The Most Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns

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Now is the time to run a Facebook campaign! Think about it: more people are at home and spending hours on Facebook every day, so why not utilize that and market to them with a fantastic Facebook campaign or that converts and builds your business?

Of course, it’s not that easy though!

Creating a Successful Facebook ad

The golden rules to creating successful Facebook ads are sadly not as clear as one would like them to be. But with a few tips, this article hopes to improve your Facebook ad campaigns and teach you how to make the best Facebook ads for your business — without needing to spend lots of extra money!

Tip 1: An Offer to Die For

Ok, not literally, but a good offer will make all the difference when you’re creating a good Facebook ad.

A good offer is one that compels the user to click for a reason, and if you can appeal to the emotional side, you’re doing even better.

Good offers come in many forms, but it’s important to stay clear (more on that later) and HONEST with your messaging.

For example, if you advertise that “each order will donate to charity”, that sounds lovely, but if the user finds out that they’re spending $50 on a hoodie for you to donate 5c of each order to a charity that ends up helping your business, it feels very much like you’ve used them. Better to be clear in your messaging with something like: “10% of our profits go to help families in need”. That shows the user exactly how much you donate and where it’s going.

This tip is as much under Facebook publicity tips as it is Facebook campaign tips!

Tip 2: A Clear Message

Have you ever seen a Facebook ad that reads something like, “Click to learn more, share this message, like our page, comment below which one is your favorite, stand on your head, jump around on one foot…” Ok, maybe not the last two, but everyone has seen a Facebook ad that has mixed messaging.

Developing a clear call to action is absolutely vital for your Facebook campaigns. They tell the user what to do with the information they’ve just read.

A clear call to action might be:

  • Click to learn more
  • Sign up today
  • Share with a friend
  • Comment below
  • Like our page

There are many more, but the golden rule is to pick ONE and stick to it!

facebook ads

Tip 3: A Well-Designed Ad

Just as your ad needs one clear message, it needs a good design. This is as much about graphic design as it is about copywriting and video editing combined.

Ad design depends on the company and its intent. If you’re designing an ad for an orphanage, you probably don’t want to create a loud flashy video with metal music in the background. But equally, if your advert is to advertise a tattoo studio, this might be exactly the kind of thing you need to do!

It’s important to consult professionals when it comes to design. Photographers, videographers, editors, and graphic designers have spent years honing their craft. Lean on them to improve your Facebook ad campaigns.

Tip 4: Campaign Tweaking

The last of our advertising campaign tips is to do with the behind the scenes of an advert. You’ll know by now all about clear targeting and clear messaging, but what if it’s not working?

It’s important to keep tweaking your campaign: don’t be afraid to dive in and change things if you’re not getting the results you need. You may even need to research Facebook PPC advertising tips to tweak the campaign methods even further.

If you’ve had lots of impressions but no clicks, maybe you need a clearer call to action. If you’ve had a lot of click-throughs but no conversions, maybe they’re clicking through to the wrong place.

Always be prepared to adjust your campaign to suit your needs. After all, it’s your money you’re spending!

Summing Up

We hope these tips have helped you figure out the best way to run a Facebook ad campaign. Running a campaign can look really daunting at first and the myriad of options available can make some people want to run for the hills. But stick at it, and you’ll be a Facebook ads expert in no time!

Have you had a look at Facebook ads and don’t fancy it? Or maybe you want a little extra help with your campaign? Give the team at Click Intelligence a call today and we’ll be able to help you run a successful campaign and improve your business.

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