The Ultimate Guide to Landing Pages That Convert

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If you’re wondering how to create a good landing page, this guide can help you. We’ll explain how to make a high converting landing page, explain a model landing page, and all the tools you need to become a landing page expert.

So why is a landing page so important? Well, all it takes is one exceptional landing page that converts to make your business significant revenue. If you’re looking to specialize in lead pages that convert, it may only take just one good landing page to generate income. To be a successful online business, you need to have landing pages that are built with the intention of conversion every time.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is an online page created by any business with an intention, and that intention is usually to convert visitors to paying customers. All top converting landing pages should begin with a primary goal so that your business can implement its call to action within the page content. This intent should be aimed at your target audience for when they land on your webpage.

Effective landing pages are all about generating leads, furthering interaction, and hopefully enticing sales and revenue.

Website Pages vs. Landing Pages

It’s important to note that landing pages aren’t simply pages or categories displayed on your main business website. Landing pages aren’t there as static informative pages on your company site. Landing pages are separate from your main business website and will always be built with a purpose for the traffic which is driven to them specifically.

The traffic driven to landing pages should usually result from an active campaign; thereby, this will be different from your regular organic traffic, which lands on your company website. This campaign should go live with a purpose — such as a marketing campaign unveiling a new product — and the resultant landing page should promote a call to action directly relevant to the campaign.

This way, businesses can better monitor the traffic driven to landing pages, which come specifically from an active campaign — rather than having the analytics, traffic, and data mixed up with regular website traffic.

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Making a Good Landing Page

If you’re considering how to create a sales landing page that successfully converts, it’s important to first ensure that the page has clarity regarding its call to action. Consumers need to know how to arrive at the landing page from a campaign. They furthermore need to understand that this landing page directly links to the original purpose (for example, to gain a discount or buy a product). The best conversion pages will ultimately strive to fulfill the reader’s purpose. It needs to be designed in a way that is going to leave the visitor satisfied after a positive experience. Landing pages shouldn’t be vague, unfulfilling, or designed in any way which is going to leave a reader less than fulfilled.

What Are the Benefits of Creating Landing Pages That Convert?

Aside from the obvious revenue potential, there are many other benefits that specific landing pages can have for your business. These include:

  • Creating a more positive first impression. Users browsing the internet move quickly and can judge a web page within seconds of arriving on it. Therefore, what they land on counts significantly in convincing them to stick around. Landing pages mean you can create content that will make a more positive first impression on your target readers.
  • Utilizing visual elements. Landing pages provide ample opportunity to deliver content that visually appeals and creates a more positive experience in design. Images and graphics can easily make a very quick impression on those landing on your page.
  • Successfully increase your conversion rate. Landing pages are ideal for collecting email leads with a very specific purpose because that’s the very reason those readers will be on your page in the first place.

What Are Some Examples of An Acquisition Landing Page?

There are a few different ways you can present the information displayed on a landing page. You have the option to alter the conversion page design as you see fit, based on specific landing page subject or intent.

You can create high converting landing pages using the following methods.

Video and Image Landing Pages

Using video content within landing pages is very beneficial. Many people would prefer to enjoy an expressive video played to them than have to sit and read a block of text. Furthermore, creative videos help to solidify your brand and voice, which many visitors will find appealing because it breeds trust. It’s highly likely that visitors will remain on the landing page until the end of an engaging video, too, meaning higher retention rates.

Video landing pages are particularly beneficial if you want to display a product or service, as they allow for a physical demonstration and provide somewhat of a ‘tour’ for the product.

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Text-Only Landing Pages

While videos and abundant imagery are naturally more eye-catching, that doesn’t mean that text-only pages fail to leave an impression. Text-only landing pages can still include a few images where necessary to draw attention, but they will primarily be text blocks. The significant benefit that text-only landing pages have is a supremely quick loading speed favored by Google without worrying about excess time spent loading up video or image content.

How Long Should Your Landing Page Be?

The chosen length of a landing page depends entirely on its purpose. Some reasons for a landing page may require a long and in-depth amount of content, such as the unveiling of a new product and the need to showcase every single feature. Other reasons may only require a very short and concise landing page, with a very simple aim — like collecting email addresses from visitors.

That’s why it’s important to understand your page’s intent before creating it, to determine the best length and content.

Final Thoughts

If you hope to convert with your landing pages, then they should always be built with purpose, alongside engaging content. The team at Click Intelligence is ready to help with structuring credible landing pages with all the right content.

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