a small click-through rate and a high bounce rate, it will negatively impact your overall domain-level engagement metrics. Turn your website around by attempting to raise your CTR.

For example, you might need to write more clickable titles to grab people’s attention, or you should vary the content on your websites, such as providing content, videos, infographics, case studies and more.


Publish Valuable Content

You have probably read this tip time and time again, but you cannot put a price on high-quality content on your website. The likes of Google and Facebook want to present their users with valuable content to provide a quality user experience. If you want to rank highly in the SERPs, you must provide the best answer to a user’s questions or needs.

If you can do this, you’ll experience increased conversions, as well as greater trust and traffic once Google realises your website provides users with value. It is essential to become familiar with how the search engines define quality content, which often means deeper, insightful content.


Make Your Content Unique

Unfortunately, there are many articles online that seem almost a carbon copy of each other. If you want to set your site apart from the average content available online, you must aim to make it as unique as possible.

To do so, you could generate your own statistics or reach out to experts for a quote on a topic. Doing this could provide your website with a new and interesting angle, and it may also secure an expert’s support, who might be happy to share it with their followers. The more unique your content is, the more organic backlinks it will generate, and the better your ranking will be in the SERPs.


Indicate Relevancy by Optimising Every Page

Every webmaster must optimise every page they want to rank for on their website. If you want to rank for a specific keyword or phrase, you must include it in the title, header, and body text, which will indicate the content relevancy to Google. If a page is failing to rank highly in the SERPs, return to the page and use the “Control + F Test” This will help you to identify if it is optimised. If it isn’t, you’ll need to tweak your content to help improve its ranking.

It is also important to note that a phrase that has appeared in a link will not count, as it will not indicate relevancy for this web page. All the links will do is indicate the relevancy of the page you are linking to.


Create Content People are Actually Searching For

If you want to skyrocket up the search engines, you would be wise to create both content and titles people are searching for in the search engines. It’s a simple recommendation that could turn around your SEO campaign. Review everyday searches related to your niche, such as questions people might ask when wanting to find out more about your products or services.


Don’t Focus Too Much on Search Volume

In addition to creating content that people are actually searching for, you also shouldn’t focus too much of your attention on search volumes. It is much better to rank in the top 3 positions for 100 lower volume keywords and phrases than to rank on page 2 or 3 for 100 high-volume phrases.


Re-optimise Your Old Content

Do you want to secure a Google Feature Snippet, which allows you to occupy position 0, so you can enjoy a higher click-through rate against your online rivals? All you might need to do is re-optimise your old content.

Review content that has earned top 10 to 20 rankings but has yet to earn a featured snippet. You must then reformat a page to include lists and descriptive subheaders – and ensure you break up your content. Your paragraphs should be no longer than 40 to 50 words each. Once you’ve edited the page, submit your update to Google’s Search Console. Not only will this help you to appear at the top of the search engines for a keyword or phrase, but it will also help with voice search optimisation.


Understand Search Intent

If you want to drive traffic and boost your conversions, it is crucial you get into your target audience’s mind. Every business must understand search intent, which can help them to improve their keyword selection.

You must identify why a user is searching for a product or service, as well as how they might search with their intent. For example, they might ask a question or type in a product name to make a purchase. If you understand search intent, you’ll be able to receive traffic that converts.


Focus on Technical SEO

It is common for people to simply optimise the surface of their website. However, if you want to earn serious traffic from the search engines, you must technically polish your website. For example, you might need to relocate JavaScript to the footer, remove unnecessary tracking scripts, optimise the server, and to minify your code. All these small tweaks can lead to a greater user experience, as it can increase your page load speed, which can ultimately improve your search engine ranking and conversion rate.


Embark on an SEO Audit

One SEO technique you’d be foolish to overlook is a site-wide audit, especially if your website is many years old. There are many things you must do to tweak your pages to increase its search engine ranking, such as:

  • Analyse and Optimise Your Website

Thoroughly review your website by identifying the best and worst performing articles. You also must review your backlinks from other sites and fix any broken links on your web pages. It is also essential to add Alt-Text into all images and tweak your content to include relevant keywords you want to rank for in Google.

  • Change Your Images

Old, boring images will increase your bounce rate. Improve your online engagement by switch old, boring images for higher quality images that will make people want to read on.

  • Update Your Old Content

Your best performing content might be on the verge of becoming outdated – if it isn’t already! Review every page on your website to ensure you continue to provide valuable copy, which both your readers and Google will love. Also, the fresh content might help your site to climb up the search engines to compete with your competitors’ similar articles.

  • Review Your Internal Linking

Make a habit of reviewing your internal links, as you might be pointing your readers to an outdated page or irrelevant article. It might also be beneficial to install the YOAST SEO plugin, which can provide recommendations for other relevant articles on your website.


Implement a Strategic Link Building Campaign

Link building remains one of the most powerful components in Google’s algorithm. The good news is, you have complete control of your backlink profile and can attempt to send high-quality backlinks to your website.

Your goal must be to secure links on high-authority sites, so their link juice will flow to your website, which can make Google view you as a trusted, valuable source. You also must disavow or aim to remove any links that could be negatively affecting your backlink profile, which can determine your ranking in Google and ultimately your conversion rate.

There are also many link building tactics you should keep up your sleeve to shoot up the SERPs. For example, you should focus on:

  • Competitor Link Building

Analyse your competitors’ backlink profiles to spot high-authority websites that are helping them to rank well in the search engines. You should then strive to secure a similar backlink (or ask to replace your competitors!), so your website will exceed them in the search engines. However, use your knowledge and judgement when securing a backlink, as your competitors might be ranking high in the search engines despite a poor backlink.

  • Dead URL Link Building

There are many great tools online that can help you to find dead URLs. All you need to do is find the broken links and then reach out to a website to offer your URL as a live alternative. Doing this will help a webmaster to provide a more valuable experience for their readers, and your site will benefit from a site’s link juice. It’s a win-win.

  • Participate in Interviews

Participating in an interview could potentially earn you a powerful backlink while increasing your brand awareness. Many bloggers or websites might regularly reach out to your business for an interview. Rather than ignoring their email or phone call, see it as an opportunity to improve your brand recognition, traffic, and revenue and say yes to a feature.

Guest posting is, without a doubt, the best SEO technique for increasing your brand awareness, traffic and trust, while improving your backlink profile. Your goal must be to secure a placement on a high authority, relevant website with a great readership, which can boost your domain authority and search engine ranking.

Drive Offline Conversions

While many businesses will want to increase their web traffic, they might also hope to improve footfall to their premises or generate many phone calls. You must ultimately use your online visibility to improve your offline conversions.

Google is now aiming to provide all the answers a user will need in the search engine, rather than directing them to a third-party website. For example, they have introduced a knowledge panel that features a company’s contact details, driving directions, and reviews. They also offer Local Service Ads, which can provide quotes from verified, local plumbers that have been both vetted and approved by Google. While Google Posts regularly updates with a company’s latest news and deals.

If you are a business hoping to increase your offline conversions, you must look at the different ways to impress potential customers using these new Google opportunities.

For example, you must fully optimise your Google My Business listing to accurately confirm where your premises are located and the services you offer. You would also be smart to regularly write Google Posts to update your users on your latest deals or news. Also, ask your customers to write a review on your Google My Business profile, which can improve your rank and conversions. Don’t forget to answer any Google Q&A questions to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity.


Specialise in a Unique Niche or Service

Specialising in a unique niche or providing an obscure service could help you to stand out online. If you are the only provider of a product or service, or the only local business offering it, you could enjoy some easy traffic from people who have a genuine need for it. Also, people might choose your website for its distinctive service, but you might retain their loyalty for your more mainstream goods or services.



As stated, SEO is a complicated process that requires dedication, hard work and patience. Thankfully, there are many tried-and-tested techniques that can boost your visibility online and help you to receive a great return on your investment. So, start freshening up your old content, build a powerful backlink profile, familiarise yourself with your users’ needs and searches, and produce unique, valuable, well-written content that will make Google place trust in your website.

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